The Week That Were: 10.29.11

Written October 31st, 2011 by MaliBuckeye

I’ll be honest… it’s been so great to relive the huge Buckeye win over Wisconsin, I’ve had to dig a bit to find motivation to even think about the other games from this week. However, my search for a soundtrack that would be appropriate for Halloween Weekend, I found this gem that helped me keep my focus…

Digging The Soundtrack

The story this week was big upsets, both with teams falling from the ranks of the undefeated and teams rising to the occasion against expectations.  So let’s start in that vein, and with a little “howdy do” to our newest BFFs from the Iowa State contingency, who turned the tables on a Texas Tech team coming off a huge upset on their own. And it wasn’t just a “win” against the #20 Red Raiders, but a 41-7 demolition of Tommy Tuberville’s squadron… must have been a bit presumptuous to start the “Mike Leach Who?” talk, huh? No wonder the folks in Lubbock were chippy.

But the Cyclone satisfaction didn’t stop there, as cross state rivals Iowa also fell in a surprising factor, to a Minnesota team that’s been disappointing both for their coach and for their conference. But, in a week where the new guy got a huge “Vote Of Confidence“, his Gophers responded with a one point victory in Iowa City to the perennial B1G Coach Of The Year. They get Floyd back in Minneapolis, which is always a good thing.  Yup, just another week of pride for the folks at ISU… enjoy your moment. Read More

The Week That Were- 9.17.11

Written September 18th, 2011 by MaliBuckeye

Well, after a loss there really is only one choice for this week’s soundtrack… Just be thankful I didn’t go all Broadway on you. I know that there were exciting things on the field to talk about, but the big story brings us to…

Not just for Wisconsin fans anymore...

This week in EXPAND-A-PALOOZA: Well, well, well- Saturday awoke to the ACC getting their big boy pants on, and Sunday it became official- Pitt and Syracuse would be joining the conference in all sports. This was a surprising move, since the ACC has been relatively quiet throughout this process, although last week the powers that be agreed to raise the conference buyout to $20 million (from $12-$14 mil).  While it looks proactive in many ways, it’s got to be influenced by rumors that the SEC was looking to poach several schools (FSU/Clemson) from the conference.  The addition of Pitt and Syracuse also effectively block the B1G; these programs were always in the minds of those who believed that B1G Commish Jim Delaney was looking to connect with the NY media market- that ship may have now sailed. As a reminder, the B1G is constrained, in a good way from my perspective, by the belief that the conference’s affiliations should transcend television dollars or “great matchups”, and include schools that are parts of the CIC or AAU to share research revenue opportunities.

Other rumors today are that TBPU, OU, UT, and TTU would head to the PAC-16 and be in a western division with Utah, Colorado, and the two Arizona schools.  To solve the problem of “not playing in California” for recruiting purposes, the conference would move to a “pod” system that would have teams playing three other schools every year, and then two schools from the other two pods on a rotating basis.  Yeah, it’s that complicated. Be aware, though, that UT folks were just in LA for the UCLA game (more later), and that UT and OU have board of regents meetings called for Monday, with Texas having “Conference Alignment” on the agenda.

Elsewheres, UConn has also been rumored to head to the ACC (holy cow, is that going to be a basketball powerhouse conference), while WVa is rumored to have submitted it’s petition to be the SEC’s #14.  Where does that leave the B1G? Notre Dame/Rutgers/Mizzou are supposedly the next targets… although the CIC/AAU thing is still a strong draw for some who are connected to Longhorn Nation.

Oh, and if the insiders at a certain Northwestern message board are to be believed, ESPN is at the heart of this.  Anyone else curious how media conglomerates became involved in the actions of institutions of higher education? And you thought the “coverage” of B1G sports by the four letter network had an agenda now… what do you think will happen when three of the four super-conferences have deals with Bristol’s network.  Now THAT’s something congress should look into, if you ask me- particularly given the fact that the organization that was created to monitor and guide these matters is pretty much powerless on top of other issues.

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The Week That Were: 11.13.10

Written November 14th, 2010 by MaliBuckeye

Time once again to take a look back at all the fancy doin’s in the realm of college football.  This week’s theme music reminds you to not call it a comeback…

Some sad news to end the weekend: Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Southern Miss players who were shot last night following their game. Word is that they’re stable, and we hope their recovery goes well.

