tBBC Fans Interact: 2013 Football Awards

Written January 13th, 2014 by WVaBuckeye

We here at the Buckeye Battle Cry depend on you fans to make us the blog that we are.

My favorite feature that I have been involved in since joining in December of 2011 is this twitter interaction we have done. Along the way I have been able include some of my favorite former players and in this feature, I bring in some new buddies from 95.5 The Game in Columbus who is a new big dog making some noise.

The most fun has been with you fans. Your insight into the Buckeyes players and coaches is phenomenal and I would say the Best Damn Fans In The Land!!!

Let’s pass out some end of year awards!

The Game

thegameAdam Sabie, Archie and Matt Finkes Weekday mornings from nine to noon on 95.5 The Game, and the FnA ShowHuge shoutout to the best sports morning talk show around for jumping in and having fun with us!

  • #tOSUOMVP – Adam – Hyde; Archie – Hyde; Finkes – Hyde
  • #tOSUDMVP – Adam – Shazier; Archie – Bosa; Finkes – Shazier
  • #tOSUSTMVP – Adam – Johnston; Archie – Brown; Finkes – Johnston
  • #tOSUOLINEMVP – Adam – Mewhort; Archie – Mewhort; Finkes – Lindsley
  • #tOSUDLINEMVP – Adam – Bosa; Archie – Bosa; Finkes – Spence
  • #tOSUNEWCOMER – Adam – Bosa; Archie – Bosa; Finkes – Bosa
  • #tOSUUNSUNG – Adam – Kenny G; Archie – Heuerman; Finkes – Elflein
  • #tOSUFUTURE – Adam – Elliott ; Archie – Wilson; Finkes – Elliot/Bell

Roy Hall

  • roy#tOSUOMVP  – Carlos Hyde – He’s a truck! How could you not give it to him. Plus I don’t want to get run over like the majority of all B1G defenders!
  • #tOSUDMVP  – Ryan Shazier – A great player on the field and even better person off! I pray he gets drafted in the top 15!
  • #tOSUSTMVP  – Dontre Wilson – Didn’t have as many huge returns as you’d like to see but he made other teams think twice about kicking off to him.
  • #tOSUOLINEMVP  – Jack Mewhort – ANIMAL! BEAST! LION! King Kong! Whatever name you want to give him it’s deserving!
  • #tOSUDLINEMVP  – Noah Spence – Made that #8 look good. Sacks, TFL…he’s a backfield disrupting bull-dozer!
  • #tOSUNEWCOMER  – Joey Bosa – All he did was come into every QB’s dorm room in the B1G and eat there snacks, take their dinner and made them apologize to him for not delivering it! Beast!
  • #tOSUUNSUNG  - Jeff Huererman – Huge plays down the seem when we needed them. Will be a big weapon for OSU next year.
  • #tOSUFUTURE  – Braxton Miller as long as he’s here!

Mekka Don

  • mekka#tOSUOMVP  – Carlos Hyde – one of the best RBs to ever come through OSU
  • #tOSUDMVP  – Ryan Shazier – he’s still making tackles as we speak
  • #tOSUSTMVP - Cameron Johnston – didn’t need him a lot but when we did he was effective
  • #tOSUOLINEMVP - Jack Mewhort – pancakes always taste good
  • #tOSUDLINEMVP - Noah Spence
  • #tOSUNEWCOMER – Joey Bosa – BEAST
  • #tOSUUNSUNG - Braxton Miller – I think people got so used to his amazing plays that they took him for granted. He left us with so many sensational moments.
  • #tOSUFUTURE – Ezekiel Elliott – will be next in line of great OSU backs! Read More

tBBC’s Buckeye Resolutions, 2014

Written January 1st, 2014 by MaliBuckeye

Amidst all of the revelry from last night (hoops win, amazing bowl game, good news from All American practices, traditional end of year festivities), we asked the staff to come up with some resolutions that members of the Ohio State football and basketball programs should adapt for 2014. Just for giggles, we’ve added a “wild card” where people could either make another “suggestion” or publicly announce one of their own.

