The Week That Were: 10.20.12

Written October 22nd, 2012 by MaliBuckeye

Ah, fall… the wind turns brisk and in Los Angeles the birds turn colors and fall from the trees (ht: David Letterman). We talked last week about “pumpkinitis” that’s sweeping the country… some people are taking it seriously. Instead of subjecting yourself to such a task, take time to kick back with some new tunes and enjoy a great weekend in college sports.

In case you haven’t noticed (and if you haven’t, please PLEASE let me know how you’re managing to pull that off), it’s election season. And you thought the BCS was complicated and overwrought… three more weeks, people. You can do it.

“But Mali- there’s never been politics on tBBC… what gives?”

Theological Disagreement

That’s a fine point, but it’s the only way I could think of to lead into this week’s “marquee” matchup. Given how much they like football, I’m sure that there was some tension on the Romney/Ryan campaign bus when Notre Dame and BYU squared off in South Bend.  (See, ’cause one candidate is a Mormon and the other is a Catholic… oh, nevermind.)  Yup, The Golden Domers met the People of the Golden Plates, with the former looking to continue their undefeated season.  The Cougars managed to do something that was pretty rare this season, and scored an offensive touchdown against a resurgent Irish defense, led by Heisman (?) candidate linebacker Manti Te’o. It wasn’t enough, though, as they fell to .500 in a 17-14 loss to Brian Kelly’s team, who was led by backup quarterback Tommy Rees’ and his one completed pass after halftime. So, yeah- that Notre Dame fan in your office has yet another week to be a bit boisterous regarding his fifth ranked favorite squadron.

In order to make sure I cover both sides of the 2012 election, here. Ok, I’m done talking religion and politics… you can come back now.

On the topic of mistakes that I’ve made recently, I’m more than willing to acknowledge that my purchasing the hype regarding West Virginia was misguided. They still seem to be a Big lEast team of sorts, where defense is even more optional than it has been in the B12 lately. This isn’t to take anything away from the October Heisman frontrunner; Colin Klein has rightfully taken the crown from Mr. September, particularly in their “head to head” contest on Saturday.  The Wildcats now sit at 7-0 , and even managed to jump Oregon in the BCS rankings this week, all the way up to #3. While I won’t argue with the BCS… At least Oregon beat a team this week that had a defensive pulse. We’ve not seen that from West Virginia, so it’s hard to assess Kansas State’s victory fully. Hooray subjectivity!

Ah, Eugene...

Although this is traditionally a “Saturday” wrap up, the truth of the matter is that Thursday’s game between the Ducks and Arizona State was pretty freaking impressive. After an initial ASU score, Oregon cranked up it’s offensive game and scored 43 points before there was even ten minutes left in the second quarter. Mercifully, they pulled back the horses at that point- although, they certainly could have kept rolling if they chose to… when a team scores on a two point conversion this easily, you’ve got to know that they are only stopping themselves for the rest of the game.  If you didn’t know any better, you’d think that Chip Kelly was pissed that his team was only ranked third in last week’s BCS- since they actually fell one slot this week, I’m afraid to see what happens to this week’s victim opponent. Read More

Silver Bullet Points Goes Boating

Written August 29th, 2012 by MaliBuckeye

Straight Up The Olentangy...

Midweek look at news and notes from around Ohio State and the nation… getting ready for what’s been predicted to be a very wet weekend.

Hey! Have you signed up for pick-em yet?

