BB Recruiting Update: 2013 is Looking Bright

Written September 13th, 2011 by Joe Dexter

The 2013 class is already bright with commit Marc Loving (Photo Courtesy Buckeye Prep)

(Today starts a series of updates involving the future of the Buckeyes on the hardwood. Every once in a while, tBBC will get you updated on those that could be future Buckeyes. As the tradition and program prestige grows under the Thad Matta Era, so does the talent that could hit the court. Today we update you on a few blue chip recruits that could be part of the 2013 Ohio State recruiting class.)

It’s amazing what the future holds when things are done the right way. Championship runs give young players a glimpse of what the future holds when they become part of something special.  Coaching the right way and instilling values beyond the basketball court has led players to the next level of competition. Success breeds success. Now as we look forward to the future of the Buckeyes on the hardwood, one thing has become clear.

The talent in the current and recent classes has built a customary tradition of excellence on and off the court at The Ohio State University.

The class of 2013 shouldn’t be any different as in-state talent and national recruits have kept their eyes on one of the fastest growing programs in the country. Due to the recent success on the court, and the graduation of players to the NBA, there are many up and coming recruits wondering what it would be like to become the next great Buckeye. Thanks to the help of current players and one of — if not the best coaching and recruiting staffs in the nation.

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Shots From The Schott: View From The “Q”

Written March 22nd, 2011 by Joe

After coming across tickets at the last minute, Joe was able to make the trip north and gives us the inside scoop from the game…

Important milestone, and beginning of an amazing day!

  • Want to start off with congratulating the 4 buckeyes receiving their diplomas-  David, Dallas, Jon, and Nikola.
  • Lighty with the 7 threes! Everytime he hit one, the place exploded. Wonder of Diebler was worried for his record?
  • You think Craft’s 15 assists were better than DLights 7 3′s? Arguable, if you ask me…
  • Sullinger, Buford, Diebler all with solid games to compliment Lighty’s night.
  • The substitution pattern?  I liked it, but was something that we hadn’t seen all year.  Didn’t quite match Marquette substitution pattern in game two.  I felt like I was watching a hockey game with all the line changes.
  • How about that 50-15 run after being down 11-2?

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Shots from the Schott

Written February 16th, 2011 by Joe

Giving us the low down from courtside, Joe is back with a look in from the win against MSU.

  • The Schott was rockin!  Lots of faces in the crowd:  Mike Doss, Brian Brown, Bill Hoskett,  controversial ESPN talking head Kirk Herbstreit, were the ones that I saw.  Snookie and Miley Cyrus as well.  Well, their big poster heads.
  • I’m hearing that JD Weatherspoon should be back come Big Ten Conference time frame.  He was in attendance tonight.
  • Diebler is one three-ball away from tying the conference career record, and two from breaking it. West Lafayette, anyone?
  • Nice bounce back after the loss to Wisky.  Wisky is really becoming our most hated team.  It wasn’t the fact that we lost a regular season game but moreso who we lost to.  But I loved the point that was made, in that they are so happy about beating the #1 team in both football and basketball, but I would rather be the #1 team rather than beating the #1 team.

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