Buckeyes Smoke Nittany Lions 63-14

Written October 26th, 2013 by Eric
Corey "Pittsburgh" Brown's interception on Penn State's opening possession set the tone for the game.

Corey “Pittsburgh” Brown’s interception on Penn State’s opening possession set the tone for the game.

Ohio State and Penn State met for the 29th time in their illustrious histories. The game was anything but illustrious for Penn State, who found themselves on the wrong end of a 63-14 beatdown that extended OSU’s winning streak to 20 wins. Braxton Miller had a spectacular day in all phases of the game today: he threw 18/24 for 252 yards and three touchdowns, while running 11 times for 68 yards and 2 touchdowns. Penn State quarterback Christian Hackenberg had a very pedestrian day throwing 23 passes for only 12 completions, 112 yards, a touchdown and two interceptions.

Carlos Hyde continued to dominate on the ground, dropping 147 yards and 2 touchdowns on 16 carries. Devin Smith’s 5 receptions for 50 yards led the Buckeyes in the air, while Corey “Philly” Brown continued his solid play with 4 receptions for 67 yards and a touchdown. For Penn State, Bill Belton picked up 98 yards on 22 carries, while Allen Robinson picked up 9 receptions for 99 yards.

Ohio State started with the ball and immediately began to attack the edges of the Penn State defense. Braxton Miller threw three straight passes in the flat spread around to Carlos Hyde and Evan Spencer in an obvious attempt to exploit a weakness in the PSU defense. The strategy netted nearly 10 yards per play and quickly moved the Buckeyes down the field, setting up a long pass play to a wide open Devin Smith that came within a half yard of scoring. It was no big deal for Carlos Hyde to power the ball into the endzone to give the Buckeyes the first points of the day.

Bill O’Brien’s offense immediately came to work on the next possession. Using a balanced attack of throwing and running, the Nittany Lions moved the ball 64 yards into the redzone. OSU’s defense looked as if they were already back on their heels and that it was only a matter of time for a PSU score. However, PSU QB Christian Hackenberg tossed a pass to the endzone that was underthrown. Corey “Pittsburgh” Brown reached up and intercepted the pass in the endzone for a touchback.

The Penn State defense stood tall following the turnover. They caught Braxton in the backfield on first down after a bad zone-read play. That eventually led to a third and 16 that saw Braxton scramble out for a 12 yard gain. Things weren’t much more successful on the other end of the field for the PSU offense. The Buckeye defense stiffened enough to force a three and out of their own.
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Ohio State Overpowers Iowa 34-24

Written October 19th, 2013 by Eric
Corey "Philly" Brown took a 58 yard pass into the endzone for the Buckeyes first Touchdown.

Corey “Philly” Brown took a 58 yard pass into the endzone for the Buckeyes first Touchdown.

The Iowa Hawkeyes (4-2, 1-1) came calling to Columbus Ohio to take on the Buckeyes (6-0, 2-0), and they came with a fight in them.  Both teams traded body blows on the way to a 34-24 final score. Braxton Miller led the way with his passing game, throwing 22-27 for 222 yards and 2 touchdowns while running 18 times for 102 yards. His counterpart, Jake Rudock, connected on 19-34 for 245 yards and 3 touchdowns with an interception.

The real difference was in the running game, as Carlos Hyde again put together a powerful performance. His 24 carries for 149 yards was a continuation of his great game in Northwestern. To it he added the first two running touchdowns scored against Iowa this season. In the passing game, Devin Smith and Corey “Philly” Brown each scored a touchdown and put up 72 yards a piece. Iowa’s key playmakers included RB Damon Bullock (10 carries, 55 yards), RB Mark Weisman (10 carries, 52 yards), and TE Jake Duzey (6 receptions, 138 yards, 1 touchdown).

Starting with the ball first, the Hawkeyes struck fast. They followed excellent blocking through the first few plays, gaining most of their yardage on the ground against the #6 rushing defense in the nation. Once the Buckeyes were forced to commit against the run, they began to strike in the usual soft spot in the zone on the left side. Ultimately, Iowa dinked and dunked their way to the endzone, taking everything the Buckeyes were giving them all the way to a touchdown.

