Are You Not Entertained? The Game

Written December 2nd, 2013 by Gary Russell II

Well, TTUN threw all their best “punches” at the Buckeyes but still couldn’t put a blemish on the Buckeyes resume.  Let’s see if our wishes were able to roll with the “punches”!

Photo Courtesy of Josh Winslow

  1. Carlos Hyde - Needs 134 yards to reach the 1,200 yard mark. Do it.  226 yards definitely put him over the 1,200 yard mark!
  2. Defense - TTUN has been held to < 200 yards total offense 2 of last 3 games. Make it 3 of 4.  Not even close on this one since they allowed 603 yards!
  3. Takeaways - 2; Any combination of interception/fumble.  Just one….but it lead to 7 for the Bucks!
  4. No Injuries – No injuries but Marcus Hall and Dontre Wilson made early exits with their ejections. 
  5. A Win – Oh Yeay Baby!
  1. Silver Bullets - Crush their run game, make Gardner scared to take a snap, break their spirit.  152 yards rushing and 451 yards passing allowed is hardly breaking anyone’s spirits.
  2. El Guapo - Monster truck – That truck destroyed scUM all day!
  3. Points – And lots of them. Mercy is for the week. Time to put these people firmly in their place.  42 and they needed everyone of them!
  4. No Punts - Simple enough.  Sorry….3 punts in all!
  5. Take it to the House – Special teams or a defensive touchdown. I’d prefer one of each.  Neither one came through!
  1. A Fast Start - Take the crowd out of it early.  Not getting the lead until the second half is not what you had in mind for fast!
  2. Hit Gardner - He has taken lots of hits this season, continue that and make him worry about protecting himself.  May not of registered a lot of sacks but they definitely roughed him up!
  3. No Rushing Allowed - In losses to MSU and Nebraska M*ch*g*n was held to negative yards on the ground, let’s do that.  Again…152 yards!
  4. No Turnovers  Wrong again!
  5. No Injuries – Again…ejections but Pat Elflein stepped up BIG time!
  6. TBDBITL Being Amazing – Force the crowd to acknowledge that they got beat at halftime too.  Aren’t they always awesome?

Are You Not Entertained? Iowa

Written October 21st, 2013 by Gary Russell II

The Buckeyes survived a scare from Iowa in a 34-24 victory, but did our wishes survive?

  1. Run Stopper - Iowa averages >200 yards rushing per game, 104 by Mark Weisman. We need to commit to shutting down Iowa’s running game. Because.. 130 yards total and Weisman held to 52
  2. Hello Secondary - Iowa’s sophomore QB, Jake Rudock is capable (200 YPG) but is also capable of throwing interceptions (1 per game). We need to force him to throw and make the ensuing mistakes. I wan to see him up to 40-45 attempts on Saturday afternoon. You nailed this one Ken…..245 yards total and an interception.
  3. A Special Score - A Special teams and/or defensive TD. I would prefer both, but will take either/or. Not this time Ken. 
  4. No injuries – Another good game from an injury perpsective
  5. A Win – Scary….but we got it.
  6. Suckers - Buckeyes to run a fake punt. Hawkeyes are sucker for it. Hard to fake one when you never lined up for one.
  1. No Passing Allowed -  Fewer than 200 passing yards allowed. Sorry….245 yards for Rudock.
  2. Spread ‘em -  lets see the offense spread, like Urban promised.  Still think we are witing on this one. 
  3. Zero punts – I thought this was a long shot but you got this one right Scott!
  4. Zero field goals – Not so good on this one though..
  5. The G-Man - Kenny G – Still not hearing the music.
  1. Improved pass defense -  Although Iowa doesn’t pose a great threat through the air, I want to see improvement for when Mr Hackenburg and Mr Robinson some a calling in two weeks. – Bye week didn’t seem to help our pass defense.
  2. Passion - Braxton play with some passion and fire. He seemed uninspired to say the least in the first half at Northwestern.  Zero turnovers and better reads is a must.Definitely a better Braxton.  324 all-purpose yards and zero turnovers. 
  3. The Horse - Carlos Hyde about 20 times. I’d love to see the numbers if El Guapo had played the first 3 weeks of the season.  24 rushes for 149 yards! Love that horse!
  4. A Blowout -  The Bucks need one. It’s time to start getting these “style points”.  The only style here was an ugly style. Read More

Are You Not Entertained? Buffalo

Written September 2nd, 2013 by Gary Russell II

After the Bucks handled the Bulls 40-20 on Saturday, let’s see how many of our staff’s wishes came true. As always, thanks to Josh Winslow for the great photos!


  1. Juice - They definitely came out of the box this week with “The Juice”, however quarters 2, 3, and 4 I’m still wondering about.
  2. Front Seven - I’m not sure that the play of the Front Seven was enough to keep the B1G Offensive Coordinators awake at night but I think 90 total yards rushing and a sack is a good start.
  3. Special Teams - Two Muddle Huddles and two 2-point conversions…..enough said.
  4. That One Thing - No false starts… have they exorcised The Shugarts?


  1. No injuries – Mostly just cramps.
  2. Offensively, crisp execution with running and passing games – Running game was nice throughout the game but the passing game after quarter one left us scratching our heads
  3. Defensively, fundamentally sound tackling – Starting 9 newbies at defense and it defintiely showed.
  4. A win – A win for sure and, in my opinion, an ok showing for week One. Read More

Picture Pages: Ohio State 2013 Preseason Check In

Written August 4th, 2013 by MaliBuckeye

Well, it’s that time of year again. As you’re reading this, the 2013 edition of the Scarlet and Gray are donning practice gear and headed out to battle… well, at least the rookies are, that is.