Let’s see what they came up with:

Legend In The Making

Buckeye Football

  • I, Curtis Grant, do hereby resolve to live up to the reputation that preceded my arrival at THE Ohio State University. I will step into the limelight and make sure people don’t miss Ryan Shazier next season.
  • “I, Urban Meyer, do hereby resolve to maintain a healthy perspective and work-life balance in order to keep from getting burned out while starting a new winning streak.”
  • “I, Luke Fickell, do hereby resolve to spend the off-season getting my head out of my tuchas and learning how to coach defense”.
  • “I, Bryce Haynes, do hereby resolve to become the first longsnapper to win the Heisman trophy, even though I’ll have less than three snaps on punts the entire 2014 season.”
  • “I, Braxton Miller, do hereby resolve to spend the off-season learning how to actually ‘read’ the zone-read play for 2014″.
  • “I, Joey Bosa, do hereby resolve to build on my freshman season and spend the off-season becoming the best defensive tackle in college football.”
  • “We, the running backs remaining at The Ohio State University, resolve to spend this spring and summer training and working as hard as possible and then even harder to replace Carlos Hyde and ensure the position is a massive strength and loaded with depth in 2014″. Read More

Wednesday Night Rumble: We Will Endure

Written December 11th, 2013 by Jason

We have a lot to discuss. No sense in wasting time with a long introduction, let’s get right down to it. It’s Wednesday, let’s rumble!

Big Ten Championship game

Ryan Shazier and Adolphus Washington after the Big Ten Championship game

Ryan Shazier and Adolphus Washington after the Big Ten Championship game

I’m sitting here putting this together and still can’t belive the Buckeyes lost and the way in which it happened. I knew the Spartan defense was good, I just didn’t realize how physical they were. I knew the Silver Bullet defense was much maligned, essentially, all season but they’ve held on long enough to claim wins. Maybe the biggest shocker was that I didn’t think the Spartan offense was good enough to wear them out the Buckeye defense like they did.

Charles Davis pointed out in the late stages of the third quarter that the Buckeye defense, most notably the front four, were giving away all the tell-tale signs of a team getting gassed and worn out. I tried to deny it and hope Davis was wrong, but by the middle portions of the fourth quarter it was apparent that Joey Bosa, Noah Spence, Adolphus Washington and Michael Bennett were clearly running on fumes. As a result, Spartan quarterback Connor Cook suddenly had plenty of time to find his receivers and make solid throws.

Even when the Buckeyes brought a linebacker or defensive back on a blitz it was to no avail as the Spartans didn’t have to double team anyone up front and could dedicate a guard or tackle to taking on the blitzer. It was frustrating and discouraging. If there is a strength on the Buckeye defense it is the front four. They got beat on Saturday night. Read More

Wednesday Night Rumble: Winds of Change

Written November 20th, 2013 by Jason

The polls are changing. A win at Illinois that left Buckeye Nation questioning everything. Saturday night brought us the end of the Stanford story. We’ll round up all the mass hysteria and make sense of it. It’s Wednesday, let’s rumble!

Bye week hangover

Despite racking up 60 points and Carlos Hyde having a career day on the ground, the general consensus nationally was that the Buckeyes somehow “escaped” in their battle with the Illini. I’ll be the first to admit that this was clearly not the best performance we have seen from the Buckeyes in 2013, but it was hardly if ever in doubt. Oh, and they put up 60 points.

Carlos Hyde... grown man.

Carlos Hyde… grown man.

There were a lot of factors in play working against the good guys on Saturday.

Out due to injury, Joshua Perry and Curtis Grant left a gaping hole in the linebacker group. Joey Bosa’s injury took another starter off the field for the Silver Bullets.

Offensively things never seemed to click as timing was off and Braxton Miller seemed to get out of sorts in the middle stages of the game. He was also getting hit hard by the Illini defense, once illegally. Jack Mewhort missed some time during those same middle portions of the game while they looked at a tweak in his knee.