Speaking of injuries, Northwestern’s QB Dan Persa ruptured his Achilles on the winning TD toss, as Iowa went down to defeat at the hands of the Purple yet again. Interestingly enough, he was not tackled on the play. This is the second year in a row that a QB has gotten injured in this epic (?) match up between the Hawkeyes and Wildkitties; you’ve got to hope that wonder if Persa’s backup has an attractive mom as well. Persa will be missed- he played with a ton of heart and skill, and had just the right amount of moxie. Read More

The Week That Were: 10.23.10

Written October 24th, 2010 by MaliBuckeye

In the spirit of Homecoming, here’s this week’s musical selection. Congrats to Ohio State’s new royalty- I apologize if your reign is rudely interrupted.

Columbus wasn’t the only college town named after Spanish explorers that was celebrating “Fleecing Forgetful Alumni Weekend” (so named by a friend who works in alumni relations- it’s amazing how the school that everyone complained about is the greatest place ever four years removed); we also were privy to the celebrations in Columbia Missouri as well. And, as you’ve probably had shoved down your throat all day, for the third straight week the number one team in the nation lost on the road. Congrats to the Mizzou Tigers and their potent “Ok, everyone go out and turn around” offense, yet another incarnation of the “basketball on grass” trends we’ve been seeing for the past few years.  Given that Oklahoma was also running a similar scheme, it made for a long television experience. To be honest, when IOU was running their last gasp version of the Cal kickoff return, it was difficult for me to differentiate from the rest of the offensive snaps.

That’s not intended to take away from what the Tigers accomplished- it’s great that they have s significant moment that doesn’t involve kicking or getting obliterated.  In several years, when the advancement office is calling them asking for money, they’ll be able to look back on this and remember the excitement, the glory, the awkward haircuts, and the complete disregard for others’ personal space.

Question of the day? Will Oklahoma get the same level of “respect” that Ohio State seems to get?  Remember, they’ve got a worse BCS record and a worse record in big games.  Now that they’ve put the “choke” back into their name, I’m looking forward to hearing about Stoops’ “issues” nonstop from the experts. Read More

More Know Your Neighbor: Nebraska

Written June 14th, 2010 by MaliBuckeye

With the exciting news that the Big T1e1n has extended an offer to the University of Nebraska, I thought it would make sense to use my “connections” to give Buckeye fans a little bit of insight from the other side of this announcement.

Not a mugshot

With that, here’s the second installation of “Ask A Husker” (be sure to check out the first). Last time, we got the fan perspective, hearing from a UNL alum. Today, we kick it up a notch, and chat with former Cornhusker Aaron Terpening. A graduate of North Salem high school in Salem Oregon, Terp lettered with the Huskers for four years, and was three time Big 12 academic all conference. His role on special teams and as a Rover (free safety) for Nebraska was an important part of their team from 1999-2002; he played for Frank Solich and just missed the first Pelini era. He also graduate from UNL with a Masters in Architecture, and currently works as an architect in his home town of Salem Oregon.

Here we go:

Welcome to the Big T1e1n! Do you get the sense that Nebraska is a good “fit” for the conference? What are your feelings about this move? What are your former teammates saying about the move?

Thanks for the warm welcome.  From what I’ve heard and read, the Big Ten Fans have been very gracious and welcoming.  That makes a big difference.  Joining another conference could be intimidating and awkward, but I think the Big Ten is going to make this transition feel natural.  I heard Delany wore a “N” lapel pin on recent visit.  That is a small thing that makes a big impact.

I’m excited and a little sad.  It’s hard to think that over a hundred of years of consistent opposition is going by the wayside.  But, I think it’s important to remember that before the Big 12 it was the Big 8 and before that the Big 6.  The Big 6 had teams like Drake and Grinnell.  So, conferences and opponents change over time.  To move to another conference is nothing new.  When the Big 12 formed and the yearly match with Oklahoma was thrown out, to me, that diminished the importance of continued rivalries for us.

If you read/listen to folks from Austin, Nebraska is the reason that the Big 12 is dissolving, At the press conferences. Dr. Osborne and others were pretty frustrated by this line of thought. As a former player, was there anything that surprised you in the way that it happened?

Look! A coach from Ohio!

