Silver Bullet Points Misfires

Written May 16th, 2011 by MaliBuckeye


A quick update of sorts:  Sorry for the sketchy coverage over the past few days; we’re having an ongoing debate with the owners of the intertubes.

Actually, we’ve got a couple of big things we’re working on that should make your Buckeye experience a lot more enjoyable. Thanks for being patient with us…

Here’s the first announcement- tBBC is growing yet again, with another great member of the team. Wrapping up our “all J starting lineup” for this year’s Buckeye hoops tournament, we welcome Joe Dexter to the squadron. Formerly lead editor for Scarlet and Game, Joe brings a background in journalism that will certainly be welcomed here amongst us amateurs. Check the rest of his info in the “About Us” section, and look for an article from him tomorrow (if the server gods deem it so).

Other News

Hmmm….road trip, anyone?

Written August 20th, 2009 by Jeff

No, we’re not planning to drive down to Florida and beat up Ralph Decker.  Despite the heavy traffic coming from EDSBS and others who claim The BBC is on a mission to hunt him down, we’ve actually made it clear that we want the law (and not vigilante justice) to prevail…and we have refused to post any private information, even deleting his address when it popped up in the comments.

No, instead we’re planning a road trip up North.  TSUN, to be exact.  A full weekend of football.

  • Saturday, November 21st – Ohio State Buckeyes at Michigan Wolverines
  • Sunday, November 22nd – Cleveland Browns at Detroit Lions

Can you taste it now?  Road trip to Michigan, third week of November.  All are welcome, into the light.  Allllll are welcome.

I’m thinking by then, the Buckeyes will be looking to secure another BCS bid, Michigan will be wondering if Lllllloyd Carr is still available, and the Browns and Lions will be playing to lose and be declared the winner of the next NFL Draft, otherwise known as “Tebow-Bowl 2010″

Hell, if I’m feeling a little spry, I might even extend the weekend.  Go up to Windsor, Ontario for a couple days of blackjack, come back down to Auburn Hills on Wednesday, November 25th to see the Cleveland Cavaliers take on the Pistons.

Symbolism completely escapes Michigan fans

Written August 7th, 2009 by Jeff

I’ve gotta admit, I’ve been on a bit of a tear against Michigan fans lately.  I feel a bit guilty about it. Screw them, here’s more.

Today, MGoBlog posted a story about an old van painted to look like a Michigan helmet, that has been autographed by dozens of the greatest Michigan players/coaches you could ever hope to assemble.  Judging by the looks of it, these autographs have been compiled over a span of at least two decades.

Bo Schembechler’s autograph is on this van.  So is Lloyd Carr.  Anthony Carter.  Jim Harbaugh.  Mike Leach.  TONS more.  Here’s a picture;

M van 2Apparently, the van had been on sale for as little as 2500 dollars recently, but had no buyers.

It’s gone unsold for a long time, and there are still no buyers.  I’m completely shocked by this story.  If this were a van painted like a Buckeye helmet and it had the autographs of Woody Hayes, Archie Griffin, and even HALF the numbers of players on it, it would already have been sold for at least 10 grand.  The damn thing could have no engine in it, and it’s still going to bring in 5 figures.

I’m baffled as to why it’s still unsold.  Even as a diehard Buckeye fan, I must admit – that van is pretty damn cool.

But the symbolism of the whole thing has escaped our friends in the Michigan blogosphere.

This is a picture of the aforementioned van, as it stands today – M van 3

Yes, that’s right – the wheels have come off.

And NOBODY up there sees the delicious irony in that???  Art imitating life, anybody????

To close it off, MGoBlog asks the following;

I don’t know what you do with a junked, wheel-less rusting old heap of bolts but if there’s anyone out there who can rescue this thing from its ignominious fate, my conscience would be indebted to you.

Ummmm, Brian?  Isn’t that what you hired Rich Rodriquez to do?  Rescue a junked, wheel-less rusting old heap of bolts?

Lllloyd Carr skirts the rules of decency, loses

Written October 24th, 2006 by Jeff

I’ve gotta be honest, I am JUST NOW hearing about this….but apparently, there’s a little bit of drama and a whole lot of “what, I didn’t see anything” coming out of Ann Arbor, Michigan these days.

MotSaG has the story down in a nice summary, but here’s a quick lowdown;

WR Adrian Arrington was drinking and driving and apparently beat his girlfriend the night before UM played Penn State. 9/11 call from the girl is made public. Carr lets his WR play, presumably because the Blue are VERY thin at WR. During the week of Iowa, Carr decides that his player will stay on the team because he doesn’t necessarily believe the story. Against Iowa, the Blue are still thin at WR, and Arrington plays anyway.

NOW, the Blue have a very weak schedule, where being thin at WR isn’t as bad of a dilemma. Who wants to wager that Carr suspends Arrington now???

MotSag sums it up best when he compares it to Mack Brown at Texas. Brown suspended his players, knowing that it would hurt his team but send the right message about following the rules. Brown was rightfully praised for this decision, as he knew that consequences come with poor behavior at Texas. But Lllloyd looked the other way JUUUUUUST long enough to get through a tough schedule of PSU and Iowa.

I don’t know about you, but that’s fishy to me. Let’s hope karma bites Lllloyd in the ass over this one. Jim Tressel may have had his share of bad times from players, but he ALWAYS gave them the discipline right away. The two best players he has seen in his tenure had troubles. Clarett was suspended right away and never saw his uniform again, and he sat Troy Smith out for a bowl game, and it indirectly led to the Texas loss last year. Hell, the guy even suspended his STARTING QUARTERBACK for the freaking MICHIGAN game for something that happened more than a week before.

Carr, you’re going to get what you deserve over this. Karma doesn’t play kindly to people like you. I wouldn’t be surprised if it bit you in a way you never saw coming.

Another sleepless night before a game

Written October 13th, 2006 by Jeff

As my loyal readers know, I usually can’t sleep before a Buckeyes game. This will prove to be a problem next week, when my daughter and I will have to wake up at 6am to head to Columbus to see the Indiana game….but that’s next week.

So I’m preparing to be up late tonight. I’ll probably spend some time trying to create a better quality version of “Buckeye Battle Cry”, one of my first YouTube videos. but in the meantime, here’s my thoughts on the Michigan State game tomorrow.

It’ll take a quarter to get rolling, but the Buckeyes will win big in this game. My prediction is that it’s going to be John L. Smith’s final game as the Spartans’ Head Coach. He’s become the John Cooper of the State Up North. And that’s saying A LOT when you consider that Lllloyd Carr has made a habit of losing to his biggest rival this century.

Michigan State’s biggest strength is their offense. And they are hurting there….badly. Nearly half of their rushing yardage will be sitting on the bench, in the form of an injured Javon Ringer. One-fourth of their receptions will be sitting on the bench, in the form of an injured Matt Trannon.

That leaves Drew Stanton as their biggest (and only) weapon. And that’s not going to cut it against the #1 scoring defense in the NCAA.

On the other side of the ball….well, Michigan State’s defense is awful. They give up 26 points per game. As a matter of fact, their BEST game of the year was when they allowed 17 points….to Idaho. Yes, Idaho. By the way, Idaho had the ball near midfield with a chance to tie and only 4 minutes left in the game. Again, that was Michigan State’s BEST game of the year.

So, when you add all this up, you can see that I am now willing to admit that I was overestimating the Spartans when I circled this game on my schedule as a dangerous day. It’s not, and the Buckeyes will romp tomorrow.

Ohio State 38
Mich State 10