SBP: Buckeye News And Notes 1.22.14

Written January 22nd, 2014 by MaliBuckeye

Quick change of title format for our Wednesday update, for reasons that will soon be evident.  Also taking a beat from the news, today’s soundtrack goes all Roger Goodell on life.

Buckeye 411

  • 21 And Over, Please

    21 And Over, Please

    Tight End, Loose Cannon? Kyle Rowland of Eleven Warriors broke the news late Tuesday that Buckeye tight end Marcus Baugh had been suspended from the team indefinitely for yet another issue with underaged alcohol usage.  While many of us would file this either under “meh” or “college lyfe!!”, it’s important to note that this would be Baugh’s third “incident” while a Buckeye, and his second involving alcohol.  He was removed from scholarship last summer, and was removed from team activities in September as well… it will be interesting to see if Coach Meyer believes in a “three strikes and you’re done” policy.  Baugh has always been seen as an amazing athlete, but his absence will mean that the other tight ends in the system (Heuerman, Moore, and Vannett) may be asked to bear the burden during the spring and beyond; the 2014 recruiting class does not have a tight end in the mix as of yet.

  • Happy Birthday! One day late, but still- Jack Nickalaus turned 74 on Tuesday. I would have mentioned this yesterday, but like most things involving my golf game I was way off target.
  • Hard Knox? Buckeye verbal Demetrius Knox made news on Tuesday with the announcement that he would be making an official visit to UCLA this weekend in spite of his commitment to Ohio State. Many feel as if this is a “vacation” opportunity, but it should be noted that the Bruins have several of Knox’ teammates in the fold and only have one offensive lineman in the class thus far.  Interestingly enough, though, Coach Meyer, Warriner, and Herman will all have their “in home” with him today, so it remains to be seen if the trip to Westwood actually occurs.  If it does, I might need to head that way myself to wander around campus with my Ohio State swag on.
  • Speaking Of Recruiting- It was an interesting day in Ann Arbor on Tuesday, with their number one recruit for the 2015 class, 5 star running back Damien Harris decommitting from That Team Up North. What makes this worthy of the “Buckeye 411″ you ask? Well, his recent two twitter follows include Stan Drayton and Tim Hinton, and it’s rumored that he spoke with Urban Meyer over the weekend.  Hmmmmm…
  • The Future Is Now- Sammy Silverman with a look at the early enrollees in the Dream 2014 class:

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Silver Bullet Points To Gold

Written August 7th, 2013 by MaliBuckeye

While camp is in session over at the WHAC, it’s important to remember that in 1936 another Buckeye was rocking the world this week. By this time that year, Jesse Owens had already won three of his four gold medals in the 100 and 200m, as well as the long jump; the fourth would come on August 8th. So, as excited as we are for the speed that OSU has gained on it’s football team, it’s important to also remember someone who was so talented that he broke another barrier. Today’s soundtrack is a song that was at the top of the charts in both Europe and the United State in 1936 as well… pretty appropriate for August.

Buckeye Bullet: Ohio State Speed

Buckeye 411

  • We’re Talking Practice! Day three in the books, and based on comments from Coach Meyer, it was a pretty good one. He was impressed by the strides that Braxton has taken and where he is with his leadership/communication. He also talked frankly about freshman Dontre Wilson, that he had electric speed and brought something they didn’t have in the past.
  • Line? Up- Taylor Decker seems to be leading the battle for the starting right tackle slot, while Marcus Hall has trimmed down significantly in a move that has helped his mobility/agility- Coach Warriner commented that he needed a belt now.  Corey Linsley is still recovering from off season foot surgery, but there’s no concern regarding his being ready to play in a few weeks.
  • That Being Said- Coach Meyer singled out the line and the linebackers as still being areas of concern, particularly in terms of depth.  When asked what would help get these positions to look more “Ohio State-ish”, he replied “another recruiting class”.
  • Good News! No one was in trouble with the law this week! W00t!
  • In Fact- Carlos Hyde, Marcus Baugh, and Bradly Roby were all part of practice on Tuesday.  No decisions have been made re: Roby, as Meyer stated that he was “still getting information” on the situation.
  • For Kicks- Cameron Johnston is the starting punter, according to Meyer, and has athletic ability to the point where they are able to do some “different things” with the punting game this year.
  • The Downside- As powerful as the offense is expected to be, we might not get to see Johnston or the amazing Bryce Haynes work their magic much this season. Alas.
  • Triumph From Tragedy- News broke on Monday that B1G programs would be recieving “refunds” of sorts, as the Penn State bowl allocation would be split among the rest of the conference due to their sanctions. Ohio State announced that they were donating the amount to child advocacy groups, which is pretty cool, given the circumstances. No word on how other programs are planning on using their allocation.
  • Buckeye Pron- Looking for a schedule wallpaper for the old laptop? Well, this one from Sammy Silverman will do nicely, I think: Read More