Buckeye 411

  • Injury Updates- We found out Monday that Warren Ball has had surgery on his foot and will be redshirting this season, but Tuesday brought good news to the Scarlet and Gray.  According to Coach Meyer, Nate Williams passed the agility and mobility tests that the program had for him, and will more than likely see some action on Saturday against Miami.  While this will be more limited than he’d surely like, I’m confident that this gradual move to get him ready for the rest of the season will pay huge benefits.  It remains to be seen, though, if this plan gets adjusted in the weather situation… sloppy conditions might lead to a re-injury, and Ohio State will work to avoid that.
  • ‘Bloody Buckeyes- Tuesday’s practice was the most challenging of the week, but players interviewed afterwards said that it was mostly mentally taxing.  From the sound of it, they emerged with flying colors, and will not be “full go” for the rest of the week.
  • Explosive- That was how Carlos Hyde described this year’s offense, and it also sounded as if Philly Brown has become a significant playmaker in the team’s eyes.  Braxton also talked about Jake Stoneburner’s move to receiver creating a number of opportunities for the team, given his skill set.
  • Stormy Saturday? While Isaac will be on the minds (and raincoats) of tailgaters at the ‘Shoe, one Buckeye who will be glad to be in the weather is newly reinstated Storm Klein.  While his role with the team is still to be determined, Coach Meyer said that it was the conversations with both the Klein family and the family of the alleged victim that made him decide to allow the senior to return to the team.
  • Earning Their (Loss Of) Stripes- Three more freshman became “Buckeyes” on Tuesday, including Armani Reeves and walkons Craig Cataline and Craig Fada.
  • As If There Were Any Doubt- After a 12 year study, the four letter network finally announced why they give OSU so much coverage… eyeballs. Whether it’s creating covering controversy and scandal or blowing really bright sunshine up the derrieres of Buckeye fans during All Access, the number don’t lie: Columbus is the highest rated college football market in the country. They tie for that spot with Birmingham Alabama, although the latter only has ‘Bama football, “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo“, QVC, and episodes of “Cops” on their cable packages.  They had more channels, but they cut them loose. (see… ’cause they oversign a lot in Alabama… nevermind.)
  • Rocketman- While Ohio and the nation mourn the loss of Neil Armstrong, a great idea popped up on reddit regarding a way to honor the hero during an upcoming OSU game. Huge h/t to Mark Titus, who pointed us in this direction- the idea being that Armstrong, an Ohio native and a Purdue grad should be remembered during the OSU/Purdue game in the ‘Shoe this season.  What do you think??
  • Consider Yourself Warned. You’re getting ready for the Miami University game this week, and need your breakdown of the matchups to watch for between the Buckeyes and the RedHawks.  You want in-depth coverage and previews that will get you even more ready than you already are.  Get ready for something amazing on Thursday… the analysis that this team deserves.  What if there’s just a touch of greatness yet to come… how cool would that be? #BuckeyeVoltron

Read More

tBBC Conference Cavalcade: PAC-12

Written August 7th, 2012 by MaliBuckeye

As we get closer and closer to kickoff, we’ll be looking across the nation at other (read ‘inferior’) conferences. This way, you’ll have just enough information to justify watching every single game that comes across the telly.  First up- the fellers on the Left Coast.

Mountains, Surf, Etc.

Where does the conference fall in the national rankings- how likely are they to have a team in the Title game?

This is a tough one to assess… the conference is pretty top-heavy, but that top looks really really good.  Feel free to make a “Los Angeles plastic surgery” joke right about here.

In terms of conference strength, I’d say that the PAC is about average: Overall not better than the SEC, certainly better than the Big lEast and ACC. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if their best team this season, the Southern Cal Trojans, didn’t lock down one of the slots in the national title game.  Pending, that is, an all too familiar letdown against Oregon State or something.

Who’s the best team in the conference? Who will play for in the conference title game (if there is one)?

Well, I’ve already tipped my hand on this one- the Trojans are back. I have no idea how they managed to come through sanctions AND are starting their tenure of reduced scholarships and still remaining national contenders, but that’s certainly the case. Having Matt Barkley return did wonders, to be sure… although it’s yet to be seen if his return will be similar to Peyton Manning and Tim Tebow in effectiveness.

Oh, wait- I do know how they’re back… They are the only program of note in one of the most talent laded areas of the country. Right.

Representing the North Division will be the Oregon Ducks, in my opinion; and this will be a heck of a championship game. The North will be significantly more competitive than the South, as Washington is on the rise and Stanford will be looking to maintain excellence without much Luck (see what I did there?).

Who’s the worst team(s) in the conference? Read More

What Do You Want To See On Saturday? – USC edition

Written September 10th, 2009 by Jeff


Keep passing to the TE’s and RB’s -  We had great success in the passing game last week by going to the TE’s and RB’s – in fact the top two receivers were at TE/RB.  USC will be a lot better in pass defense than Navy was, and we will need to spread it around in order to be able to move the ball at all against them.

Better blocking from the RB’s -  Apparently, given what’s been said among the Buckeye blogosphere the last few days, I was too harsh on the offensive line and not nearly hard enough on the running backs.  The RB’s need to learn to pick up the blitzes better in pass blocking or LiC is going to be on his back every single day.

The Defensive Line must slow – if not stop – the runBarkley is going to be a fantastic quarterback for USC for the next several years.  Fortunately for us, he’s still a freshman and prone to mistakes if he’s forced to make them.  USC cannot be allowed to run the football and must be forced to have Barkley win the game with his arm.  If the DL succeeds in making USC one-dimensional, USC should be a lot easier to control.

