tBBC All-Time Tourney CHAMPIONS – 1960

Written May 18th, 2012 by WVaBuckeye

When Joe Dexter and I began this journey, we had more than a few conversations about how well the Jerry Lucas led Buckeyes would fare against “modern” teams. I have to admit that I too believed that the team from 2007 would provide a tough match-up for them and quite possibly could beat them on the hardwood.

After great participation from the fans and readers of our mythical championship, the Lucas-Havlicek-Nowell led superstars of the 1960′s left little doubt. In the largest margin of votes during the tourney, the 1960 National Champs obliterated the best team the “modern” era has to offer from 2007. Let’s take a final look at the Champs.