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Jim and Ellen Tressel – Charity King and Queen

Written May 31st, 2012 by WVaBuckeye

The Tressels

Jim Tressel is a great coach and will have a legacy at Ohio State that may be tough to match. From the relationships he forged with his players to the overall record that dominated the college football scene for ten years. He will be a tough act to follow in Scarlet and Gray even for Urban Meyer. One area in Coach Tressel’s life that will go unmatched by anyone is his involvement in charities. It will be difficult for me to honor all of the charities that Coach Tressel and his wife Ellen have been involved in. That is exactly how he felt when he responded to my e-mail asking him to answer some questions.

“Chris – I would not know where to begin to list all the charities that we have been involved with….I think I’ll opt to go with Paul Brown’s advice on your email template… as not to forget someone !!  Happy Memorial Weekend !!   JT”

What he is referring to is one of my favorite quotes. “When you win say nothing. When you lose, say less.”  I am sure that this is a quote he is very familiar with and basically means to let your actions do their speaking for themselves. I had hoped for more out of Coach Tressel but got something that was perfect for what I am writing about. It helped me sit back and reflect on a lot of things that I was considering writing about and all of the charities I was going to try to mention in this article.

I had the opportunity to interview Jennifer McDonald, Senior Director of Development, OSU Comprehensive Cancer Center, James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute. She has spent a lot of time with the Tressel’s with the Tressel Family Fund there and it is the charity they spent a lot of time being involved in for good reason. Read More