You can’t discount the mood in general, either. The stadium was half full, giving it an almost sleepy feel from the start. I hear you, that shouldn’t matter. But add in that they were near 30 point favorites who are still kids that read their own hype, mix in a week layoff and it is a ripe situation for a letdown. I think it became obvious when they went up 28-0 early that the foot came directly off the gas pedal and the machine was switched into cruise control.  Read More

Silver Bullet Points Turns To The Skies

Written October 17th, 2013 by MaliBuckeye

I apologize. I googled “songs about Iowa” and this came up.  Yeah, it’s pretty much what you’d expect. Here’s a palate cleanser… also from Iowa.

Don’t Bring A Bow To A Gun Fight

Buckeye 411

  • Injury Update- Tommy Schutt is indeed back in the rotation, and Jordan Hall is healthy enough to see time on special teams.  One interesting note from Wednesday Afternoon- Braxton said that his knee is getting better, but still creates some problems for him when he cuts; he doesn’t feel 100% as of yet. Clair was right on Tuesday!
  • Getting Wrinkly- Coach Meyer talked about Ohio State unleashing some new wrinkles on offense after the bye week. My current status? Giddy.
  • Get A Grip- Braxton addressed the “fumblitis” from Northwestern, and talked about the efforts he’s made over the past week to protect the ball and keep it closer to his body. The coaching staff even had him holding it during stretching to get the point.
  • Hyde, If You Dare- Carlos seemed more than a little excited in Wednesday’s interviews, saying that he was finally “100% back”, and looked forward to the remaining games of the season. Coach Meyer highlighted his leadership since his return, and said that Iowa’s description of Hyde being a “beast” was cool.
  • Trench Warfare- Iowa’s defense hasn’t given up a rushing touchdown, while Ohio State’s offensive line is a strength of the team. It’ll be a game that will make Woody proud, and one that Cory Linsley highlighted as something that the front was really looking forward to.
  • Secondary Matters- Pittsburgh Brown talked about the need to be smart against play action when facing the Hawkeyes, as well as opened up about the defensive back’s communication improvements since some of the errors during the Wisconsin game.
  • Like A Bosa- Freshman Joey Bosa is listed as the starter against Iowa, with Adolphus Washington healthy enough to see meaningful time as well. Jason talked earlier about this- what would a “NASCAR” package like some NFL teams have gone to look like for the Buckeyes? Bosa, Washington, Bennett, and… maybe Jamal Marcus?
  • By Oden’s Knees! Buckeye Greg Oden is trying another comeback, this time with the Miami Heat. Bad news, though- the Heat, who are monitoring his knees on a daily basis, have held him out of practice with some slight swelling. Hopefully, their proactive efforts will help Greg finally get his time in the spotlight.
  • This Week In Silverman- Great reminder from the graphic design wizard at Ohio State: Read More

Silver Bullet Points Considers The Impact

Written October 10th, 2013 by MaliBuckeye

You’d think I’d choose the obvious for today’s soundtrack, and you’d be wrong, mister.  Here’s the tune of the week- Yeaaaaaaah!

Just Stare At This Until Next Saturday

Buckeye 411

  • Injury Updates- Tommy Schutt is expected back against Iowa; Adolphus Washington is dinged, but will be fine in two weeks as well. Jordan Hall has what was described as a “joint issue” in his knee.
  • Meaningful Awards- Ohio State had three players named B1G “…Of The Week” against Northwestern. Carlos Hyde was the 4th consecutive Buckeye to get “Offensive Player”, Joey Bosa was “Freshman”, and Bradley Roby won the “Special Teams” honors.  Celebrate appropriately in ways sanctioned by and approved through the compliance office, fellers! W00t!
  • Secondary First- At least, that’s where they sit on Coach Meyer’s “List of things that need fixed immediately”, according to his comments on this week’s B1G teleconference.  And you get the sense that it transcends Christian Bryant’s injury- a unit that was supposed to help carry the defense has shown itself to be the Achilles Heel thus far into the season, particularly in regards to open-field tackling.  This week’s bye couldn’t have come at a better time.
  • Schedule Woes- Two of my favorite Buckeye writers (and yours, too!) talked about the Ohio State schedule and the challenges that it creates if you look down the road at a possible BCS Title shot.  And by “challenges”, I mean it like “Brady Hoke has challenges managing his belt sizes”.  It ain’t gonna’ be pretty… even the Wall Street Journal has noticed.