I know from my experience with Tom Osborne and Frank Solich for that matter, emotion was never a huge part of the equation.  There was a time and a place for it, for sure.  And that time was about ten minutes before kick-off.  Otherwise, decisions on Nebraska’s part under TO’s leadership have always been consistent, thought through, and fair.  Nebraska as an institution would never act in a disingenuous manner toward the other institutions within the Big 12.  I don’t mind the idea that we were “at fault’ for the crumbling of the Big 12.  Who cares?

The fact is, the conference was a mess and there are/were a couple schools willing to do something about it.  I sincerely think Nebraska tried to make it work, but they were apparently unable to get any concessions by other members.  From the day the conference was formed and they made the headquarters Irving, Texas and moved it from Kansas City, things have been tilted south.  I am a bit surprised that the Big 12 didn’t do more to keep itself together.  I don’t know who’s fault that is.

Are there specific ways that you see this transition helping the Huskers? Recruiting, television, other sports?

Recruiting is something I am a bit concerned about.  I have no idea how that will go.  Not playing teams from Texas, Kansas, Missouri(maybe), and Oklahoma every year may make it more difficult to pull players from those states.  I just don’t know how that will go.

Basketball may be one sport that Nebraska could really see improvement in due to the realignment.  Husker fans have been waiting patiently for years expecting that the basketball program would follow the football programs success somehow.  Maybe this move will finally make that a possibility.

The academic part of it seems to be a great opportunity for the University of Nebraska.   I don’t know much about it, but the CIC (assuming Nebraska gets to be part of it) will be a good affiliation for the schools. This together with the athletic and monetary parts of the deal will be Tom Osborne’s legacy.  This may be bigger than his championships.  However, this might not have happened except for the trophies.

What are going to be the challenges for Nebraska in this new conference?

300+ consecutive sold out games

Nebraska will have to get used to larger crowds and different styles of coaching.  The Big 10 at the moment has some very conservative styles of football.  I think this is why Nebraska is a good fit.  But, it’ll be a challenge because their opponents may be strong in some of the same areas Nebraska is strong. When i say ‘conservative’, I mean good defense, a strong work ethic, sportsmanship, and respect for opponents.  These are all things Nebraska has excelled at and the Big 10 is known for.

You were a part of Nebraska’s historic “walk on” program- What was that like for you? How did you choose to go that route rather than accepting a full scholarship at another institution?

Being a walk-on was a dream-come-true for me.  My family were always huge Nebraska fans.  Growing up watching players like Calvin Jones and Baron Miles inspired me.  They played so hard every play, they were strong and relentless.  I wanted to be a part of that.  I modeled how I played after that.  So, to get the opportunity to make it happen was an amazing feeling.  I enjoyed it from the day I got there.  I loved practice, I loved the conditioning, I loved the humid summers and freezing windy winters.  It was all part of Nebraska football.  I miss feeling like I was going to die from lack of oxygen in 98 degrees with 98 percent humidity at five o’clock on a summer night with the other defensive backs hunched over together.  That was why I went there, to be somewhere that valued that work ethic.

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Know Your Neighbor- Nebraska Edition

Written June 11th, 2010 by MaliBuckeye

With the exciting news that the Big T1e1n has extended an offer to the University of Nebraska, I thought it would make sense to use my “connections” to give Buckeye fans a little bit of insight from the other side of this announcement.

So, in the spirit of great internet memes, here’s the first installation of “Ask A Husker“. Today’s guest is my brother in law, a 2000 graduate from Nebraska, and the grandson of  team doctor during the Devaney and Osborne years (who is also member of the Nebraska Football Hall of Fame). My bro-in-law is also the one that got me interested in recruiting, keeping me informed during the head to head battle for the services of Mike D’Andrea.

Here we go:

What are you excited about for this season? Even if Nebraska stays in the Big 12, what things are the Husker faithful looking forward to in 2010?

Certainly as a collective fan base we are looking forward to proving that we are back, and putting a beat down on Texas when they come to Lincoln on October 16th. Don’t look for the refs to add an extra second back on the clock. Uh, uh, not in our house.

Blackshirt tradition

Since our string of bad seasons in the post Option Football era, I am always looking to see some sort of progress being made. We went from being one of the worst statistical defenses in the nation in 2007 to the nation’s leader in scoring defense and pass efficiency defense in 2009. A true Blackshirt defense is back and we are excited about that.  This year will be interesting to see what we can do wit out the big fella in the middle (Suh). But with preseason all American Jared Crick manning the trenches and a potential stellar defensive backfield led by Prince Amukamara, Alfonzo Dennard and Eric Hagg, we are looking for them to pick up right where they left off last season.  Living up to Pelini’s prediction that they will be better than last year may be a tall order, but Husker Nation is pumped about the potential we see in them.

