WNR: What To Do With Josh Gordon

Written July 10th, 2014 by Jason
Browns Receiver Josh Gordon

Browns Receiver Josh Gordon

The Cleveland Browns have a problem on their hands and it is only getting worse. When they drafted Josh Gordon in the supplemental draft 2 years ago they were aware of his issues.

Now the NFL’s top receiver in 2013 is facing a potential one year suspension for breaking the leagues substance abuse policy and this past holiday weekend managed to get himself thrown into a Raleigh, North Carolina jail cell for a DWI charge.

Despite the issues, it makes absolutely no sense to release Gordon from the team. In all aspects of the situation, everyone comes out a loser if he is cut. Let me explain.

Back story

Gordon came to the Browns in the spring of 2012 having not played a down since late 2010. After being suspended indefinitely and eventually kicked off the team at Baylor by head coach Art Briles, Gordon attempted to transfer to Utah to continue his career. Unfortunately he didn’t file papers in a timely manner and was denied the ability to play in 2011, which forced his entrance into the NFL’s supplemental draft in the summer of 2012. Read More

Wednesday Night Rumble: 2013 “Best Of”

Written January 15th, 2014 by Jason

We’re two weeks into 2014 and we’re still wrapping up 2013. We’ll look at who is staying and who is going, also who is on campus already to get ready for the spring. Plus we’ll have a fun look back for my “best of” 2013 edition that involves music and movies. It’s Wednesday, let’s rumble! (Don’t forget to click anything red for a surprise!)

Who’s in and who’s out? 

Mike Vrabel, headed to the NFL's Houston Texans

Mike Vrabel, headed to the NFL’s Houston Texans

Since the end of the Orangle Bowl we’ve tried to determine between Ryan Shazier and Braxton Miller who would stay and who was NFL bound. We’ve all weighed in with our own varying opinions and we found out the answers to the question for both last week. In the immediate weekend following the Orange Bowl loss we heard from Ryan Shazier that he would be entering the draft. Later in the week we heard from Braxton Miller that he was staying.

What we didn’t know was that another person who spends his time at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center was also listening to The Clash on his iPod. In a move that seemed like a pretty big surprise, defensive line coach Mike Vrabel announced he will be joining former Penn State head coach Bill O’Brien in Houston with the NFL’s Texan’s where O’Brien is now running the show.

I don’t think it is a stretch to say that Vrabel will be missed on the staff. He’ll certainly be missed for his recruiting abilities. Being able to slap three Super Bowl rings onto the kitchen table have a way of impressing high school kids and their families that are making a decision on where to go to school.

It’s just a hunch, but I think ultimately Mike Vrabel wants to be either a head coach in college or a defensive coordinator, maybe even a head coach in the NFL. The path starts with two seasons as a defensive line coach at Ohio State followed by two seasons as a linebackers or defensive line coach with the Houston Texans. You can almost see it playing out. The next natural progression is a defensive coordinator spot somewhere and naturally that is followed by a head coach spot.

Read More

Wednesday Night Rumble: Demons be Driven

Written November 6th, 2013 by Jason

We’ve reached the second bye week and the Buckeyes are on a roll. Coming off a 56-0 win at Purdue on Saturday, the Buckeyes are now closing in on the Leaders division championship and a spot in the Big Ten title game as well as keeping pace at the top of the BCS standings. We’ll look into all of it, play out some scenarios and laugh at TTUN. It’s Wednesday, let’s rumble!

Exorcising the demons

Ross-Ade Stadium in West Lafayette on the campus of Purdue University has been somewhat of a house of horrors for the Buckeye football program over the last decade. Losses in 2000, 2004, 2009 and 2011 have made winning at Ross-Ade tougher for the Buckeyes than winning in Ann Arbor.

All that remained were Buckeye faithful at Ross-Ade

All that remained were Buckeye faithful at Ross-Ade

Those losses certainly did not go unnoticed by the players and especially Urban Meyer and his coaching staff. When warm-ups weren’t looking crisp on Saturday morning, Meyer told reporters he had strength coach Micky Maroti show some fire in the locker-room to wind the guys up just to be sure nobody was taking the day lightly or sleep walking.

When Doran Grant stepped in front of Boilermaker quarterback Danny Etling’s pass on the second play of the opening series of the game and returned it for a touchdown, the rout was officially on and all thoughts of an ambush or even a tight finish went out the door.

The Buckeyes were dominant racking up 640 total yards. We could see this building since around the mid point of the third quarter at Northwestern and it has blossomed into a point scoring  machine that is multifaceted and hits you from all angles. Jeff Heurmann had a breakout performance while Nick Vannett also hit pay-dirt in the best day Ohio State tight ends have had since the mid 90′s. Carlos Hyde did what Carlos Hyde does, he ran over around and through people. Braxton Miller was great hitting on 19 of 23 attempts and four touchdowns. And to think: They didn’t even really try to get the ball deep down the field to Devin Smith, Evan Spencer or Philly Brown.