Tony Gerdeman started things off wondering why the narrative against Ohio State’s strength of schedule had started so early, particularly when that wasn’t the case for other schools in the past. Hell, ESPN created the “Let Boise State Play!” narrative to counter the BCS “bad guys”, and now they seem to be denigrating a team on an 18 game winning streak.

Gerd points out something that Ramzy Nasrallah highlights as well- the Buckeyes are damned if they do and damned if they don’t- Beating Wisconsin/Northwestern soundly makes the conference look bad, winning close games makes Ohio State look bad. Nice of our old friend confirmation bias to show up before the holiday season.

Ramzy goes on to point out that paying attention to things outside of Ohio State’s ability to control is pointless, and that fans should enjoy every moment as they follow their team. What people outside of the program think is not only beyond your ability to adapt, it also shouldn’t matter.

Rumblin, Stumblin, Bumblin: Whiskey Eve

Written September 27th, 2013 by WVaBuckeye
Leopard chasing a Gazelle and a Zebra got in the way

Hyena chasing a Gazelle and a Zebra got in the way


If there’s one thing that has been a hot topic all this past week with regards to the Ohio State offense, it has been the fact that they scored 76 points on a highly inferior opponent in FAMU. At one point in the first half it was pretty obvious that the Buckeyes could have done anything they wanted to, and did as Kenny G set a new single game record of 6 TD passes ….all in the first half.


There are two theories that were being argued. First, why were the Buckeyes playing FAMU and second, why run up the score?

Ohio State continues to make efforts to improve their non-conference schedule. It’s a process that can’t get done overnight. With the playoff system right around the corner though, the athletic department will do what it can to make the proper changes to the schedule.

Their fate at the end of every season after this year could depend on it.

Secondly, running up the score pays dividends in huge ways for the team. You get to see the future unfold with a game from freshman Ezekiel Elliot, who found his way into the record books Saturday. It’s also an opportunity for a lot of walk-ons to do everything they can to secure some type of playing time throughout the rest of the season.

My favorite part of the team rumblin’ last week was the effort put forth by the coaching staff to keep them engaged past the first quarter. The Buckeyes are scoring early and often and we have seen it drop off considerably after the first fifteen minutes. They kept the intensity up on both sides of the ball and really sent a message that it didn’t matter who they were playing, they were keeping the foot on the proverbial throat.

Read More

tBBC Radio Hour: Wisconsin Preview

Written September 25th, 2013 by Joe Dexter

You know it’s hate week when we are dropping F-bombs and wishing everything but the best to our opponent. And that my friends, is what this week’s episode of the Radio Hour is all about!tbbc Radio Hour itunes

With Wisconsin on the mind, there was only one person to bring in to remind us of the hatred we have for Bucky. It was great to have my main man, Eric back on the show to break down Saturday’s showdown with #24 Wisconsin.

Eric is the Rodney Dangerfield of the site. Cause that dude’s got no respect — no respect for the Badgers. Eric and I look at Saturday night’s game from an Ohio State perspective and also break down the latest from the department of Idiocy.

Better known as the NCAA.

Eric and I discuss OSU’s defense against the run, the “QB controversy,” whether Wisconsin is a true rival, Urban Meyers’ “King of the Big Ten” comments and much much more.

And could Urban’s horses run with two QBs on the field Saturday? Eric shares his thoughts on the possibility.

We then get the Wisconsin viewpoint from Bleacher Report’s Andy Coppens.  Coppens breaks it down Badger style (that’s a scary visual image) and gives us his thoughts on the three headed rushing attack, Joel Stave’s wonderment and the best defense in the B1G. Thanks to Andy and the staff at Mad Town Badgers for the great collaboration over the week. You can also find Andy’s work on the Big Ten over at Bleacher Report’s B1g Blog.

And finally, we get the view of a Wisconsin fan’s daydream during hate week. You’re not going to want to miss this!

Thanks for listening in this week and of course, you can always find us on Itunes!