Conversely, what makes you the most nervous? Are there areas that are still question marks?

Our Offense is still a mystery. It was all but nonexistent at times last year, especially during Big 12 play. Whether that was lack of experience, injuries, or playing to our defensive strength by keeping the opposing teams offense off the field, who knows? Our offensive coordinator has shown a consistency for putting decent squads together wherever he’s been, so I’m guessing it was a one-year fluke.

The biggest issue is who’s going to be our leader at quarterback?  Senior and returning starter Zack Lee will be coming off injury, after missing spring practice with shoulder surgery. Athletic and exciting youngsters in Cody Green and Taylor Martinez are chomping at the bit for a chance to take the reins, but will their lack of experience cause more headaches much like our 8 turnover performance loss at the hands of lowly Iowa State do us in again?

With improved depth and health at quarterback and along the offensive line, and the backfield returning Senior Roy Helu and super Sophmore Rex Burkhead, we are looking for a dramatically improved offense. We lost 3 out of 4 games by two points or less in 2009. Should Nebraska find an offensive game plan and another consistent Blackshirts squad show up, it should be enough to launch us into the conference title game. Either way, we are expecting big things and to be playing in a BCS game in January.

Welcome to the Big T1e1n! Do you get the sense that Nebraska is a good “fit” for the conference? What are your feelings about this move? Anything surprise you in the way that it happened?

Coming soon to a stadium near you

Still so weird to think how all this has happened. Big 10…strange. Never would have thought it in a million years.

Looking at the potential divisional opponents in this new conference, I like our “fit”. A lot of bordering type of states, all within 9 hours drive of Lincoln. Not close, but certainly a reasonable weekend traveling distance wise.

That being said, the biggest thing that irks me about the move is potential disruptions that traveling to play eastern division schools, specifically Penn St. and other new potential expansion teams from the East Coast.

I also am sad for the loss of the long standing tradition of playing schools from the old Big Eight. Our tradition with Kansas is one of the oldest in the nation. Beginning in 1892 and has been played 116 times, consecutively since 1906! What a sad day this will be when it comes to an end.

It’s still too early to say I’m excited about playing in the Big 10, too many years of following my conference. No offense to the Big 10, it is a great conference and we will be happy to be here once everyone is settled in and conference play begins. But with the end of an era and the destruction of so much tradition, this whole thing is really quite sad.

Are there specific ways that you see this transition helping the Huskers? Recruiting, television, other sports?

The biggest impact that moving to the Big10 will have on Nebraska will not be in the athletic department, but on the academic front. The credibility of belonging to the Big10 conference and their outstanding institutions is far and away more prestigious than the Big 12. This should undoubtedly help the University of Nebraska in focusing on becoming a better university, not just an extra $10 million a season in television revenue.  I was reading what a difference it made for Penn State in research dollars once they joined the conference. Puts the measly TV contract to shame. I suspect this was a bigger selling point to our University Regents and Administration than we are lead to believe.

What are going to be the challenges for Nebraska in this new conference?

First off, this is an excellent football conference that has taken a bad rap the last few years. We will need to adjust our defense to a different style of play from the spread-heavy offenses of the Big 12.

My concern is on the recruiting front. Being able to maintain a presence in Texas and California. Without our ties to Texas and the promise of playing close by to some of these kids, it may be more difficult to get them to seriously consider signing with us.

Then again, Texas hasn’t always been where Nebraska goes after talent. The Osborne years were highlighted by players hailing from all over the country. Times they are a changin’…we’ll adapt to our surroundings and in this case do what we do best regardless of where the talent comes from, and that’s win.

The Big Ten was often called “The Big Two and little eight”; when Penn State joined, it became “The Big Three and little eight”. Historically, there’s been a lot of consistency at the top of the conference standings, with a surprise program rising up every now and again (Northwestern, Illinois, Wisconsin). Where do you see Nebraska fitting in? Do they come in as one of the top programs from day one, or will it be something that may take some time?

Depending on the alignment of the new Big10, Nebraska will most likely be sitting in a favorable side of the conference, competition wise. Much like they have been in the Big 12 North, I see the potential for Nebraska being one of the teams to beat.

