tBBC All-Time Tourney CHAMPIONS – 1960

Written May 18th, 2012 by WVaBuckeye

When Joe Dexter and I began this journey, we had more than a few conversations about how well the Jerry Lucas led Buckeyes would fare against “modern” teams. I have to admit that I too believed that the team from 2007 would provide a tough match-up for them and quite possibly could beat them on the hardwood.

After great participation from the fans and readers of our mythical championship, the Lucas-Havlicek-Nowell led superstars of the 1960′s left little doubt. In the largest margin of votes during the tourney, the 1960 National Champs obliterated the best team the “modern” era has to offer from 2007. Let’s take a final look at the Champs.

tBBC All-Time Tourney – CONGRATULATIONS 1960

Written May 1st, 2012 by WVaBuckeye

The early favorite and the only National Champion in the history of the program is headed to the Final of tBBC All-Time Tourney.

The 1960 Buckeyes left little doubt in taking down the All-Ohio Five Led by David Lighty. There was some thinking by us at tBBC that the most recent success of the program would give some momentum to the young buckeyes but to no avail. The Jerry Lucas led squad is widely considered to be one of the best teams ever in the NCAA and will tough to beat in any mythical tournament.

They will face the winner of  semi final number two between the Jim Jackson led 1992 Buckeyes as they take on Mike Conley and Greg Oden of 2007. Stay tuned and thank you for your votes!!!

tBBC All-Time Tourney Semi #1 1960 Versus #5 2011

Written April 25th, 2012 by Joe Dexter

Gone is the month of March and all the greatness on the hardwood we look forward to all year long. As basketball fans, we strive for one more shining moment. We wait anxiously as football takes center stage until old man winter strikes again. Here at tBBC, we are reliving March Madness this morning as we bring you the semi finals of the All-Time Tourney. Pitted against each other today are two of the best overall teams in Ohio State history. Today, we feature the only Ohio State championship squad against a 2011 squad that many believe had all the tools to win a second championship in school history.

When members of this 2011 squad met the 1960 team during their 50th Anniversary reunion in 2010, they took something from it. But what if they could learn first hand from one of the most impressive teams in college basketball history? How would the likes of Jared Sullinger, Jon Diebler and David Lighty stack up with Jerry Lucas, John Havlicek, and Mel Nowell? Today, we breakdown a dream match-up of two very good teams. With only one moving on to the Finals to take on the winner of the 1992/2007 semi-final winner. Here’s WVaBuckeye and my breakdown of tBBC Semi-final #1.

Make sure you vote for who you believe would win this match-up on the top left hand corner of the web page.

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All-Time Tourney #1 1960 vs. #8 1987

Written February 28th, 2012 by Joe Dexter


The 1960 National Champions are a one of a kind team. They are the only team in Ohio State history to win a national title and then played for two more. They possessed three players that would become All-Americans and first round draft picks to the NBA. All five starters played in the NBA and don’t forget that the team also produced one of the greatest coaches in NCAA history in Bob Knight. They face a 1987 squad led by Dennis Hopson who is the all-time leading scorer both in a career and single season. The Hopson led squad enjoyed good success in a season dominated by Coaches Knight and Thompson and just about pulled off the biggest upset ever against Thompson’s Hoyas in the NCAA tourney.  This match-up would be interesting in many ways but the best is the two most prolific scorers in the history of the program getting a chance to go against each other.

What are to follow will be several comparisons of each team’s makeup. We will be including our opinions of each comparison with who has the advantage and at the end will be guest appearances. We hope you enjoy our tournament as we look forward to the outcome!

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Once upon a time, in old St. John arena...

With the drafting of Jon Diebler by the Portland Trailblazers in last Thursday’s NBA Draft, the Buckeyes added one more of their products to the professional ranks.  Diebler joins former Buckeye Greg Oden on Portland’s roster, although it remains to be seen if the two will ever fulfill the opportunity to play together that was not afforded in college due to Oden’s departure for the NBA after his freshman season.  Oden’s injury troubles since joining the NBA are well known for both their regularity and severity, and those following his career are now mostly hoping just to see him get some minutes on the floor, as the prospect of making a big impact on the league seems to be dwindling.  It would be a welcome sight  to see Oden running the floor again, demonstrating the defense and shot-blocking that were his signature in college and feeding the ball out of the post to Diebler on the perimeter, but before these two young players that contributed so much to Thad’s efforts at building the Ohio State program can hit the hardwood together, Oden must overcome the initial hurdle of getting healthy.

In a way, Oden ushered in a different kind of era for Ohio State basketball.  Although he has struggled in the NBA, Oden had a stellar freshman year at Ohio State, earning him the #1 overall pick in the subsequent draft.  Beginning with that pick in 2007, Ohio State has had a player taken in the first round of the draft each year until this year, when Diebler was taken in the middle of the second round.  Mike Conley and Daequan Cook joined Oden in 2007 at the #4 and #21 spots, respectively, 2008 featured Kosta Koufos going #23, 2009 saw B.J. Mullens selected #24, and last year Evan Turner was taken with the #2 pick.  Prior to Oden’s class, Buckeyes appearing in the draft were few and far between, and selections of Ohio State players were always in the second round when they occurred.  Even Michael Redd, who went on to have an All-Star caliber season in the NBA, and who remains a member of the Milwaukee Bucks to this day, was not selected until #43 in 2000. Read More

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