Brax is back and you’re gonna be in trouble

I said last week after his performance against Penn State that I felt Braxton Miller was finally officially all the way back to his normal self. Against Purdue he left no doubt I was correct in that assertion. He kept plays alive with his feet despite only being credited for one carry. He was masterful in deciding where to go with the ball and several of those passes were balls that are typically described as “lasers” or “ropes”. And when you thought you’d seen it all, he scrambled to the left, avoided some defenders and flipped a touchdown toss to Philly Brown all in a space about the size of a phone booth. All in the first half. Read More

Wednesday Night Rumble: Speed Spread

Written September 18th, 2013 by Jason

The Buckeyes took their show out west and came away with a convincing win over the California Golden Bears. Kenny Guiton had a whale of a game through the air along with he and the Buckeye running backs chewing up big gain after big gain on the ground. The Silver Bullets played reasonably well considering the attack that Cal brings offensively. We’ll talk about it all and look ahead to the Florida A&M Rattlers. It’s Wednesday, let’s rumble!

Smooth Jazz

Kenny Guiton and the boys are fired up

Kenny Guiton and the boys are fired up

What can I honestly say about Kenny Guiton that hasn’t already been said? We learned about an hour before kickoff that he would start the game and that Braxton Miller was a scratch, dressing in street clothes. The week long starter question had been answered and now we were about to see how Guiton would respond. When you add in that it is on the road against a PAC-12 opponent, we were looking at really good barometer on where we stand should Miller need to come out of a game later in the season or have to miss one. Kenny didn’t disappoint.

What I am happiest about is that after the fact there really are no questions to be asked. Saturday brought about a rather simple conclusion: Yes, Kenny Guiton can play and can be counted on if needed in a pinch, which we knew, and now we know he can pick up the reigns and lead the troops if called on to start.  It makes me happy because let’s be honest, the worst thing that could have happened would have been to wake up Sunday morning still not sure if Guiton can fill the role of starter. Ok, so it would have been worse to wake up Sunday and know undoubtedly that he couldn’t do the job, but you get my point.

How about the actual play?

I like Guiton’s game, and we finally now know what his game is: Braxton Miller Lite. I loved his touch the early touchdown throws. His decision making on whether to keep the ball or take it from the back was excellent all night. He seems to have pretty good vision in picking lanes and watching the defense react to his movements then capitalizing off them. He runs hard, too. Charles Davis brought that up a few times during the television broadcast and I thought he was spot-on. Guiton is no pushover at the point of collision.

Maybe the only real question about his performance that I have is his accuracy. Now, I mentioned above how he was putting great touch on the ball early. He was leading his receivers almost perfectly. But as the game wore on, that came and went. Maybe it was just mental fatigue from the overwhelming nature of the situation and some throws just got away from him. Maybe he got lucky on the early throws. The only way to really know is to have him start more games.

Who gets the call this week? Read More

Wednesday Night Rumble: GAME WEEK!

Written August 28th, 2013 by Jason

We did it! We made it! We trudged through the winter, hammered through the spring and waded our way through the majority of summer and we have finally come to it: Football is upon us. While we yearn for the cool fall nights and big time matchups that come with October, November and now December games, we’re more than happy to welcome in 80+ degree temps for a few weeks and sweat through the opening weekends of college football. Despite the worthiness of opponents, these are meaningful games that count in the standings and they begin on Saturday. But for now it’s Wednesday, let’s rumble!

Customs and traditions

This guy is on top of things. Will you be ready on Saturday?

This guy is on top of things. Will you be ready on Saturday?

Are you ready? No, I mean are you really ready for it? Did you spend last weekend or the early part of this week getting the necessities for your opening weekend prepped, planned and bought? Or are you one of those “last minute” folks that will wait until Thursday or (good Lord!) Friday evening to have the ship ready to sail?

What am I talking about? Well, I have a checklist that is broken down into two separate checklists.

Checklist 1: The week before

This list contains mostly paraphernalia and the like. It includes making sure that not only is the Buckeye flag that fly’s year round on the porch standing with perfection but adding the “in season” flag. The week before checklist reminds me that I have to make sure and dig out any gear that has been stored away for superstition purposes that can only be wore on game days and make sure that it is properly cleaned (or in some cases it is blasphemous to even consider cleaning it) and ready for use.

It reminds me to make sure all Buckeye blankets are properly placed throughout the house. It’s my list not yours.

Checklist 1 also brings attention to travel needs for road trips whether they be to the Olentangy River Road parking lots or to some venomous away stadium. Is the portable grille’s propane tank full and is there a backup? Are the drink and food coolers cleaned? You don’t want to have to deal with this stuff during game week. Get it done early, ergo checklist 1. Read More

Wednesday Night Rumble: Previews everywhere!