Having fallen on hard times during the Callahan era, we are now gaining momentum and may be on the verge of successful run.  Mind you, all this is football talk…I haven’t even begun to think about the implications or the match-ups within other sports.

Indiana wishes their stadium was this red

When the Big 8 transmogrified into the Big 12, the Huskers lost their great rivalry with Oklahoma. Now that you’re moving into a new configuration, the Thanksgiving game with Colorado goes to the wayside. Who do you see as the new “rival” for Nebraska?

I for one will not miss the “rivalry” with Colorado, who has one of the worst fan bases in the country (ed. Wait ’till you go to Happy Valley). But we’ll miss the end of the tradition and long standing partnership with the likes of Kansans and the Oklahomans. That’s what I’m most bummed about, but at the same time we are looking forward to playing Iowa every year. Iowa State never really counted as a rivalry, yet there’s always been this tension between the two states. I predict this will be the biggest of our new rivals, and hopefully will replace Colorado on the day after Thanksgiving game. (ed- I’ve heard that this game may be referred to as “Farmageddon”.)

There are rumblings that this may not be the end of expansion, that the Big Whatever We’re Calling It Now may add a couple more teams to expand their footprint to the east coast. Are there any programs you’d like to see invited to join the party?

All I know is, this whole massive conference realignments that are happening is unfortunate. In the day and age where we need to be more concerned with our carbon footprint (ed. Did I mention he lives in Oregon?), shouldn’t we be curtailing unnecessary travel. By adding teams west and East and broadening the scope of the conference on the map, we are making matters worse. The impact they ultimately have on other sports and the affect they have on the student athletes juggling between school and sports midweek between parts of the country can be harmful and downright shameful thing that occurs.

As far as teams: Who doesn’t want Notre Dame to finally be forced to join the Big 10? It’s about time it happens!!

Other than that, as long as Nebraska is not in the same conference as Texas, I’m good. They think they can have their cake and eat it too. They have now ruined the Big 12, after ruining the Big 8 and the SWC and are to blame for this fallout. If all the conferences start realigning and College Football is forever changed, don’t blame Nebraska for being the catalyst, blame Texas for causing us to leave.

In responding to the rumors that Texas may try and back in to the Big 10 after all: Not too thrilled, but if it happens they must relinquish control. You guys have been around long enough and Delany has enough of a spine to stand up to their demands. And that would mean their hopes for a Texas TV network would have to die as well. Too many factors are in play that I don’t see this happening, but if it does at least it keeps the doors open to the fertile Texas recruiting grounds. And without a doubt they would bring a great academic reputation, a huge endowment and one of the biggest and most successful athletic departments in the country to the Big 10. Plus this may finally get Notre Lame on board.

Important question: Thoughts on Mich1gAAn?

Not a fan. I’ve come to pledge allegiance to The Ohio State University having a brother in law as a die hard Buckeye…so now that we both get to play them at least I’ll know what it’s like to truly despise Michigan. Unfortunately the realignment ultimately may end my relationship with a best bud who’s a Wolverine through and through. Oh well.

Coming home

What do you think it will be like for Bo and Carl Pelini to stand on the visitors sidelines of the Horseshoe, especially since Bo was a team captain for the Buckeyes?

The Pelinis seem to be locked and loaded on game day and as serious as it gets on the sidelines. I don’t think it will affect them outwardly, but who wouldn’t stop and stand in awe in that moment you come back to your Alma Mater and lifelong favorite school.

Final question- What suggestions do you have to keep the peace in our family when the Huskers and Buckeyes finally play?  Am I gonna’ be allowed to go to grandma’s house for Christmas, or am I now officially banned? Is there still any chance I’d get to use the family tickets when Ohio State comes to Lincoln?

Ha! I wouldn’t worry about the family issue.  Being on opposite sides of the conference, we won’t play each other every year in football. This is what doomed our rivalry with Oklahoma to the point of having this almost healthy respect for each other. I have come to root for the Sooners as it was better for our conference if we were both doing well.  I see this as inevitably my take on Ohio State. A rivalry sure, in some form or fashion, but a respect that says ‘hey, we’re the Big Whatever Conference, don’t mess with us!’ Plus we both wear ‘Scarlet‘/Red, so that’s cool.

I look forward to years of healthy family rivalry, but good luck on getting Grandma’s Husker tickets!

