Across the Web: Wisconsin

Written September 26th, 2013 by Eric

AtW returns to the interwebs with a give-and-take from our buddies over at Madtown Badgers.  Go check ‘em out.

James White #20.

James White #20.

The Buckeye Battle Cry: Let’s start with your running game; James White and Melvin Gordon are joined by freshman Corey Clement. These lads are averaging 8 yards per carry. How do they do it?

Madtown Badgers: They do it by being really good, that’s how.

No, seriously, they’ve done it by having confidence in the offensive line, which has been producing huge holes and by hitting long gainers all. Each of Gordon, White and Clement have had over a 50 yard touchdown run this season.

The other part of it is that all three backs do something a bit different. James White is more of the between the tackles type, while Gordon can do that and burn you off the edge and Corey Clement can do both of those as well as be a bit more powerful than the rest of the group.

That’s the dangerous part to this offense, just when you think you know what is coming at you in the run game it switches up and most defenses can’t adjust fast enough.

tBBC: Ohio State has not seen a power-run team thus far in 2013. What things do they need to be aware of if they hope to be successful against the Badgers?
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Across the Web: Wisconsin Badgers

Written November 16th, 2012 by Gary Russell II

After a week off Ohio State looks to get back on the field this Saturday and continue their growing rivalry with Wisconsin. What this also means is, after a week off we reach out to our fellow bloggers across the Big Ten for our Across the Web segment. This week we turn to Andy Coppens from MadTownBadgers and Delany’sDozen to give us some insight on the Badger’s. Check out our turn under the microscope from yesterday!

Hangin' Out In Pasadena

1. Coach Beliema and Coach Meyer say that there’s no bad blood following this off season’s “war of words” about recruiting. Do you think this adds to this game at all?

I think it’s honestly something for us media types and bloggers to chat about more so than something real between these two for the game. Come Saturday all the off-field stuff goes away and it’s all about what happens between the lines.

However, it’s hard to ignore the fact that Wisconsin and Ohio State have been in some really big recruiting battles in the past season and probably will be for as long as Bielema and Meyer are around.

2. Last year, Ohio State’s last minute heroics derailed solid Wisconsin team; the year before, Buckeye players are still talking about how their undefeated season was “stolen” from them. What’s the perspective on the growing rivalry between these two squads?

I think it’s easily one of the biggest growing rivalries because of where these two teams are and likely will be in the future – competing for division championships. That alone helps grow the rivalry but the fact that Wisconsin owns the most wins over OSU since 1999 and the games have more often been good to great also adds to it.

Wisconsin fans have a general dislike for OSU and adding Urban Meyer to the mix only kicked that up a notch. I think the programs have respect for what each other do, but the fans, well that’s a whole different ball of wax. I’d say outside of Minnesota and arguably more than the Gophs this is the game Badger fans care the most about.

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