Game From Obscurity

Written December 10th, 2010 by MaliBuckeye

Since next weekend begins the real “Games From Obscurity” pitting teams you’ve never heard about against each other in games you don’t care about to bring fans to cities you’ll never visit, this will be our last GFO of the season. Temper your disappointment, people.

As we discussed in TWTW, we’re taking a foray into the wondrous world of optical input today, and highlighting a team that’s sure to keep your cones active. This week’s game is a quarterfinal game in 1AA (FCS) between the Bison of North Dakota State and the Eagles of Eastern Washington, played at the “Inferno at Roos Field”. That’s where things start to get interesting:

Nope, you don’t need to adjust your computer settings- the field is red, and the music makes you want to re-watch Platoon. Just another reason be frustrated with Southern Idaho State… now gimmicky football field colors are acceptable.

The #1 ranked Eagles are looking to expand on their eight game winning streak, second longest in FCS. They rank second in the nation in interceptions and total turnovers and are undefeated on the red turf. They are led by running back Taiwan Jones, who has amassed over 1500 yards on the season. Big Sky Defensive Player of the Year J.C. Sherritt brings 135 tackles, three INTs, two forced fumbles and (we’re presuming) a partridge in a pear tree to the defensive unit.

Located in beautiful Cheney Washington just south of Spokane, Eastern Washington University was founded in 1882 after a donation from the man who founded American Express. The game above is one of the two rivalries for the school, the Governor’s Cup with Montana. The other, entitled The Dam Cup, is between EWU and Portland State. The Eagles also have the solution for your last minute Christmas shopping needs, which might have been helpful earlier in the semester. Famous alumni include several NFL athletes, and noted ESPN blowhard and plagiarist.

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The Week That Were: 12.4.10

Written December 5th, 2010 by MaliBuckeye

There’s no way that we can start this week’s post without wishing Happy Birthday to Coach Jim Tressel. Ironically, it’s also the day of the ninja; although I can’t imagine the silent assassins being as polite or methodical as Senior Sweatervest- how would you write “Dave” in kanji?

Facing jUstiCe

While there were several significant games on the old telly this week, there were also off field doin’s that should not be left undiscussed. First, in this year’s addition of the River City Rivalry/Snow Bowl, Pittsburgh easily handled Ohio’s BCS team. That didn’t, however, keep the Bearcat mascot from getting arrested and escorted out of the stadium. Video and such, for those of you who are into that kind of thing, can be found here.

The Big lEast ended as it started, with a three way tie at the top of the conference. Pitt’s victory, along with West Virginia’s win over Rutgers that seemed to make their fans filled with glee, meant that UConn was still in the driver’s seat should they hold off South Florida. A late, long field goal meant that the 8-4 Huskies have earned themselves a bid to a BCS game.

As we mentioned earlier, this means that a team that only managed 10 points against the Wolverines will get to face off against, most likely, the Oklahoma Sooners.  While we’ve given the Big lEast grief here in the past, it should be noted that the conference only has two teams that don’t have the requisite 6 wins necessary to go to a bowl game, a much better experience than our west coast stalwarts in the Pac-10. At this juncture, only four teams from that conference will be headed to the post season, since Southern Cal is on probation (sorry, that’s still awesome to write) and Arizona State’s 6-6 record includes too many victories over FCS schools. So, with two teams going to the BCS, this means that there’ll be four bowls looking for help with the automatic tie ins.

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