Iowa’s biggest weakness

Written September 28th, 2006 by Jeff

Jim Tressel and company does not need me to tell them what Iowa’s weaknesses are. They already know. But since I did the research, I’d better spread the knowledge, because who knows….maybe one of my readers has no idea what that weakness might be.

It’s their run defense. Iowa is not capable of slowing down a running game, and Ohio State will exploit that weakness ALL day. So expect to see a LOT of Antonio Pittman. We will be using the run to set up the pass on Saturday night. As soon as Iowa starts to panic and draw their defense in to stop Pittman, Smith will go over their heads. Count on it.

Now, that’s the type of prognostication that you can read on any troll-filled message board, which NEVER supplies any type of proof. It’s just written as fact, and no background on WHY it’s true is ever needed.

Not in MY House, Buckeye fans……here’s how I know that Iowa’s run defense is their biggest weakness.

Last week, Illinois rushed for 121 yards against Iowa. Prior to that, the Illini rushed for only 97 yards against lowly Syracuse and a mere 66 yards against up-and-coming Rutgers.

The week before that, Iowa State pounded out 171 yards on the ground against the Hawkeyes. That was the Cyclones’ best rushing game of the season, after compiling 137 yards against UNLV, but only managing 21 yards on the ground against Texas.

I wouldn’t dare say that Iowa State or Illinois have anything NEAR a decent rushing attack….and they both had better games on the ground against Iowa than they did against teams like UNLV, Syracuse and Rutgers. ISU showed that when they face a good defense, they can’t run (21 yards against Texas???), but ran like wildfire all over the Hawkeyes.

There it is….that’s your key. They have a young, small defensive line. Pound on it early and often. Wear them down as HARD as you can. Force Ferentz to bring 8 men into the box to stop Pittman and the Wells’ boys. Then let GinnZoBiskie go to town.

By the way, I just put a copyright on the term “GinnZoBiskie”. Any descriptions or accounts without the expressed written consent on the BBC is strictly prohibited.

Meeting my quota

Written September 26th, 2006 by Jeff

While I will strive to NOT post boring stuff just for the sake of posting, I want to make a solid effort to blog on a daily basis. I realize that i have very few readers right now, but that is no excuse for laziness…as a matter of fact, it’s a GREAT way to build a following. I’ll probably also tweak the template a few times in the near future, to see if I can get a near-perfect look to The BBC. Of course, is free, so I realize I can’t be too picky. Still, I like what I see so far.

Anyway, let’s get into discussing the Iowa game this weekend. Everybody knows how huge this game is. Before the season started, I pointed towards three games that I felt could trip up the Buckeyes….Texas, Iowa, and TTUN (That Team Up North, for fans new to the terminology). ESPN is sending GameDay to Iowa City (where Corso will probably pick the Hawkeyes just to get fans there to cheer for him). ABC has made it their nationally-televised Saturday Night College Football Game. Translation – EVERYBODY knows how huge this game is.

Still, some Iowa fans seem to think that Ohio State is overlooking the Hawkeyes and this will lead directly to our demise. Whatever gets you through the night, Herky.

Now, I am NOT underestimating Iowa when I say this….but I just don’t see anything that has impressed me in the 2006 season. I’m not sure Iowa has shown why they are capable of upsetting the #1 Ohio State Buckeyes.

We’ve heard about how great Iowa’s offense is supposed to be, behind QB Drew Tate. Yet, they’ve got the 40th ranked offense in the NCAA. By contrast, Northern Illinois has the 17th best offense and Texas has the 23rd best offense. Even Penn State is barely behind Iowa, ranked at 44th in the NCAA. We stifled all three of those offenses.

The Iowa defense? Not too bad….ranked 26th in the NCAA. But let’s be serious here…they got that lofty ranking by playing against the offenses of Iowa State (60th-ranked offense), Illinois (63rd-ranked offense), Syracuse (99th-ranked offense) and Montana (Dision 1-AA school). They’re not going to be facing a weak offense like that this Saturday.

Now, these are just the numbers as they appear on paper…you know the cliche’ about the game not being played on paper, but those stats say a lot.

From what I see, if both teams play like they have been playing all year, this one’s a blowout. But I won’t dare predict that, because I think Iowa will be looking for the respect they badly need. The Buckeyes better be ready….but then again, I have faith in Tressel.

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