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ESPN just announced that Rich Rodriquez has been linked to a booster that is banned by the NCAA.

COLUMBIA, S.C. — One of the business partners involved in the real estate venture at the root of a federal lawsuit against Michigan coach Rich Rodriguez is an accused felon and banned Clemson University booster.

The partner, Clegg Lamar Greene of Clemson, S.C., was arrested Dec. 29 and charged with multiple counts of breach of trust.


When he partnered up with Rodriguez in September 2007, Greene had already been banned twice from being a booster at Clemson. NCAA investigators accused Greene in 2000 of providing a $1,300 loan and use of his boat to two Clemson recruits.

Coming up for the rest of the week, Brian at MGoBlog will write six dissertations about how “these are not the droids you are looking for.”

It’s comical, in my opinion.

Remember the good old days, when Michigan bloggers only had to freak out about a report that said RichRod would be platooning three QBs against Western Michigan? That was four days ago.

Oh, the times, they are a-changin’.


Oh, and as you hear the whiny excuses over the next few days, keep this in mind…Rodriquez partnered himself with the guy BEFORE he was the head coach at Michigan. Yes, you’ll hear that excuse. Well, why the hell didn’t Bill Martin actually investigate who RichRod was before hiring the guy?

Michigan bloggers freaked out when they learned that their new stud QB was actually a coke dealer and declared “how DARE you ask us to investigate his past before we signed him to play at UM?”

That excuse isn’t going to fly with the guy that makes 2 million a year of Michigan money.

Bottom line – Michigan hired a guy who had partnered up with a felon that had been TOLD not to have contact with NCAA coaches and/or players. That’s at best stupid, at worst, unethical and potentially criminal.

You made the bed. Now lay down.

What’s that smell???

Written August 31st, 2009 by Jeff

Yesterday I discussed MGoBlog and how they made their blog “disappear” for two full days after the loss to Appalachian State. It was very amateurish and very cowardly, and we all had a good laugh at Michigan’s expense.

I also stated that the recent revelations about Michigan cheating in order to get their three solid wins last year would probably make Brian and MGoBlog want to run back into their hole again.

One thing I didn’t discuss is that when MGo finally returned to the blogosphere after Appalachian State, their banner was graced with a picture of a crying baby. Who knew that a crying baby would be their new head coach???

I smell PUSSY!

My God this just gets better by the minute, doesn’t it????

MGoBlog ready to “disappear” again….

Written August 30th, 2009 by Jeff

Immediately following the 2007 loss to Appalachian State, the most prominent Michigan blog, MGoBlog did the right thing and they took their lumps like men.

Oh, wait…..no they didnt. They shut down the site for two full days, much like what you’d expect out of complete cowards.

Expect similar behavior very very soon…..breaking news has the Wolverine faithful looking for another hole to crawl into.

Current Michigan players have recently described multiple situations in which their head coach, Rich Rodriquez, has knowingly violated NCAA rules and regulations.

The University of Michigan football team consistently has violated NCAA rules governing off-season workouts, in-season demands on players and mandatory summer activities under coach Rich Rodriguez, numerous players told the Free Press.

Players on the 2008 and 2009 teams described training and practice sessions that far exceeded limits set by the NCAA, which governs college athletics. The restrictions are designed to protect players’ well-being, ensure adequate study time and prevent schools from gaining an unfair competitive advantage.

Let’s get this straight…players from LAST year’s team were breaking rules that are designed to prevent schools from gaining an unfair advantage? So, they cheated and still finished 3-9?

Eleven Warriors tweets that San Diego State University was put on a 2-year probation after similar allegations were brought to light….and with actual CURRENT players making these allegations, it’s not looking pretty for Michigan to get out of this one unscathed.

Now granted, practicing on Sundays is not really up to speed with serious misconduct….like brokering a cocaine deal when you don’t have cocaine….but it’s the stuff that the NCAA does take action on.  This one is not going to get swept under the rug soon.