Rumblin, Stumblin, Bumblin

Written July 24th, 2013 by WVaBuckeye

As I was pondering how I could fill in for Jason as he took a week off from Wednesday Night Rumble, I realized there is no unique way to fill in for his fantastic presentation of opinion. So, I decided to do something different for me but really close to my old commentary. In this new series, we bring you the positive rumblings across Buckeye Nation, those making a good recovery despite the naysayers, and those who have bumbled into trouble one way or another.



I am proud to present the positive portion of today’s RSB. Representing the Rumblin is new Bengal and former #NastyBoy Buckeye, Reid Fragel. His stock has been on the rise as of late because of his versatility. Fragel is smack dab in the middle of a fight for playing time, as a rookie who just switched to tackle a little more than a year ago. Reid took some time to answer some questions the day before he reports to camp.

My AVI on Sundays this fall

My AVI on Sundays this fall

How has the transition from college to the Pro’s been for you? Your high and low points after the draft?
The transition has been good so far, the true test will be when the pads come on this first week of camp.  As far as the difference in the game, it is a much faster and physical game.  My highs after the draft was obviously first of all knowing I had a shot to play in the NFL for a team close to Columbus.  Draft day itself had some lows up to that point though, going much later in the draft than anticipated was a bit tough, but in the end I am happy where I am at and the opportunity that lies ahead of me in Cincinnati.
With the excitement that has been coming out of camp so far about your versatility, how are you handling it?
I have always seen myself as a player who can bring versatility to whatever team I landed with, and think it might be something I can use to separate myself from others.
The fact that they believe they have what they need to shore up their blocking woes at TE and you competing for a tackle spot there’s lots more for you to learn obviously. How is that going?
Learning the tackle position while competing for a spot is a great challenge, but personally I have responded best when under pressure in the past so it is an opportunity I am very excited about.
Last but not least. What are you predicting for your former Buckeyes? 
I am very excited about this upcoming season for Ohio State.  It will be weird watching them on TV at first I’m sure, but I predict another solid season.  Another undefeated season sounds tough, but I honestly can’t pick this team to lose a game this year.
Icing on the cake?
A silent crowd of about 100,000 in Ann Arbor on November 30th.  Jeff Heuerman, Mackey award winner.  Capping it off with the best offensive line in the Big Ten.
Thank you to Reid for hanging out with us! We’ll check back in frequently to see how his first season as a Bengal is going! Give him a follow on twitter @Fragel79.


Trying to find a good Buckeye story this week that could be considered a good recovery was quite the task. With everything that has happened in just the past few days it was down right impossible. There is one Buckeye that recovered nicely this week and did it in a way as to tell his nay sayers, “It ain’t happening here”.

Coach Meyer has been under a lot of stress and strain of late with all of the Aaron Hernandez talks and current players issues. He has taken a beating in the national media without reason and has stood tall.

You! Will be held accountable for your actions

You! Will be held accountable for your actions

He then reminded all of us why he is considered one of the best coaches in America. I personally think he will eventually go down as one of the greatest of all-time in college football. Everything he touches he turns to gold and the past couple of days he has sent the message that he will not let anyone jeopardize the Empire he is building in Columbus. Not wasting any time in issuing the punishments for things that happened last weekend with two important cogs in the wheel, as well as two others.

