The BBC continues its look at bowl season, this time with some appropriate theme music. I feel fine – don’t you?

UCF (9-4, 7-1 CUSA) vs Ball State (9-3, 6-2 MAC)
December 21st, 2012 7:30 PM ET ESPN


The History: Well, this may be the last football game ever played, so you’d better enjoy it while it lasts. This is one of those crazy, new, young-whipper-snapper bowl games that formed in 2008, originally as the magicJack St. Petersburg Bowl. Beef O’Brady’s took over sponsorship the very next season, bringing us to the bowl game we know today. It’s traditionally played between the Big East and Conference USA, but this year the MAC got the nod over the Big East. This is Central Florida’s second visit to St. Petersburg, having lost to Rutgers in 2009 (45-24), giving them the most Beef O’Brady Bowl appearances in history.

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Are You Not Entertained? UCF Edition

Written September 10th, 2012 by Eric

I. Score. Touchdowns.


Passing, passing, more passing. I asked for 50 fewer yards, and the Buckeyes put up 100 fewer yards passing compared to last week. I think we’re moving the wrong direction here.

A sack fest. One sack a fest does not make. In fact, I think the diners at the table are on the verge of starving to death after only three sacks for the last two games. Will they show some hunger next week?

A 100 Yard Game from Carlos Hyde. It’s probably my fault he’s injured. Sorry guys. He ended with 27 yards on 7 carries, and was only just getting things rolling.

Ultra-short laser pulses. UCF didn’t bring the laser along, I’m so disappointed. (Ed. – Yea, right, that would have cost more than bringing the entire football team plus buying all the seats in the stadium, and shuttling UCF students and fans to fill them plus a week’s vacation. Fuggetaboutit)


Plug the gaps. It wasn’t perfect, but it was something. UCF only gained 103 yards on the ground, and their top back only went for 75 on the day. Perfect? No, but it wasn’t exactly easy sledding either.

Seek and Destroy. Hmm…not so much. The linebackers barely had their name called all day, and certainly not in run support.

Should they sneak through. CJ Barnett and Christian Bryant did, in fact, light a few people up. There can be improvement in this regard, but – baby steps. Baby steps.

Lock down. Lock down corners? Try again next week.

Brax-tacular and Mr. Hyde. Well, you got another helping of the Braxton Show, but I’m glad to know I wasn’t the only one placing a curse on Carlos Hyde for the week.

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Ohio State Staves off UCF 31-16

Written September 8th, 2012 by Eric

That could have been a lot prettier.

The Buckeyes played host to George O’Leary’s UCF Knights today in the Horseshoe. Despite Braxton Miller’s impressive performance, the Knights kept fighting their way back into the game only to fall 31-16. Turnovers and big plays were the difference in the game as the Buckeyes scored 14 points off the Knights’ miscues.

Things weren’t as easy as last week, which is a big credit to O’Leary for preparing his kids to play. The UCF running game found lots of space to move the football, and it was well balanced by the passing game. The Buckeyes, on the other hand, focused on their running game for the most part, throwing on only about one third of the total possessions. In particular, Braxton Miller ran for 27 carries, a week after Urban Meyer was quoted as saying that 17 carries were too many.

Like Tim put together for us last week, here are the positives and negatives to take away from this game.

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BBN LiveBlog: UCF Knights

Written September 8th, 2012 by Eric

It’s time for another great LiveBlog! The Buckeyes are set to take on the UCF Knights at Noon EST. The Liveblog will kick off 30 minutes before gametime.

While you wait, check out the great members of the BBN: Our Honor Defend, Men of the Scarlet and Gray (Make sure to check out their great new look!), Buckeye Empire, Silver Bullet, The Buckeye Blog, Unscripted Ohio, and Fox Sports Ohio.

Looking forward to seeing you there! Go Bucks!

What do you Want to see on Saturday? UCF Edition

Written September 7th, 2012 by Eric


As hard to see as a laser pulse, and not much easier to catch.

Passing, passing, more passing. I asked for 350 yards, and came up 106 yards short. I’ll ask for 300 this time and hope that’s easier for the Buckeyes to match. If Braxton gets his footwork under control, it might be possible.

A sack fest. We’ve been told that OSU might have the best defensive line in the country. I’d like to see some backfield punishment of the UCF quarterback to prove it. Remember, Urban Meyer believes that a quarterback should pay for trying to pass. I want to see that philosophy in action.

A 100 Yard Game from Carlos Hyde. I think this is pretty self-explanatory. Lets get him his first century of the season.

Ultra-short laser pulses. Wait, what? That’s right, a physicist at UCF just set the world record for the shortest laser pulse at 67 attoseconds. For the uninitiated, an attosecond is merely a millionth of a billionth of a second (or 1/1,000,000,000,000,000). A thousand of these are also known to their friends as the amount of time it takes a photon to travel the average width of a human hair (about 100 micrometers). Let’s just say that’s really, really short. Now back to your regularly scheduled football coverage.


Plug the gaps. We’ve heard how UCF brings a straight forward running game, I want to see the defensive line plug the gaps and force the back to make other arrangements for finding positive yardage. So along with that…

Seek and Destroy. When the defensive line plugs the gaps, I want to see the linebackers fill and crush the back. We know Shazier is a sure tackler, despite being a true sophomore. How about Sabino and especially Curtis Grant? Be physical!

Should they sneak through. Attention CJ Barnett and Christian Bryant: let’s light some people up!

Lock down. If the run is being punished, the corners are often alone. Lock’em up!

Brax-tacular and Mr. Hyde. I’m excited to see week 2 of Braxton Miller in Urban Meyer’s offense. He had a breakout game of sorts against Miami, how will he follow it up and keep the train rolling? Carlos Hyde ran hard last week. Meyer all but called him the workhorse. I started the hash tag #FeedCarlos during last weeks second half, will they oblige again this week?

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