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Written February 18th, 2013 by Ken

I’m not sure what it means either..

Well, here we are, yet another Monday morning. I’ll assume everyone has their coffee in hand, so let’s  get right to it.

Personally, I’m ambivalent on bumper stickers, unless your rust bucket needs them to keep its fenders and bumpers in place. Well, you know at some point this had to happen, and in SEC country, no less.

A few days ago, Charles had an interesting article< on recommended football rules changes contemplated by the NCAA. Not that I think the recommendations are particularly interesting, but Charles’ interpretation of their impact certainly is. If you haven’t read the article, you should.

Women’s Basketball

In last week’s Musing’s, I thought that the team came off a couple games where I thought they showed substantial improvement. After the offensively inept Valentine’s Day loss (39-58) at Nebraska, I clearly was overly optimistic, or don’t know what I’m talking about.

Tayler Hill’s 20 points (7/22 FG, 32%) was probably the offensive highlight, such as it was. Her teammates combined shooting (9/41, 22%) didn’t take the pressure off her. The other eye-popping statistic was the team’s assist/turnover ratio of 3/13; you don’t need to go much beyond that to get the gist of offensive futility that night.

Hopefully, a week’s worth of shoot arounds before the Minnesota game will cure their ills.

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