The secondary has to grow up and make plays - Kurt Coleman did a wonderful job against Navy.  Anderson Russell…well…not so much.  The corners weren’t tested much, unfortunately.  If we’re going to force USC to beat us through the air, we need to be able to take advantage of it.  Mistakes in the pass defense game will kill us as easily this year as last.


We must make some big plays early – The crowd is going to be fired up for this game without a doubt.  Throw in an early sack from Thaddeus on third down or a 40 yard scramble from Pryor and the stadium will be shaking. Energy from the crowd is going to play a major role in this game, and nothing will bring that energy to a fever pitch like a few big time plays early in the game.

We must break Matt Barkley - I want ears ringing before kickoff. I want his ass on the ground every time he drops back. I want him crying for mommy at halftime. I want him curled up in the fetal position when the game is over. Barkley is a cocky little snot, we must shatter his confidence early, we must hit him constantly, we must break him.

Pryor must roll out of the pocket – Pryor came to Ohio State to become a passing quarterback. He can do that later. I want Pryor rolling out of the pocket early and often and I want him taking off the moment he sees some open field. Pryor outside of the tackles is the most dangerous weapon that we have on offense.  Take advantage of it.

We must stop pulling guards on short yardage plays – Pulling a guard clogs the hole with a slow lineman, it forces the running back to slow down and adjust when he needs to be hitting the hole full speed, it allows weak-side penetration which usually runs into the running back who is waiting on the guard to get out of the way, it only works about half the time at best and we need to STOP DOING IT.


A freshman quarterback on his back A LOT – If you’re going to rattle Barkley into turnovers (and he CAN be forced into a bad night, he hasn’t had many good days in practice so far), you’ve got to make him wonder where the hits are coming from next.  Two sacks in the first two drives will do that.  Be all up in his jersey and he will throw three interceptions by game’s end.

No mental mistakes – That means EVERYBODY.  No unnecessary penalties.  Don’t blow the coverage.  Kick the FG on 4th-and-2.  Heads in the game…you’re at HOME.  The pressure is on THEM.  Let them know it.

Terrelle Pryor – leave the pocket – Not that he spends a lot of time there anyway, but the best way to knock USC off is to make Pryor as mobile as possible.  USC has never handled mobile QBs very well and they tend to surrender a lot of points when they face one.  With this young defense, it could get lead to a lot of yardage, but only if we force them to chase LiC.

Make Joe McKnight have more than half of USC’s total offense – McKnight is going to get 130 yards rushing and a few receiving yards.  The rest of USC combined needs to be held to less than that.  McKnight alone cannot beat us….so stop the rest of the Trojans and you get the W.

NOISE NOISE NOISE* – There’s 105,000 of you in that stadium, and I can’t be one of them.  If you have tickets and you’re as quiet as you were last week, I’m personally going to beat the shit out of you Sunday morning.  This is the biggest game in the Shoe since Michigan 2006.  Act like it!


Barkley flustered – Look, champ- this isn’t your seventh grade all-stars game. It’s THE Horseshoe, the BDBITL, and 105,000+ screaming fans. Plus, eleven warriors who’ve been waiting all summer to make your acquaintance, and who couldn’t play like their hair was on fire last week because of the “read and react” option offense. I want him to have a Colt McCoy type night, circa 2006.

No false starts or stupid offensive line penalties – I’m going to keep asking for it until it happens.

U$C’s defense out of position – Open the playbook, make them guess where you’re going next. LiC, work your magic.

Mark May with his foot in his mouth – Dig your way out of the hole when the Bucks win, you hack.


* – “15 bucks, little man.  Put that shit in my hand”

From The Left Coast…

Written September 1st, 2009 by MaliBuckeye

With all the things going on in LA LA Land these days, it would be understandable that college football would have slipped to the back of people’s minds.

I mean, it’s not like we have any major announcements or catastrophes to cover, or that our state budget is still tooling around in a hand basket.

Plus, when it comes to sports, LA fans are a little… peculiar. The best baseball player in Los Angeles is a proven cheater obtained from another team. The best basketball team in the NBA is here, but it took some interesting trade shenanigans with a former LA player turned GM to make that happen. There are no major franchises (sorry Angels) here that were born here- all borrowed from somewhere else. And the good ones don’t stay- the storied NFL program left for friendlier pa$tures in $t. Loui$. The top two NFL franchises followed here (judged by area residents’ apparel and car flags) are Dallas and Oakland/LA/Oakland. The Chargers are a distant third, and even then only recently (read- when they started winning).

