Rumblin, Stumblin, Bumblin: Indiana Eve

Written November 22nd, 2013 by WVaBuckeye

I have been away for a couple weeks because of football playoffs(me officiating, yay) and a second bye week for the Buckeyes that was quite boring because all that happened was Oregon lost. I will stick to the last week and such in getting caught up with the times. Once we are finished this weekend it will be the greatest week in all of sports as #TheGAME will be approaching. Let’s roll with a very easy Rumblin.


#TBDBITL Premonition?


CARLOS CARLOS CARLOS!!!! Is there a better RB in college football right now? If you had to pause at all before answering the question, then turn in your college football sports fan card immediately. At one point in time he wouldn’t have been in the season discussion at all because let’s face it, he missed the first three games and his first game wasn’t memorable. What he has done since then has been just short of legendary. What he has done is tell us that he would be challenging Eddie’s single season mark from his Heisman season of 1995 had he been playing from the start.

Almost like Eddie! Eddie! Eddie! against ND, but Carlos leaves a little more distruction behind him!!

Almost like Eddie! Eddie! Eddie! against ND, but Carlos leaves a little more destruction behind him!!

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Picks for the Weak – Week 3

Written September 12th, 2012 by WVaBuckeye

In an effort to clean up my act in regards to the weekly weak picks, I am going with games this week that will assure me success (yeah right) As it stands, I am a paltry 3 and 7 on the season having gone 1 and 4 this week. Here are the results of last weeks picks.

Safe Bet. USC over ‘Cuse 42 to 29; Prediction Wrong USC 51 to 9

Points Plus. Nerdwestern over Vandy 23 to 13; Prediction Wrong Vandy 44 to 38

Defensive Struggle. Wake Forrest over UNC 28 to 27; Prediction Wrong UNC 13 to 7

Best Match-up. Florida over Texas A&M 20 to 17; Prediction RIGHT ON! Florida 23 to 17

Best B1G Game. Notre Lame over Purdue 20 to 17; Prediction WAYYYY OFF Purdue 37 to 34

The week that was is looooong gone thank goodness and I get an opportunity to make up for my pitiful attempts by selecting some easy ones! Ha! Anyway here are the picks and good luck to everybody else!!!

Fat Urkel will be stinging again after this weekend.

Safe Bet.  Virginia Tech has played relatively well in it’s first two games and Mark Mays PITT Panthers have been, well . . , let’s just say they have been a lot like the team John Cooper beat. The Hokies will go ahead and welcome the Panthers to the ACC in grand fashion a year early because things aren’t getting better for them right now. This is the easiest safe bet of the season so far. VTU 31 to 6

Points Plus. Missouri had to open their new conference against Georgia last weekend and the offense looked pretty decent until Mark Richt’s bunch figured it out. Arizona State has a high flying bunch that will put some points on the board. This looks like a safe bet for basketball on grass this week, defaulting to the home team here. Mizzou 43 to 39

Defensive Struggle. This will honestly be more about lack of offense than stout defense. Penn State has no offense and NAVY is trying to regroup there triple option which can always be a great equalizer in these type games. I picked the Middies against ND because I am a former sailor myself and didn’t learn my lesson. Go Middies! Navy 9 to 7 Read More

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