Inside Ohio State: Urban Meyer on Indiana

Written November 22nd, 2013 by MaliBuckeye

Before Senior Day at Ohio State, Urban Meyer joins Ohio State Insider Jim Lachey to discuss how the Buckeyes are dealing with injuries and the prospects of facing Indiana’s high powered offense.

Thanks as always to the team at Campus Insiders for the insight!

Also, if you haven’t seen it already, this video from the Athletic Department in preparation for tomorrow’s game is spectacular: Read More

What Do You Want To See On Saturday? Indiana

Written November 22nd, 2013 by Gary Russell II

The Hoosiers come to town this week to face the Buckeyes.  Let’s see what our staff wishes are for Senior Day:



  1. An improved pass defense - Indiana leads B1G in passing offense (327 YPG). We need to keep this in the mid 200′s.
  2. Roll Hyde – Indiana allows well over 200 TPG rushing (Wisky got over 550!). Carlos should be in 150 – 200 range.
  3. No injuries – Like Mali with his No False Starts, I keep asking for this. Maybe some day…
  4. A Win – No top team distinguished themselves last week. We need to leave a maker’s mark on Indiana.
  1. CARLOS CARLOS CARLOS II – With some late BIG runs, Hyde almost broke Eddies 315 last week. IU should be fair game for it if Braxton doesn’t run early. He’ll get his 1000 on his FIRST run for sure
  2. DEFENSE MATURITY – I think this past week taught them a lesson they won’t soon forget. They aren’t a special team when they’re worried about everybody else. I think they’ll have a lesson learning week in practice thanks to Coach Meyer and will destroy IUs offense.
  3. DONT look ahead - With all if what I just said. Make sure there’s NO talk of TTUN they’re just another game in the schedule until next Sunday. THEN it’s Rivalry week
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Silver Bullet Points Has A Senior Moment

Written November 21st, 2013 by MaliBuckeye

And so, we draw closer to another season in Ohio Stadium. Senior Day is always special, but this one even more so… and there’s more work yet to be done.  Aw, heck… I’m getting all choked up just thinking about it. Here, listen to the soundtrack and enjoy your Thursday.

Señor Day for El Guapo

Buckeye 411

  • Bradly RoBYE- The “news” of the afternoon was that Coach Meyer confirmed what Brad Roby had let us know back in July; this would be his last season in Columbus, as the fourth year junior will be pursuing his career in the NFL. While some might see this as a distraction, it was announced today in order to help prepare for Saturday’s Senior Day events- Roby will complete his academic work this year, and be honored with his teammates.
  • Meaningful Awards- In case you missed it, the Buckeyes swept the major Big Ten Player of the Week Awards, with Carlos Hyde getting accolades for the offense and Ryan Shazier noted for his defensive work against the Illini. Shazier was also awarded his second Lott Impact Player of the Week Award, you can help vote for him to win the national trophy here:  Lott Impact Player Of The Year
  • Also- Coach Meyer is a semi-finalist for the Maxwell Club National Coach of the Year; the Conference CotY has already been awarded to Kirk Ferentz.
  • Yeah, But- Somehow Jack Mewhort was left off the list of semifinalists for the Remington Award for best collegiate offensive lineman. Guess he’ll just have to take that frustration out on his next three or four opponents.
  • Game Recognitions- Against Illinois, Carlos Hyde and Anrew Norwell were team offensive players of the game, with Ron Tanner getting the nod for special teams and Barnett, Spence, and Shazier on defense.
  • Walking Wounded- On Monday, Coach Meyer talked about the nine players who were out for the season this year, and the need to have new players in positions on special teams. Wednesday, Meyer said that some of the recently dinged would be ready for action on Saturday: Curtis Grant, Joey Bosa, Josh Perry, and Jack Mewhort are all “good to go” for gametime.
  • Holding Pattern- Earlier, Christian Bryant talked about not knowing what the future held in terms of his recovery and return to the team. He mentioned the possibility of being ready for a bowl opportunity, and that there’s also the consideration of having him apply for a redshirt. CB2 had a great feature on BTN’s “The Journey” last night as well.
  • Coach Guiton- This week, Kenny Guiton talked about his plans to continue at Ohio State as a graduate assistant. He’d earned the name “coach” last year for his knowledge of the offense and this year has been incredible in preparing the team for gamedays. While I love the possibility of more Smooth Jazz, my real hope would be that he could find a place to play in the NFL for a while… you’re telling me that he couldn’t be as successful as whoever the hell is playing in Cleveland this week?
  • On Second Thought- I’m not done with Kenny just yet. I want to see him get the start on Saturday, even if only for one series, so that the team and fans can truly show this incredible young man how much they appreciate him and what he means to the program. Read More

Pick ‘em: Desperation time?