Last night was Hotel Check In, and while it was a less extravagant event than in the past, Josh Winslow was still able to get some candid shots of the Buckeyes getting ready to launch the season. Be aware that, due to changes in the process, not everyone came in at the same time or via the media-friendly entrance.

His full gallery is a “must view” as we get closer to kickoff, but here are some shots/players that stood out:

The calm before the storm

Ron Swanson wishes he had that beard

Read More

Are You Not Entertained? Spring Game 2013

Written April 14th, 2013 by MaliBuckeye

Great game, great venue and it was just good to see the Scarlet and Gray back on the football field again this Saturday.

Granted, we didn’t really “learn” much in this practice with a scoreboard, but there were some things that stood out. We’ll continue to talk more about this in the coming days, but I’m excited about the pistol formation that we saw throughout the scrimmage… yet another angle to attack and destroy.

We all identified things that we were looking for- let’s see how our folks did. We’ll be using my elaborate and completely subjective scoring system which awards as follows: 2 points for a correct answer, 1 point for a partial, mockery for everything else.

Thanks again to our friend Josh Winslow for his great photo coverage!

What player scores the first points of the game? Correct Answer: Braxton to Smith

  • WVa: Braxton Miller on a long run.  0 points
  • Ken: Devin Smith on a long pass play from The Brax 2 points
  • Jason: Rod Smith. 0 points
  • Janelle: Devin Smith on a deep ball from Braxton 2 points
  • Eric: I’ll go with Michael Thomas on a nice Brax pass. 1 point
  • Dexter: I’m going to go with Evan Spencer from Braxton Miller. 1 point
  • Charles/Mali: Drew Basil 0 points for both

Who’s the offensive MVP? Correct Answer: Braxton Miller Read More

Shots From St. John: Celebrating Perfection

Written December 8th, 2012 by Janelle

Courtesy of @OhSuzannah

Chills were running down my spine as TBDBITL marched into St. John Arena on Friday night for our Celebration of Perfection.  As I looked around at my Buckeye family decked out in their scarlet & gray while singing “Across the Field” at the top of their lungs, all I could think was, “I am so proud to be an Ohio State Buckeye.”

Buckeye Swag

Because I am a member of Block “O,” I had the luxury of sitting in the first row behind the stage and therefore, had a great view of all the evening’s festivities. And lucky for us, Coach Meyer and the team walked right past us to get to their seats, giving us high-fives and smiling at us as we cheered.

Greeting Buckeye Nation

It was in that moment, when the team was standing in front of us, when the entire arena was giving them a standing ovation, that I realized it really doesn’t get any better than this…being among my friends, cheering on this team once again, as we did for all 12 games this season.  I love being a student here. Transferring to Ohio State was honestly the best decision I ever made. Getting to see this team go 12-0 this year will be something I will never forget. And celebrating their success tonight is also something I won’t forget.

Raising The Banner

Over the past couple of years, Ohio State football has sent Buckeye Nation on somewhat of a roller coaster of emotions, but Coach Meyer and this team, in particular, the seniors, have turned the tide, and it has been a pleasure to watch.  Seeing them hoist their Leaders Division Championship trophy tonight was a great moment.

Raising The Trophy

No, they didn’t get to go to the Big Ten Championship Game.  No, they don’t get to go to a bowl. No, they don’t get the chance to play for a national championship. But you know what? It’s okay. They’re 12-0. They made the great state of Ohio proud. And as Coach Meyer says, this team will be remembered. They’ll be remembered in our minds as champions. As leaders. As legends.* And legends are forever.

Men Of Excellence

It is truly a great day to be a Buckeye. 12-OH!

*no pun intended with the division names*

Silver Bullet Points: Fall Practice- 8.6.12

Written August 6th, 2012 by MaliBuckeye

Another quick update on the state of Ohio State football, following media access on Monday. Huge thanks to our friend Josh Winslow for the photos!

  • Injury Updates- Jacoby Boren practiced today, but no contact. Jordan Hall and Nate Williams were also present, but doing work on the side of the field. Coach Meyer commented that they were right on schedule in terms of rehab. Josh Perry tweaked a hamstring and spent time with the medical staff
  • Doghouse Update- Brionte Dunn practiced, and Coach Meyer said that they were waiting to see how the legal process concluded before making final decisions regarding any punishment. Also, Jake Stoneburner and Jack Mewhort went with the #1 team- Meyer characterized them as “good kids, but stupid.” They will be on scholarship beginning fall semester.
  • MIA- Curtis Grant missed practice, as did Verlon Reed and Pat Elflein. Grant was home in Virginia with his grandfather, who has been ill. No notes on Reed or Ellfein at this time, although Patrick had a cyst removed recently Read More

Meet The Buckeyes: 2011 Media Day Photos

Written August 21st, 2011 by MaliBuckeye

Today was the media and family day in the Horseshoe, and as always Josh Winslow brings us the best photos from the event. While the full gallery is great, here are some photos that really stood out for us:

Thunder and Lightning

A Special Moment

YOU tell him that's a penalty...

Read More

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