Fortunately for Buckeye fans, this one will keep us entertained for a long time.

Unfortunately for Buckeye fans, we won’t likely get to laugh at Rodriquez for years to come, because if this pans out the way we think it will, the Michigan boosters will liekly run him out on a rail.  After all, they didn’t pony up 4 million dollars to West Virginia to buy a 3-9 coach who gets their team banned from postseason.

Somebody get the popcorn, this one’s going to be entertaining!!!!

Mid-day wrapup

Written August 28th, 2009 by Jeff

Lots to discuss, so here we go;

On Monday morning, we’ll be announcing our new experiment/project that we hope will settle a lot of arguments regarding which NCAA conference reigns supreme.  Check with us Monday and see what you think…..


We’ve mentioned this here before, but let’s remind ticket-holders again – there is a growing call for fans to deliver a standing ovation to the Navy players when they take the field next Saturday against Ohio State.  We were first alerted to this movement by The Buckeye Blog, and since we heard about it two weeks ago, it’s developed into a full-blown movement.  Watch the video promotion here;

Yesterday, my mom….who is a Buckeye fan but by no means tuned in to the intricacies of the sport like you blog-readers are…..asked me if I had heard of this idea. If my mother knows about it, that means it’s getting the news coverage pretty heavy. I expect it to go over well next Saturday.

I believe this is a brilliant move. Our servicemen and servicewomen deserve the best treatment, and this is a classy way to give them their due before the game. Not often do our military men get a chance to be cheered loudly by over 100,000 people at once, and here’s their chance. Bravo to the people who came up with this idea.

If you have tickets to the game, thanks for taking part in what will surely be seen by millions of people all over ESPN, TBDSSP, and various other sports shows for weeks to come. May it become a tradition for every school that hosts a military academy for years to come.


Of course, no great idea goes unpunished. Brian at MGoBlog decides to take a huge dump in the middle of the party by disrespecting the Navy tribute, and accuses Ohio State fans of normally acting “like jerks”.  Of course, his holier-than-thou argument gets pierced pretty badly when he openly (and probably accidentally) admits that he’s been there when his fellow Michigan fans boo the likes of Eastern Michigan.

Attacking Ohio State when they want to honor men in military uniform?  Classy as always, Brian.  Douchebaggery knows no bounds in your neck of the woods.


Speaking of Brian, we caught wind that he decided to attack Ohio State fans last week with an article in The Sporting News.  Frankly, we can’t blame him….when you’re trying to avoid discussing your own 3-9 team whose star QB is a coke dealer that has no access to coke, you’ve gotta distract your readers with SOMETHING, right?

This time, though, he decided to lie about The BBC.  He posted an “OMG I’m so outraged” article about the fervor surrounding Ralph Gray Decker, and in doing so he linked a piece about harrassing Decker’s employer to our site here.  The BBC never once mentioned anything resembling personal info about Decker.

Brian then attributed a particularly nasty quote to this site.  Again, this site did not feature ANY violent threats of that sort.  We monitor all comments and those type of comments do not get published.  Brian, of course decided to claim that “every Ohio State blog” was posting attacks and personal info about Decker.  Again, lies.

We requested an apology from Brian through The Sporting News.  Like a true Michigan man, he ignored it.  Still, another Sporting News writer stepped up to the plate and offered The BBC our deserved apology;

littmann.tsn | Friday, August 21, 2009, 4:40 pm

@Jeff — I want to apologize, because a simple HTML mistake on my end made it look like we were attributing that comment to your blog, when in reality, Brian pulled it from www.ourhonordefend.com. I had an open tag that sucked some of that block quote into a black hole. My apologies. For what it’s worth, the inflammatory comment that Brian referenced was eventually removed from Our Honor Defend by their moderator, which was obviously the right thing to do.

