tBBC Pick ‘Em: Even After Week One

Written October 4th, 2013 by Scott

They say tying is like kissing your sister.Big-10-logo

Pucker up. That’s where we stand after one week of our head-to-head pick.

Yours truly and Gary were correcting in picking Ohio State and Illinois to win last week. I correctly picked Iowa winning at Minnesota but was disappointed in the effort of Purdue as Gary was right in picking Northern Illinois.

“They are just horrible in every freaking category,” he said in justifying his pick.

This week we have a full slate of Big 10/11/12 games.

Let’s get the obligatory picks out of the way: We both are picking Ohio State and TTUN.

But that’s where it stops. Read More

Braggin’ Rights and Wrongs: tBBC Pick’em

Written September 27th, 2013 by Scott

The B1G 10 season is about to kick into full gear and two of your favorite BBC writers are going head-to-head the rest of the way.

Each week yours truly and Gary will pick the games that matter We may agree, we may not. And when one of us is right and Gary is wrong (it’s starting already) there will no holds barred.

It’s a light week so lets get right into it. We will include the 2 non-conference games as well.

Wisconsin at Ohio State
No differences of opinion here. We both predict an Ohio State victory over the Badgers.

Iowa at Minnesota
Gary likes Minnesota. I like Iowa.

In choosing the Gophers, Gary opined “I think the two teams are evenly matched.” He gives Minnesota the home-field edge as the margin of victory.

Iowa has been stuck in reverse since losing to Ohio State in a de facto Big 10 title game a few years ago. Kirk Ferentz has been feeling the heat and I think the Hawkeyes will get the big win they need.

Northern Illinois at Purdue Read More

The Week That Were: 8.31.13

Written September 2nd, 2013 by MaliBuckeye

For those unfamiliar with this feature, consider it your cheat sheet for the conversations around the grill on Labor Day. As always, these come with a melodic interlude to play gently in the background during your perusal… because you’re that important to me.

Haircolor Brought To You By Home Depot

It was the best of times, it was the… well… best of times. Football was played, plays were made, and the long summer doldrums finally came to an end.

Sawkaralyna got us started off in style, scoring on the third play of their first possession and kicking off the annual “Hey, we’re pretty good! Oh, that’s right… we have to play  in the same conference as Alabama/Georgia/Florida/LSU… nevermind.” The only significant storyline to come out of this game, other than the fact that sometimes “new school clothes” aren’t always fashionable, is the fact that ESPN’s love-fest for all things Clowney turned into the predictable hate-fest for the sophomore after he didn’t balance the budget/solve global warming/play like a Heisman candidate. Whatever helps them get their ratings points, right?

Speaking of firsts, the news this offseason was about the new “targeting” rule and it’s potential impact on the game.  Your future trivia answer to “who was the first college player to be ejected under this rule?’ is none other than Tulane’s Lorenzo Doss. Small Ohio State related fact that’s stuck in my brain for some reason- In 1995, the NCAA decided to crack down on “showboating” and OSU’s Terry Glenn was the first person flagged after signaling “First Down” following a catch against Boston College in the Kickoff Classic.  What a cute rule that was…

At any rate, the impact (see what I did there?) of the new rule was certainly felt across the first weekend; Northwestern had a game-winning drive extended after Cal’s best pass rusher was flagged for “targeting” on a tackle in the end zone, Texas A&M lost a player for a similar infraction (although, to be honest, it was a really bad call), and Oregon had to go and “one up them” (as always) with this potentially crippling hit against Nicholls State. To be fair to the defender, though, everyone in the stadium was yelling “Duck!” to the Nicholls QB. At least that’s what I think they meant…

Another major story this weekend was the debilitating sanctions that hit Heisman winner Johnny Manziel following the “autograph” scandal. I can’t imagine what it was like for him to sit there on the sidelines for that time, missing the change to be with his teammates and… yeah, in the time it took you to read this sentence, his “suspension” was over. I wish my car had a suspension that cushy…. Read More

B1G Men’s Tournament Live Thread: Day Two

Written March 15th, 2013 by Gary Russell II

BBC BIG TEN TOURNEY#3 Michigan State versus #6 Iowa

Iowa used a quick start and some of Sparty’s own medicine to jump out to a 30-20 lead at halftime.  The Hawkeye’s quick start opened a double digit lead but Michigan State settled down and was able to get the lead trimmed in the middle of the half.  Iowa then used a couple of three points down the stretch to open it back up a bit and take their 10 point lead into the half.

The Hawkeyes have taken a page out of the Spartan’s playbook when it comes to hustle and heart.  Every loose ball seems to going to Iowa and as of right now it just looks like they want it more then Michigan State.  Iowa is copying their first half performance from last night as they have 8 different players scoring again tonight (none have over 6 points) and Michigan State’s Adrian Payne leads all scorers with 7.

The second half of the game left me speechless.  Unfortuntalely, it was for many reasons.  Iowa fought extremely hard, out working the Spartans for much of the game.  They continued to run a balanced, team offense in which no player had double figures when all was said and done.  Michigan State refused to go quietly as Payne (18 points), Harris (13 points), and Appling (13 points) slowly chipped away at the Hawkeye lead and eventually took the lead with about 4 minutes to go.  Iowa still didn’t give up as they missed a game tying shot at the end of game, allowing the Spartans to escape with the victory 59-56.