The defense, despite having had a bye week to work on their weaknesses, looked particularly unable to counter what Iowa was throwing at them early. The linebackers, already a weak spot in the defense, looked out of position most of the drive. The secondary continued to give up intermediate yardage plays without a fight. It was obvious Iowa had studied the game film and new that all they needed was to get solid blocks against OSU’s line. After that, everything else would take care of itself.

OSU wasn’t the only team with a great run defense, but the Buckeyes didn’t appear too worried about it. The Buckeyes came out an excecuted their offense their way. Both Carlos Hyde and Braxton Miller found plenty of running room and, along with a solid short passing game, worked the Buckeyes down to the 10 yard line with little difficulty. Iowa’s defense stiffened at the last minute and knocked down a sure touchdown pass at the line, forcing the Buckeyes to take the field goal.
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Inside Ohio State: Urban Meyer on Iowa

Written October 18th, 2013 by MaliBuckeye

After a bye week, here’s a look at the Iowa game from the folks at Campus Insiders.

Ohio State’s head coach talks “strength-vs-strength” as the Ohio State running attack faces a Hawkeye team that hasn’t given up a rushing score all season.:

tBBC Bye Week: RSB and #tBBCFansInteract

Written October 11th, 2013 by WVaBuckeye

If a bye week has taught me anything, it’s that I actually pay more attention to my work when we have one! I’m taking the opportunity to combine Rumblin, Stumblin, Bumblin with #tBBCFansInteract this week due to no special guest. Busy lives take away from peoples fun time and I cannot blame them for that. Let’s get started with the fans interaction from the Nerdwestern game which will play right into my Rumblin this week.

Carried the load all night long

Carried the load all night long


@wvabuckeye - is the spot by head linesman on that play. Had a great look and came in. He knew they didn’t because of Shazier

@DaveEggen40 - braxton finding philly, especially after how he started

@RealBuckIGuy - Hyde.

@The_BBC - Huge stop on 4th and short AND Brax scramble pass to Philly

@Derek2k3 – Hyde

@ErictBBC - Carlos Hyde reach TD

@BleedinBuckeyes – Offense overall

@ConquestNorman – Grant INT


@osumarchingmom - A no brainer…Carlos Hyde.

@wvabuckeye – Hyde

@The_BBC = Carlos Hyde

@Derek2k3 – Hyde

@DaveEggen40 – Carlos Hyde

@ErictBBC – Carlos Hyde

@BleedinBuckeyes – Hyde

@ConquestNorman – Hyde


@The_BBC – Joey Bosa

@wvabuckeye – Doran Grant

@DaveEggen40 – Michael Bennett

@Derek2k3 – Doran Grant

@ErictBBC – Doran Grant

@BleedinBuckeyes – Grant

@ConquestNorman – no defensive MVP, what the $%&$ was that?! Read More

Silver Bullet Points Considers The Impact

Written October 10th, 2013 by MaliBuckeye

You’d think I’d choose the obvious for today’s soundtrack, and you’d be wrong, mister.  Here’s the tune of the week- Yeaaaaaaah!

Just Stare At This Until Next Saturday

Buckeye 411

  • Injury Updates- Tommy Schutt is expected back against Iowa; Adolphus Washington is dinged, but will be fine in two weeks as well. Jordan Hall has what was described as a “joint issue” in his knee.
  • Meaningful Awards- Ohio State had three players named B1G “…Of The Week” against Northwestern. Carlos Hyde was the 4th consecutive Buckeye to get “Offensive Player”, Joey Bosa was “Freshman”, and Bradley Roby won the “Special Teams” honors.  Celebrate appropriately in ways sanctioned by and approved through the compliance office, fellers! W00t!
  • Secondary First- At least, that’s where they sit on Coach Meyer’s “List of things that need fixed immediately”, according to his comments on this week’s B1G teleconference.  And you get the sense that it transcends Christian Bryant’s injury- a unit that was supposed to help carry the defense has shown itself to be the Achilles Heel thus far into the season, particularly in regards to open-field tackling.  This week’s bye couldn’t have come at a better time.
  • Schedule Woes- Two of my favorite Buckeye writers (and yours, too!) talked about the Ohio State schedule and the challenges that it creates if you look down the road at a possible BCS Title shot.  And by “challenges”, I mean it like “Brady Hoke has challenges managing his belt sizes”.  It ain’t gonna’ be pretty… even the Wall Street Journal has noticed.