While I don’t buy the argument that HTML made him do it, at least Brian’s employer has more courage and dignity than he does.
By the way, it should also be noted that The Sporting News own website has the disclaimer that comments made on their site are not the responsibility of TSN…but I guess that little nugget slipped past Brian while he was busy throwing rocks from his glass house.
Starting with the Navy game, The BBC will be doing liveblogging for each and every Buckeye game.  We have a few other blogs on board as well, so you can read the live chat from all over the blogosphere.  Make sure you join us!

The staff here at The BBC has been collaborating on a new idea, and it’s almost ready to launch. We can’t really provide any details about it at this point, because we’re not fully ready to push forward (and we don’t want anybody else to snag our idea out from under us while we’re still in the building process).

However, I can assure you that if everything goes as we plan, it will be of some significance to college football fans from the four top conferences (Big Ten, Big 12, Pac-10 and SEC).

So be sure to return on Monday and see what we have planned.


We here at The BBC love to watch the Michigan blogs squirm, especially when they find themselves backtracking on prior statements. Furthermore, they’ve become such sycophants that they fail to recognize the slightest chance that anything their beloved Wolverines do could POSSIBLY go wrong.

So imagine our delight when Rich Rodriquez recently announced that Michigan’s opening game would feature a three-quarterback showcase, starring the talents of Denard Robinson, Tate Forcier, and Nick Sheridan.

You see, the M blogs have been anxiously awaiting (what they believe to be) the second coming of Christ with Tate Forcier and Denard Robinson. Now their leader has announced that these two insta-stars will be sharing time with the guy who was a backup to Steven Threet. Something tells me that all is not well in practice sessions if Sheridan is getting playing time at all.

And that has created a small amount of panic in Ann Arbor.

So out come the blogs, trying to quell the fear and prove that their coach didn’t actually said what he said when he said it…..

Count us among the people who are looking forward to seeing how many QBs get snaps in Michigan’s opener next weekend. Of course, the Michiganders will deny they ever questioned RichRod if he actually does play 3 QBs.

Or maybe they’ll take their blogs down out of sheer embarrassment again (see September 2nd, 2007 through September 4th, 2007).

But either way, these guys have become a non-stop source of amusement.  Please don’t stop, guys.  Please.

You just KNOW this guy owns a comic book store

You just KNOW this guy owns a comic book store

Remember, Luke….the Forcier will be with you…..until he transfers at the end of the season.

Decker officially behind bars, charged with felony

Written August 24th, 2009 by Jeff

Again with the breaking news, Ken Gordon of the Columbus Dispatch reports that Ralph Gray Decker has had his simple battery charge upgraded to a felony and is now in jail.

Prosecutors last week said they were pursuing a felony charge based on the seriousness of Moeller’s injuries. And this morning, at 12:12 to be exact, Decker was arrested by the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Department.

He is currently in jail, held on a $20,000 bond. If convicted, the maximum sentence is five years in prison and a $5,000 fine.

Good. Now get that conviction and be done with it. Decker deserves his time behind bars. Unfortunately, it means that Decker can’t attend tonight’s open practice at Ohio Stadium.


Quick note – if you’re a Michigan blogger and you also work for The Sporting News, the aforementioned comment “Decker can’t attend tonight’s open practice at Ohio Stadium” is not meant to be interpreted as a potential threat to beat up Decker, nor is it a desire to see his home burned down and/or his dog’s new litter of puppies kidnapped. Please use your better judgment when interpreting such comments.

Symbolism completely escapes Michigan fans

Written August 7th, 2009 by Jeff

I’ve gotta admit, I’ve been on a bit of a tear against Michigan fans lately.  I feel a bit guilty about it. Screw them, here’s more.

Today, MGoBlog posted a story about an old van painted to look like a Michigan helmet, that has been autographed by dozens of the greatest Michigan players/coaches you could ever hope to assemble.  Judging by the looks of it, these autographs have been compiled over a span of at least two decades.

Bo Schembechler’s autograph is on this van.  So is Lloyd Carr.  Anthony Carter.  Jim Harbaugh.  Mike Leach.  TONS more.  Here’s a picture;

M van 2Apparently, the van had been on sale for as little as 2500 dollars recently, but had no buyers.