Written November 9th, 2013 by Scott

Desperate times call for desperate measures.
I was only able to narrow the gap by one game, thanks to Michigan’s choke job against Big Brother in East Lansing and thanks to Gary for deciding to pick every other game the same way I did.
Way to be original. Should I do your laundry and make your bed for you too, Gary?
I’m running out of chances to catch up so I may have to take a few chances the next couple weeks. Big-10-logo
Just to recap last week, we had a decent record. We were right with our picks of Wisconsin, Nebraska, OSU and Penn State. We missed with Indiana over Minnesota.
Looking at today’s games, Gary likes Iowa over Purdue, Illinois over Indiana and Michigan over Nebraska.
“Purdue is awful in every category … Illinois can’t outscore Indiana and Pelini is working on his walking papers,” said Gary.
He forgot to give me a pick on Penn State at Minnesota so I shall pick for him and give him Penn State. The Badgers have a bye week with BYU.
Not a bad selection of winners. Of course it wasn’t that difficult. I like Iowa and Michigan as well. I know Illinois is due for a win, but it won’t happen in Bloomington. I’ll agree on Wisconsin and I shall take my first calculated risk and take Minnesota over Penn State.
I think Penn State has more talent but I can’t make up games if I’m not different.
Not sure who is worse, Purdue or Illinois and I wouldn’t dare take either of them this week.

So to recap:
Gary: Iowa, Indiana, Michigan, Penn State and Wisconsin.
Scott: Iowa, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Gary 17-6
Scott 14-9

tBBC Pick ‘Em: Gary Pulling Away

Written November 1st, 2013 by Scott

Several hotels in Las Vegas have offered to comp me as often as I want to visit as long as I continue to pick games so poorly. Big-10-logo
After 17 games yours truly sits at a Pepto Abysmal 9-8 while Gary is sitting pretty at 13-4.
I think just to avoid any further embarrassment I’m going to mimic his picks the rest of the season.
That wouldn’t be fun.
Of course neither is this.
Last week was pretty lame. We both guessed right with OSU over Penn State. We both were wrong with Northwestern and Nebraska.
But the Dantonio Effect worked again as Sparty beat Chief Illiniweck.
We have a full slate this week so fasten the seat belts and get ready.

You're picking us to win Scott? Uh oh.

You’re picking us to win Scott? Uh oh.

Actually this one is pretty easy. Gary and I agree on all the games but one. We are both taking Wisconsin over Iowa, Indiana over Minnesota, Nebraska over Northwestern, Penn State over Illinois and Purdue over Ohio State.
Just kidding on that last one. Wanted to see if you paying attention.
I am ready to jump on the Dantonio Bandwagon and take the Green and White over the Maize and Blue, but Gary isn’t showing the love.
“Time for Sparty to choke, much like you on your picks,” he said.
So let’s recap:
Scott and Gary: Wisconsin, Indiana, Nebraska, Penn State, Ohio State.
Scott: Michigan State
Gary: Michigan

Gary 13-4
Scott 9-8

B1G Men’s Tournament Live Thread: Indiana-Wisconsin

Written March 16th, 2013 by Gary Russell II


#1 Indiana versus #4 Wisconsin

The first ten minutes of the first half has been back and forth with neither team wanting to pull ahead.  However, back to back three pointers by Indiana’s Watford and Abell helped pushed the Hoosiers to a 5 point at the under 8 media timeout.  But the Badgers refused to back down thanks to the efforts of Ryan Evans on the offensive boards and key three point shots by Ben Brust and Mike Bruesewitz that put them ahead 26-22 at the final media timeout of the first half.  Wisconsin was able to sustain a late flurry by Indiana to hold a 34-31 lead at halftime.  Evans leads all scores at the half with 10 while Indiana’s Watord and Oladipo both have 8.