Written August 14th, 2013 by Jason

We’re a few days shy of two weeks until the Buckeyes kick off 2013 in Ohio Stadium against the Buffalo Bulls. I’ve got some thoughts on the news coming out of camp and we’ll continue looking ahead at 2013’s slate of games around the country and take a focused look at the month of October. It’s Wednesday, let’s rumble!

Camp notes

I mentioned last week that it is tough to report on camp when you’re not there watching it firsthand. I scour the Buckeye Nation blog sites (especially this one!) along with the major Ohio newspapers for stories on what is happening at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center. Here’s what has jumped out at me.

Camp Meyer, year 2 rolls on

Camp Meyer, year 2 rolls on


It came to light on Sunday that five freshman had already had their black stripes removed from their helmet: Walk-on wide receiver Joe Ramstetter along with Dontre Wilson, Ezekial Elliot, Mike Mitchell and Joey Bosa.

I think we all expected Wilson and Elliot to lose the stripes early in camp. Jalin Marshall and Vonn Bell shouldn’t be far behind. Bosa and Mitchell make me the happiest, especially Mitchell. The Buckeyes are thin at linebacker and even thinner at quality linebackers. Hearing that a highly regarded freshman is already making a name for himself is exactly what the Silver Bullets need.

Defensive depth chart

Joel Hale and Michael Bennett are the current starters on the interior of the defensive line with Adolphus Washington and Noah Spence on the outside. Tommy Schutt, per Urban Meyer’s depth chart press conference, is pushing Bennett and Hale for all their worth. I realize guys like John Simon, Jonathan Hankins and Nathan Williams are hard to replace. Putting it simply, this is not a bad start. Not bad at all! Read More

Wednesday Morning Rumble: Video Proof

Written July 31st, 2013 by Jason

Now that the world has seen it, the debate beings: What is to come of the fate of Carlos Hyde? You may be surprised at my reaction. Then again, maybe not because it involves common sense. It’s Wednesday, let’s rumble!

The Decision (bad topic heading)

It’s stupid that this has to be said, but I feel I’d better put it out there anyway. Neither I nor anyone here at The BBC is an advocate of hitting a woman. Unless your life is at risk of ending, you just don’t do it. Ok, let’s move on…

By the time you read this, Urban Meyer may have already announced his decision regarding Hyde’s current suspension and how much time he will end up serving away from the program (Ed- yup.). Let’s review the facts and draw a conclusion.

El Guapo smashing TTUN in 2012

El Guapo smashing TTUN in 2012

One and a half weeks ago word leaked that a Buckeye football player was in serious trouble for something he did that most would consider nearly unforgivable. Rumors go wild and a day later it is announced that Carlos Hyde has been suspended indefinitely due to his involvement in an incident at an Ohio State night club.

As days go by, the story goes from extraordinarily bad all the way to being of the “no big deal” variety until Yahoo! Sports releases a story saying that there is surveillance video from the club that shows Hyde is in fact innocent of the charges being placed on him by the general public, the national media and Buckeye haters all over the globe. Never mind that the Columbus Police Department has said there is an investigation but no formal charges filed.

At the close of last week, some lady who is a reporter in Columbus (that’s how much she matters to me and that goes for her station too) is given a private viewing of the video to “set the record straight” about what is actually on it and to try and dispel some of the outrageous rumors going around the internet. She claims it is apparent from her viewing that the alleged “victim” begins to slap El Guapo, who then raises his hands to defend himself and begins to walk away only to come back up on to the dance floor stage and definitely “make contact” in a “slap” or something of that nature to the girl. Read More

Wednesday’s Rumble: E. Gordon Gone

Written June 5th, 2013 by Jason

Good morning/afternoon/evening/whenever you are reading this! We are yet another week closer to the start of fall camp and finally having actual football to talk about. However, for now, the dead period rolls on. One of the things we’ve discussed is the importance of Ohio State football players keeping themselves out of the news during the dead period. Someone forgot to mention that idea to the schools president. It’s Wednesday, let’s rumble!

E. Moron Gee

E. Gordon Gee was the bow tie wearing “hipster” president at Ohio State. Certainly you’ve all seen him at one time or another and I’d bet most of you instantly cringe at the first letter of his name being pronounced. He’s been a maverick. He’s gone to other schools around the country and done some great work. He’s done some great work at Ohio State. But, it was time for him to go. And yesterday, he did the right thing for The Ohio State University and announced his retirement effective July 1st.

Make it stop

Make it stop

During a meeting on December 5th, 2012 with the Ohio State Athletic council, Gordo let a few huge bombs slip. What he didn’t know was that someone was recording it and sent it to Sports Illustrated.

Gee on Notre Dame: “The fathers are holy on Sunday, and they’re holy hell on the rest of the week. You just can’t trust those damn Catholics on a Thursday or a Friday, and so, literally, I can say that.”

When talking about what the Big Ten was looking for in a school during expansion Gee said the top goal is to “make certain that we have institutions of like-minded academic integrity. So you won’t see us adding Louisville.” Gee went on to add that the Big Ten wouldn’t be adding Kentucky, either. Read More

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