Tony Gerdeman started things off wondering why the narrative against Ohio State’s strength of schedule had started so early, particularly when that wasn’t the case for other schools in the past. Hell, ESPN created the “Let Boise State Play!” narrative to counter the BCS “bad guys”, and now they seem to be denigrating a team on an 18 game winning streak.

Gerd points out something that Ramzy Nasrallah highlights as well- the Buckeyes are damned if they do and damned if they don’t- Beating Wisconsin/Northwestern soundly makes the conference look bad, winning close games makes Ohio State look bad. Nice of our old friend confirmation bias to show up before the holiday season.

Ramzy goes on to point out that paying attention to things outside of Ohio State’s ability to control is pointless, and that fans should enjoy every moment as they follow their team. What people outside of the program think is not only beyond your ability to adapt, it also shouldn’t matter.

Weekend Wonderings

Written October 6th, 2013 by Ken

thinkerWelcome to the latest edition of Weekend Wonderings. Take a minute, grab whatever you drink on a Sunday afternoon and let’s carry on. This will provide a nice break from lawn work for you.

The James/Wexner

As mentioned last couple of weeks, there is more effort given to MicroRNA in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. We’re at it again, with what I think is a great announcement; Ohio State is partnering with Micro Bio, Inc. This partnership licenses nearly 100 issued and pending microRNA patents.

 The Ohio State University today announced the signing of an exclusive world-wide agreement with Microlin Bio Inc., licensing a large portfolio of Ohio State’s groundbreaking cancer discoveries. The portfolio includes nearly 100 issued and pending microRNA patents that could lead to entirely new, more effective and more targeted ways to diagnose and treat prostate, ovarian, colon and lung cancers. Additionally, Microlin Bio Inc. has licensed a novel nucleic acid delivery technology to deliver these transformational therapies to cancer cells.

I’m actually glad to see the commercialization of OSU’s research. This arrangement gets the patent information into the hands of an entity that can, hopefully, take this work and “bring it to market” where the OSU results can be use for diagnosis and treatment. Similarly, Roswell Park Cancer Institute (RPCI) in Buffalo has licensed/spun off various research into commercial endeavors to get their research to market. Ohio State will also have an equity position in Microlin Bio Inc.

“Our goal is to support the researchers at Ohio State in the commercialization process,” says Erin Bender, associate director of Ohio State’s Technology Commercialization Office, whose team worked on the license deal. “We believe that the licensing of these technologies will transform the care of cancer patients in Ohio and throughout the world.”

I think it is interesting that OSU will take an equity position in this venture. I’m speculating, since I don’t know the deal details, but it seems that OSU, in addition to receiving financial licensing benefits,  will have a significant say in the development of their work. I like this business model. It’ll be good for OSU and it will be good for the medical community.

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Carlos Hyde was one of the key differences in this game.

Carlos Hyde was one of the key differences in this game.

Ohio State travelled to Evanston to face Northwestern for the first time since 2008. While the previous 4 meetings ended with an average score of (51.25 – 8.5), this one seriously broke the trend with the teams posting a 40-30 final. Braxton Miller struggled tonight with 3 turnovers, 2 fumbles and a pick, but threw 15/26 for 203 yards and ran 15 times for 68 yards. Northwestern ran a quarterback by committee with Kain Colter and Trevor Siemian who combined for 24/29 passing for 350 yards 2 touchdowns and an interception. Kain Colter was amazing tonight connecting on all 11 of his passes.