It’s gone unsold for a long time, and there are still no buyers.  I’m completely shocked by this story.  If this were a van painted like a Buckeye helmet and it had the autographs of Woody Hayes, Archie Griffin, and even HALF the numbers of players on it, it would already have been sold for at least 10 grand.  The damn thing could have no engine in it, and it’s still going to bring in 5 figures.

I’m baffled as to why it’s still unsold.  Even as a diehard Buckeye fan, I must admit – that van is pretty damn cool.

But the symbolism of the whole thing has escaped our friends in the Michigan blogosphere.

This is a picture of the aforementioned van, as it stands today – M van 3

Yes, that’s right – the wheels have come off.

And NOBODY up there sees the delicious irony in that???  Art imitating life, anybody????

To close it off, MGoBlog asks the following;

I don’t know what you do with a junked, wheel-less rusting old heap of bolts but if there’s anyone out there who can rescue this thing from its ignominious fate, my conscience would be indebted to you.

Ummmm, Brian?  Isn’t that what you hired Rich Rodriquez to do?  Rescue a junked, wheel-less rusting old heap of bolts?

Oh, how the mighty have fallen

Written August 2nd, 2009 by Jeff

Here at The BBC, we take great pleasure in mocking Michigan fans. For longer than I care to remember, they had the upper hand on us, having won 10 out of 13 games over Ohio State (thank you, John Cooper)…..and they were arrogant about it.

In my world, payback’s a bitch. So I have no qualms whatsoever about pointing out their feeble attempts to remain relevant in the college football world (and especially in The Rivalry).

The latest laugh I have had at Michigan fans involves their opener for the 2010 football season. When Michigan’s Athletic Department announced that a new opener was being signed to a contract, the denizens of Ann Arbor found themselves in a frenzy of joy. They actually labeled it as “a real opponent“, and Brian at MGoBlog rattled off a long list of teams that were possible and/or likely to be the mystery opponent. Among the potential opponents;

  • LSU
  • Cal
  • Oklahoma State
  • Georgia
  • Oregon State

All of them quality opponents with a lot to offer both Michigan and the college football world.  Any of these would be big, big news.

Imagine my laughter when the word escaped that the home-and-home BIG BIG announcement was that Michigan would open 2010 by playing host to…..Connecticut.

As an admittedly biased Ohio State fan, even I would begin to tout the benefits of playing Connecticut if the tables were turned….but the discussion has gone from biased fan to sycophantic worship in Wolverineville.

Today, the aforementioned Michigan blog actually posted the phrase “Kudos to Martin for scheduling the Huskies.” They struggled so hard to make it seem like Connecticut was THE best choice for Michigan football. Among the other “ZOMG this is teh AWESOME” points from that blog up north;

  • Praising UConn’s 34-29 record over the past five years, despite that barely-over .500 record being compiled in the Big East.
  • Having a 2-1 record in bowl games. They failed to mention who they defeated in bowls. Their wins? Against Buffalo in the International Bowl, and Toledo in the Glass Bowl. Wow.
  • They posted a picture of a player at Connecticut. That player doesn’t even play at UConn anymore.

But the most asinine comment of the day was used against Michigan fans who were reminding everyone that at least Ohio State plays USC and Penn State will play Alabama.

…it is far harder to schedule and defeat a big-name opponent in real life than it is in a video game (I note your examples of Alabama-Penn State, and Ohio State-USC and counter with the seven mediocre opponents that PSU and OSU combine for OOC this year).

You can “note” an example of USC all you want, guys…but guess who is among those “seven mediocre opponents” that MGoBlog is pooh-poohing???

Please take note that the previous game was played back when Sam McGuffie was still considered “tough”.

Actually, having re-watched that highlight of Michigan losing to Toledo (at home), maybe Michigan should have gone with an easier opponent. UConn might embarrass the Weenies after all.