Again, this makes sense: Everyone is a transplant from somewhere else, and there’s so much more to do here than in, say, Dayton. It’s logical that most Los Angelenos would choose to pay attention to sports only if and when it is big and shiny.

However, when it comes to LA sports, nothing rallies bandwagon SoCal fans like the best college team money can buy. But even then, it takes something major to stir the masses.

So, recent news that their center has an owie, their #2 receiver is done, and their starting corner is academically ineligible barely raises a latte.

Yawn. Let’s go to the beach or Disneyland…

But one name, though, has stirred more controversy and conversation than any other this pre-season: Barkley.

Not that one... although, it would be awesome

Not that one... although, it would be awesome

That would be true freshman Matt Barkley, something of a California QB legend, who was named starter for the U$C program earlier last week.

A bit of history- Barkley started at Mater Dei High School as a true freshman, taking over the reins of a powerhouse southern California program.

Expected to “compete” for the starting job even in his first year, many have been surprised that he was named the starter for the San Jose State sacrifice and (apparently) the September 12 trip to Columbus.

Well, maybe “surprised” doesn’t quite cover it. The LA Times (Chicago Tribune west) writes that it’s too soon for the freshman-

USC Coach Pete Carroll’s decision Thursday to name (too-good-to-be-true?) freshman Matt Barkley the team’s starting quarterback may have just clinched a spot in the Bowl Championship Series title game . . . for Ohio State.

They’re probably pouring beers and doing knuckle-bumps at Betty’s Fine Food and Spirits on High Street in Columbus — with good reason.

We wonder whether Buckeyes Coach Jim Tressel has passed along to his two savvy, veteran senior safeties — Kurt Coleman and Anderson Russell — the fact Barkley threw 18 interceptions last year to high school defensive backs.

Making Barkley’s first-ever road trip a nationally televised game at Ohio Stadium is like sending a first violinist to Carnegie Hall before he has learned to play the entire concerto.

The OC Register posts that he’s ready for the fire, though, having seen “every defense in the book-

“Week to week, it’ll be different according to what team we’re playing. But I think we’re better prepared than a lot of offenses because of what we see day to day.

“All the fronts, the blitzes we see in practice — I’m confident in our defense and what they show us every day. A lot of schools can’t do that.”

The Register also goes onto say that there are a number of reasons that this decision is a wise one, not the least of which is Aaron Corp’s injured leg. Somehow, they also manage to slam Mitch Mustain in that article- wasn’t he the #1 QB coming out of HS, and a freshman starter at Arkansas?

Most Trojan faithful (and, given what we’ve already talked about regarding the fickle nature of SoCal sports fans, I use that term loosely) seem to concur that “If Pete says he’s good enough, then he’s good enough. Pete’s never let us down before.”

Well, things are different now. Gone are Norm Chow and  Steve Sarkisian, the architects of Palmer, Leinart, Booty, and Sanchez’s successes.  It will be interesting to see how Carl Smith and John Morton utilize the freshman.

Personally (’cause I know you want to know) I think that this is a case of Cool Hand Pete doing a bit of Rick James- He believes that he’s good enough and smart enough to make the magic happen, no matter who his QB is.

And, he may be right. You can’t argue with his record, or his player’s successes in the NFL. Shoot, Matt Cassell makes millions and just stood next to Pete holding a clipboard for four years.

But it’s hard not to remember that this is the same coach who, when leading the “mostest awesomest team ever” into a home game in Pasadena, out-thought himself and lost the game. In crunch time, with a 4th and short, he decided that having the Heisman Trophy winner on the field would be a bad idea. Hand off, turnover on downs, and Vince Young makes confetti happen.

So, is starting Barkley a bad idea? Obviously, we’ll find out on September 12. I agree with Eric that I want U$C to be at full strength with no “excuses” for the game. Let’s settle it on the field at our best. If that’s your first year QB, then so be it.

As a word of caution before we start to celebrate at Betty’s- last year, there was a lot of clamor for a freshman QB to start in the game in the Coliseum. Fans thought that this would make all the difference, and would springboard their team to the National Title.

And while Terrelle Pryor didn’t lead the Bucks to victory, he certainly played up to expectations and set the standard for the future of the program.