Warinner and Hinton are (finally, officially) Buckeyes!

Written January 12th, 2012 by MaliBuckeye

Today, Ohio States’ full coaching staff was available for interviews, including the newest members of Coach Meyer’s staff, Ed Warinner and Tim Hinton.  These last two, most recently at Notre Dame, have been working with Buckeye recruiting over the past several days, but were only officially introduced and named today- they will also be a part of Coach Meyer’s introduction opportunity at halftime of the Hoosier Basketball game this Saturday.

Coach Hinton is a former Ohio State coach who’s career includes the following (from the press release):

Coach Hinton

Hinton’s 30 seasons of coaching experience includes 16 seasons in the collegiate ranks with positions at Ohio State, Wilmington, Ohio, Cincinnati and Notre Dame, and 14 years as a head coach at three Ohio high schools:  Zane Trace (1987-88); Van Wert (1989) and Harding (1993-2003).

“I have always felt it would be an honor to have an opportunity to coach for and to represent Ohio State,” Hinton said. “This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be able to work with great people and great coaches at such a wonderful place.”

Coach Hinton will be working with the Tight Ends and Fullbacks- I’m sure Boren and Stoneburner are more than excited.

Coach Warinner doesn’t have previous Ohio connections, instead:

Coach Warinner

Warinner, who is 50, has coached at seven different schools: Akron, Michigan State, Army, Air Force, Kansas, Illinois and Notre Dame. In addition to his nine years in coordinator positions, he has spent 15 of the past 20 seasons coaching the offensive line. He has coached on teams that have won four national rushing titles, and earlier this season Rivals.com named Warinner one of the Top 20 “hottest assistant coaches” in the nation.

“I’ve always strived to coach in positions where I have a lot of responsibility,” Warinner said. “Serving as a coordinator goes beyond just coaching what my guys are doing. It is a thought process of attacking and moving the ball, and strategies and reading plays. There is a big picture as a coordinator that I am into and really enjoy, and it’s a position from where I think I can make a significant contribution to the success of a team.”

Coach Warinner will serve as co-offensive coordinator and work with the offensive line. Read More


As both Freddie Mercury and Roger Waters said many times, the show must go on.  While Buckeye Nation can’t really move on from the current situation with the football program just yet, certainly the individual players on the team must attend to business as usual.  And when you’re a Big Ten football player, business as usual probably means spending some time in the gym.

I would say BBOC, but we already know who that is

For anyone who is into strength and fitness, finding the best workout program can feel like trying to find the Holy Grail, except you’re not being harassed by the French.  Instead, you have to deal with the aggravation of all those online tips and trade secrets while you’re shelling out your monthly gym membership fees and trying to figure out how that other guy or girl got to look the way they do.  No doubt the competitive juices are what fuel a lot of weight lifting and muscle training in our culture, and clearly the BMOC mentality can come in handy for the strength and conditioning coaches at Division I programs, but fortunately the personnel at a place like Ohio State also have a bit more insider knowledge than the rest of us about what works and what doesn’t. Read More