Braxton Miller Injury Update

Written October 21st, 2012 by WVaBuckeye

The game with Purdue yesterday was frustrating enough for Buckeye fans even before one of the scariest moment’s I have witnessed happened to a Buckeye player. With :21 seconds left in the third and after a 37 yard run by Miller, he was thrown to the ground by Josh Johnson and laid motionless for a period of time.

Serious worry on the part of staff and Coach Meyer, Thank you Josh Winslow for a GREAT pic

I wasn’t able to attend the game yesterday and perform my Usher duties due to officiating late Friday night, but I can tell you that you could hear a pin drop in the Horseshoe. After they got him off the field they proceeded to take him to the lockerroom on a cart and eventually to the hospital for tests.

Twitter was on fire with tweets from myself asking someone to put a bullseye on #28 to my friend Roy Hall reminding all of us there is more to this than the game.

Roy did a great job with helping fans see the big picture here and went a long way in other tweets to show their faith that Kenny Guiton could get this done. As most fans stayed on twitter and combed through internet stories worrying about Braxton’s status, others took the time to honor Kenny and let him know we were behind him.

As the evening rolled on and information started to come out, people did their best to stay positive about the situation and finally an OSU spokesperson released info that Braxton was “symptom free” and would be released from the hospital soon:

Ohio State quarterback Braxton Miller left the game against Purdue late in the third quarter. He was taken to the Wexner Medical Center, on the campus of The Ohio State University, because of concerns of a possible concussion. He was examined – head, shoulders and neck – and he has been cleared. He is symptom free of all ailments and he is doing fine. He is in the process of being released from the hospital.

There were tweets that he was signing autographs at the hospital and that people could relax now, He even confirmed it late last night.

It’s great that he is okay, and whether or not the Buckeyes lose him for a week as they did wiuth Williams remains to be seen. One thing’s for sure, Kenny Guiton will have some time to enjoy his new found fame. Here’s my favorite that I tweeted yesterday.

On to PSU, Go Bucks!

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