Michigan State will now face Ohio State in the second semi-final game tomorrow.  They will tip-off approximately 25 minutes after the Indiana-Wisconsin matchup.  Be sure to check back with us tomorrow for complete updates all day long!

#2 OSU versus #10 Nebraska

Check out Eric’s recap of the OSU win over Nebraska here.

#4 TTUN versus #5 Wisconsin Read More

B1G Men’s Tournament Live Thread: Day One

Written March 14th, 2013 by WVaBuckeye


Gary Russell and I are covering the B1G Tourney live again although it’s not actually from Chicago! Some last minute travel plans fell apart and we are hanging out at his house in Zanesville covering the games! Hope you enjoy the updates!

#6 Iowa versus #11 Northwestern

The first half of the day one night cap has been all Iowa.  They hold a 36-22 lead at halftime and the score doesn’t reflect how dominating the Hawkeyes have been.  The Wildcats didn’t score until the 12:30 mark of the first half.  Iowa has been very balanced on the offensive end.  8 different players have scored for the Hawkeyes, and none of socred more than 7 points.  As painful as it is to say, Iowa’s Aaron White leads all scorers with 7 points.  Northwestern is being led by Freshman Alex Olah’s 6 points.

Iowa didn’t quite dominate the second half like they did the first half as they did their best impression of Michigan in letting a team hang around.  The Wildcats refused to go away getting the lead under ten several times and even down to seven at one point.  Unfortunately for Northwestern, timely three point shooting from Mike Gesell and Roy Devyn Marble combined with a Flagrant One foul by Reggi Hearn kept pushing the Iowa lead back to double digits.  In the end, Iowa knocked off Northwestern 73-59.

Iowa will now face Michigan State tomorrow evening at apprixmately 9:00 EST.  We hope you enjoyed day 1 of the Big Ten Tournament.  Remember to check back with us tomorrow as we update with all the action from Day 2 of the tournament! Read More

Silver Bullet Points From the Schott

Written January 23rd, 2013 by MaliBuckeye

#Swish #Swoon

A bit of a different look at things this Wednesday, as I was fortunate to join Jim, JoeL, and Janelle in attending Ohio State’s win against Iowa in the hoops of shootyness.  So, here’s your musical interlude for this festive event.

Buckeye Hoops Thoughts

  • Great Value- This was my first trip to Value City Arena, and it was more than fantastic. Great seats (thanks, Joe!) and a good, if ugly win
  • All About Timing- Not for the Buckeyes (yet), but just a comment on the 6:30 start… tons of empty seats for a Tuesday night game. I know it’s not a weekend match against Michigan, but c’mon, people!!
  • Nuts. Housed.- Couldn’t have been more impressed with the Student Section, some of whom had queued up around 10 or so. Who needs classes, right? While the game was low on energy overall, the Nuthouse certainly didn’t reflect that… well done!
  • He’s Crafty- Aaron broke the steals record (and our hearts… #Swoon) right in front of us. Congrats, #4!
  • Reinforcements- Thomas went out and the Buckeyes went cold… although it could be argued that they were cold before this (for a couple of reasons). That being said, Matta and others have talked about how this year will need to be a “second option by committee”… and we didn’t see someone step up when Thomas was getting his injury looked at.
  • On The Other Hand- Four Buckeyes were in double digits, so the wealth was spread around pretty well. Sad to see DT not get another consecutive 20 point game, though.
  • This Week In Slam Thompson- I wish I had a highlight to point to, but somehow some one managed to overthrow him. How do you get the ball outside of his range??  That being said, it’s probably better that he didn’t throw one home- I was sitting to a nice lady who didn’t need to hear what exclamations would have come out of my mouth should the awesomeness have manifested itself. Read More

BBN Basketball LiveBlog: Iowa

Written January 22nd, 2013 by Eric

The Iowa Hawkeyes are visiting Columbus this afternoon for some Shooty Hoops action!

Joining us for the game are our friends from the BBN: The Buckeye Blog, Buckeye Empire, Men of the Scarlet and Gray, and Buckeye Ninja. Make sure to swing by their place and say hello.

Today’s game is scheduled for 6:00 PM EST. The LiveBlog is scheduled to start 15 minutes before tip.

Go Bucks!

Pregame Glance: Iowa

Written January 21st, 2013 by Ken

The Bucks are coming home after an emotionally difficult loss to the Michigan State Spartans. Up next is a tougher-than-expected Iowa squad that may be looking to steal one in Columbus. Let’s take a glance.

This is the State Bird of Iowa, not Herky. Do not be fooled.

School: University of Iowa

Location: Iowa City, IA

Founded: 1847

Student Population: 31,498 total, 20,574 undergrad

School Type: Public

Stadium: Carver-Hawkeye Arena

Seating: 15,500

Opened: 1983

Head Coach: Fran McCaffrey

Experience: 3rd year

Read More

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