Coach Meyer recovered from the onslaught nicely by suspending Hyde and Roby until things are settled, as well as taking care of two other problems in Baugh and Gardner. He is making sure his players and the nation knows he isn’t playing favorites. Great recovery by Coach Meyer this week in righting the ship.


This past weekend made writing the Bumblin’ portion of this article pretty dang easy. Suffice it to say everyone has heard their fair share of the bad info, and there could be good info on the horizon — but not just yet.

I want to take a different approach to the issues at hand with each of these four players that were punished, and what they have in common.

Could a Hyde/Roby - less Buckeye team still compete for the National Title?

Could a Hyde/Roby – less Buckeye team still compete for the National Title?

Each of them were found to be in a bar when their incidents happened and not there to just socialize. Apparently three of the four were involved in altercations, and even though there are various reports hinting that Hyde’s is a mistake, you still have to wonder why was he in the bar.

I know that had to be the first question that Coach Meyer asked of them, especially with what’s approaching in just a couple weeks. That being said, I am sure the coaches want these player to enjoy their down time and “cut loose.”

But not at the expense of the upcoming season.

Especially with the reputation Ohio State has built the past few years. Urban Meyer and company have been trying to get the Buckeyes back on top by “cleaning up the program.”

That process can literally be derailed by just a few people making dumb mistakes.

That being said, I don’t  think the Buckeyes will be ruined after the past weekend. Like others have said, the next man steps up! That too is in my point. It’s important to remember though that these aren’t just men. They are college students from 17-23, trying to enjoy the life they have.

These kids also need to keep in mind, which I am sure they are reminded daily, that they are also responsible for their teammates. I think the latest issue will get better, and I also think that the team will be better for it.

Hyde, Roby, Baugh, and Gardner are stark reminders that things can and will happen in Columbus. How they recover and learn from their mistakes will be on display this fall.

Stay tuned.


I am picking a video just like everybody else! Ken and Jason!!!From my favorite band GnR and a simple message about pain in November that TTUN will experience. Righteous tune Dude!

Silver Bullet Points: Fall Practice- 8.6.12

Written August 6th, 2012 by MaliBuckeye

Another quick update on the state of Ohio State football, following media access on Monday. Huge thanks to our friend Josh Winslow for the photos!

  • Injury Updates- Jacoby Boren practiced today, but no contact. Jordan Hall and Nate Williams were also present, but doing work on the side of the field. Coach Meyer commented that they were right on schedule in terms of rehab. Josh Perry tweaked a hamstring and spent time with the medical staff
  • Doghouse Update- Brionte Dunn practiced, and Coach Meyer said that they were waiting to see how the legal process concluded before making final decisions regarding any punishment. Also, Jake Stoneburner and Jack Mewhort went with the #1 team- Meyer characterized them as “good kids, but stupid.” They will be on scholarship beginning fall semester.
  • MIA- Curtis Grant missed practice, as did Verlon Reed and Pat Elflein. Grant was home in Virginia with his grandfather, who has been ill. No notes on Reed or Ellfein at this time, although Patrick had a cyst removed recently Read More

Marcus Baugh Is A Buckeye!

Written April 10th, 2012 by MaliBuckeye

Mr. Baugh

It’s not typical for me to get to post about recruits from my neck of the woods, but today that changes with news that Riverside California’s Marcus Baugh has given his verbal commitment to be a part of Ohio State’s 2013 class.

The 6’4″, 215 pound Baugh is the seventh ranked TE in the country by Scout, and is currently listed as a four star athlete. He held offers from Florida, Nebraska, UCLA, Washington, and Miami, and is Ohio State’s 8th recruit for this class.

While it’s been anticipated for a while that the Buckeyes would take two tight ends in this class, North Carolina’s Josh McNeil was expected to be the bookend with Florida’s Mike Heuerman. However, today McNeil was offered by Oregon and expressed excitement about that opportunity… ah, the world of high school kids. Who knows what will happen?

Back to Marcus, his strengths are anticipated as being his speed and his ability to be a downfield threat- too fast for a linebacker, too big for a safety to cover. You can see his junior highlights and so forth after the jump:

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