 The first ten minutes of the second half were nothing but a game of runs.  Wisconsin opened the half with a 6-0 run to open a nine point. Indiana immediately answered with a 9-0 run of their own.  The Badgers’ Evans then took the team on his shoulders leading them on a 10-3 run and a 50-43 lead at the mid-way point of the second half. The Hoosiers tried and tried down the stretch to take the game over but Evans refused to let it happen as his 16 points paved the way to Wisconsin’s 68-56 victory over Indiana.

Tom Crean will now have to “Deal with It” as he awaits his tournament seeding while the Badgers await the winner of the second game between Michigan State and Ohio State.  Be sure to check out our live blog during that game and check out our review of the game afterwards!

B1G Men’s Tournament Live Thread: Day Two

Written March 15th, 2013 by Gary Russell II

BBC BIG TEN TOURNEY#3 Michigan State versus #6 Iowa

Iowa used a quick start and some of Sparty’s own medicine to jump out to a 30-20 lead at halftime.  The Hawkeye’s quick start opened a double digit lead but Michigan State settled down and was able to get the lead trimmed in the middle of the half.  Iowa then used a couple of three points down the stretch to open it back up a bit and take their 10 point lead into the half.

The Hawkeyes have taken a page out of the Spartan’s playbook when it comes to hustle and heart.  Every loose ball seems to going to Iowa and as of right now it just looks like they want it more then Michigan State.  Iowa is copying their first half performance from last night as they have 8 different players scoring again tonight (none have over 6 points) and Michigan State’s Adrian Payne leads all scorers with 7.

The second half of the game left me speechless.  Unfortuntalely, it was for many reasons.  Iowa fought extremely hard, out working the Spartans for much of the game.  They continued to run a balanced, team offense in which no player had double figures when all was said and done.  Michigan State refused to go quietly as Payne (18 points), Harris (13 points), and Appling (13 points) slowly chipped away at the Hawkeye lead and eventually took the lead with about 4 minutes to go.  Iowa still didn’t give up as they missed a game tying shot at the end of game, allowing the Spartans to escape with the victory 59-56.

Michigan State will now face Ohio State in the second semi-final game tomorrow.  They will tip-off approximately 25 minutes after the Indiana-Wisconsin matchup.  Be sure to check back with us tomorrow for complete updates all day long!

#2 OSU versus #10 Nebraska

Check out Eric’s recap of the OSU win over Nebraska here.

#4 TTUN versus #5 Wisconsin Read More

Ohio State Secures Tough Win At Indiana 67-58

Written March 5th, 2013 by Eric
Slam Thompson and the Buckeyes made the night fun.

Slam Thompson and the Buckeyes made the night fun.

The Buckeyes entered Bloomington on a bit of a hot streak and proved that it was more than just a fluke, up-ending the #2 Indiana Hoosiers 67-58. The game was an epic battle of two great teams and just goes to prove the quality of this conference in no uncertain terms. As has been typical the last few games, the Bucks were lead by DeShaun Thomas (18) and Aaron Craft (15) in scoring. Indiana was lead by Cody Zeller (17) and Christian Watford (12), with Oladipo surprisingly not breaking double digits.

It was clear in the first half that the Buckeyes came into this one prepared. OSU began attacking outright and seemed to take Indiana by surprise. Most critically, the Bucks managed to stick Oladipo with two fouls fairly early, which helped to minimize the impact of the Hoosier offense. Not surprisingly, Indiana did manage to get things moving and forced the Bucks to make adjustments to maintain their three point lead going into the half.

The intensity did not dial itself down in the second half. Both teams fought hard, trading baskets through the majority of the half, and generally taking it to the opposing defense. Neither team allowed the other to build too much of an advantage, but the Buckeyes clearly carried the momentum advantage in the middle of the half. Leading into the final TV timeout, the Bucks took control with several straight baskets including a huge DeShaun Thomas three pointer. The run did eventually end on a Hulls three pointer, but the damage was mostly done.

There is no question that this team has gelled after the crushing loss to Wisconsin. I hate to give the Badgers credit for anything, but this team has really come together to be a solid all-around basketball team in a tough conference. A big win in Bloomington is a huge step for the NCAA tournament resume, since it gives the team a big away victory late in the season when it matters most. Ultimately, this team is peaking at exactly the right time, and hopefully they can carry the momentum through the Big Ten Tournament and beyond.

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