Carlos Hyde was your player of the game for the night. Where the Buckeye offense was struggling, Carlos powered 26 carries for 169 yards and three touchdowns, and 4 catches for 38 yards. In the passing game, Corey “Philly” Brown grabbed 6 passes for 127 yards. Northwestern’s Venric Mark carried 17 times for 60 yards, and caught 4 passes for 57 yards, while Rashad Lawrence received 8 passes for 147 yards.

For the first time this season Ohio State began the game with the ball, and they certainly didn’t waste any time. The offense came out of the gate fast and carved up the Northwestern secondary. Braxton Miller hit 4 straight passes to the left side of the field to rapidly bring the Buckeyes inside the red zone. A fifth pass to Evan Spencer on the right side didn’t gain much, and caused the Buckeyes to switch to the run – a mistake with the defensive look the Wildcats were presenting. The drive resulted in a short field goal after a near interception on third down.

Things looked similarly easy for the Wildcats in the early parts of their drive. A screen pass to Venric Mark, and a nice toss to the sideline found soft spots in the OSU coverage and gained the Wildcats decent yardage. But the Buckeye defense stiffened and forced a punt once Northwestern had made mid-field.

The Buckeyes switched strategies on the second drive. Their first play saw Hyde run straight up the gut with some fantastic blocking from the line for 10 yards. It was the second play that things took a turn for the worst. Braxton Miller ran a zone read with Carlos Hyde. The d-lineman looked to follow Hyde, causing Miller to pull the ball down. As he did, the lineman reached out and knocked the ball out of Miller’s grasp. No-one was around to scoop up the football except for players in the purple and black. Northwesterns offense took immediate advantage of the great field position, dropping a touchdown pass from 9 yards out to Kain Colter who ran as a receiver on the play.
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What Do You Want To See On Saturday? Northwestern

Written October 4th, 2013 by Gary Russell II

A trip to Evanston to face the Wildcats brings us another night game and brings another week of our experts’ wishes.

By Air?


  1. Throw the Football - If there is a weakness on this Northwestern team, it’s on the pass defense. The Ohio State offense has to take advantage by chucking the pill and creating big plays in the passing attack
  2. The H-Back - That’s what we are calling it these days right? OC Tom Herman admitted he didn’t get Jordan Hall into last week’s game because he fell back on old play-calling. There’s a need for speed Saturday, I would love to see these guys involved on the edge with Jet sweeps and the liek
  3. A Fast Start - Mali has a point with his desire of a Four Quarters game, but Ohio State also has to do what they do best this season — jump on the back of the opponent early. OSU has outscored opponents 116-21 in the first quarter this season.
  4. Brax Attack - This is the game where Braxton Miller could and should put his name back into the Heisman talks. Last week was a strong showing back. With a solid 4th quarter, I’d love to see #5 propel himself back into the NPOY talks.
  5. Safety Concerns - There is no doubt this team will miss leader and senior Christian Bryant. A true leader in this program. Corey “Pitt” Brown will be called upon to fill his voice at safety. I would love to see Brown fit right in back there and make a great running mate with C.J. Barnett. Tyvus Powell, the nickel corner also could see time at safety. I’m looking for both men to show the fan base what they bring to the table.
  6. Keep The Streak Alive - Winning is the name of the game and two streaks are on the line. Let’s extend the NW winning streak to five straight and 29 of the last 30 and the Overall winning streak to 18!
  1. Spread ‘em – I wanna see the spread offense really spread. We have all this speed. Lets go wide and turn the corner. 
  2. Kenny G. - Get him in for a few snaps.
  3. Silencer – Take crowd out of game early.
  4. Say What? – Tight end dive pass.


  1. No False Starts - I understand that Wisconsin was simulating the snap with claps and whatnot… control the hostile environment and own the game.
  2. Four Quarters - Ohio State gets off to a fast start… let’s sustain it for an entire game. Read More