The Week That Were: 10.27.12

Written October 29th, 2012 by MaliBuckeye

In spite of the huge win in Happy Valley on Saturday, I’m feeling a bit of the blues are in order for this week’s recap. So, enjoy some Collins, Cray, and Copeland.

It’d be easy to say that this week was “spook-tacular”, and “scary” for a lot of top teams, but that would be way to easy. So, let’s just admit that Saturday once again proved that we’re fans of the greatest sport in the world; because anything can happen once the ball is kicked.


As a promise to a “friend” that’s a Notre Dame fan who I’ve been justifiably ripping for the last ten years, we’re leading off this week with the Irish’s huge win in Norman over the Sooners.  Like most of America who pays attention to the sport, I imagined that Oklahoma would stomp a mud hole into Brian Kelley’s team- Stoop’s defense, high powered offense… not exactly playing Air Force here. So, because the Irish emerged victorious, undefeated, and “relevant” enough to bump up to the third ranking spot in the BCS, I tip my journalistic cap to them- particularly their defense, which is playing lights out this season.  Although they gave up their first* (non-official assisted) rushing touchdown to Oklahoma, they were able to keep Sooner QB Landry Jones guessing all night long. That’s not to say that we’re not without some controversy, as the “luck of the Irish” continued when Heisman Candidate Manti Te’o intercepted the Sooners late in the game to seal away the victory. Your perspective of the play will depend on your hopes prior to the game- Irish fans were elated, others thought that the initial play was a case of pass interference resulting in a ball that clearly touched the ground. At any rate, complaining about the officiating is better left to other fan bases; the Irish are undefeated, and have overcome all but one of the games that had people pointing to theirs as the toughest schedule in college football. Congrats indeed.

Although… How much of this gets pinned on Bob Stoops? “Big Game Bob”, as we’ve discussed before, has built a reputation on an early BCS championship and his ability to beat his rival. However, given the state of his rival over the past few years, is it really fair to continue to give him a pass for his team’s coming up short in these types of games? The loss to Notre Dame is the second at home this year… although, to be fair, both teams are undefeated currently. So, Sooner fans- enjoy that BCS win over Connecticut a few years back, and hope that things can get turned around in the B12 for your squadron in the near future.

Since we alluded to them, let’s talk Texas, shall we? It took some late game heroics by a McCoy (no, not that one) to keep from being beaten by Kansas.  You read that correctly… the Jayhawks and their “Coach by weight” strategy were within seconds of beating the Longhorns and turning the heat even higher up on coach Mack Brown. I’m not one to jump on a dead bandwagon- check out the great “post a picture of our defense” thread on Shaggy Bevo- but I still can’t figure out how the flagship school in one of the most talent rich states in the nation continues to struggle on the field. Granted, it may be the competition in the conference and adjacent conferences, but you’ve got to think they’d be able to be successful whether or not there’s a prodigy at quarterback.

Also in the B12, Kansas State, the new #3 in the BCS continues to roll, playing even with Texas Tech for a half and then making the adjustment necessary to blow out the Raiders in Lubbock. Read More

Silver Bullet Points Gets Musical

Written January 7th, 2011 by MaliBuckeye

Wanna listen to Chinese Democracy?

Stuff from around the webs, some Buckeye, some not. And yeah… I decided to jump in the old wayback machine and get out my highschool albums for this one.

Little Sister, hit the stage. She can’t help it, she’s coming of age: Lots of TCU billboards around Columbus these days, taking a shot at President Gee’s comments regarding their schedule by touting the Frogs’ win over Wisconsin.  Three things…

  1. While the sentiment is appropriate and appreciated, and TCU’s great season(s) are to be appreciated, the person to thank for this win is our ol’ buddy Bret Bielma. If not due to his ineptitude at clock management at the end of the first half and his decision to go away from the steamrollers to let Tolzien throw in the third quarter, there’s a different outcome.
  2. The billboards fail to mention that TCU pulled out of a game against the Buckeyes way back in the days of yore ( if “yore” means 2009).
  3. The billboards also forget that the Horned Frogs are fleeing the company of the Little Sisters for the greener pastures of the Big East. You know, the “Still not all that big sisters” of the BCS family. Oh, and the other “media darling”, Utah, is doing the same thing. Let’s see how many BCS games these teams get into over the next five years.

Enjoy the amazing things going on with your program and your BCS win, Frogs.  Call us when you’ve got 6 of them.

Read More Bowl: Middle Tennessee vs. Miami (OH)

Written January 5th, 2011 by Jay

Middle Tennessee (6-6, 5-3 Sun Belt) vs.
Miami (OH) (9-4, 7-1 MAC)
January 6, 2011 8:00 PM EST ESPN

Why watch this game if you're not from Middle Tennessee or Miami? Well, the commercials look promising...

History: This will be the first year that this particular bowl game is known as the Bowl, being previously named the GMAC Bowl.  The game pits a MAC school against a Sun Belt school currently.  Played annually in Mobile, Alabama, the 2001 edition of the game between Marshall and East Carolina set the record (at that time) for the highest scoring bowl game ever, concluding with a 64-61 Marshall victory in double-overtime.  Last year’s contest was also a high-scoring affair, with Central Michigan knocking off Troy by a score of 44-41 in another double-overtime thriller.

Cost of parking a regular vehicle for the 2011 game stands at $10 per vehicle.  Cost of parking an RV or motor-home is $25/day.  Awesome.

Middle Tennessee: The Blue Raiders, whose mascot appears to be a flying horse snotting out a lightning bolt, enter the game with a 6-6 record on the season.  They finished the year on a three-game winning streak to inch their way into bowl eligibility despite an up-and-down year that began with a loss to our Big Ten colleague Minnesota.

Get that horse a tissue

Middle Tennessee will be playing in only its third bowl game, the most recent of the previous two being last year’s 42-32 win over Southern Miss in the New Orleans Bowl.  Quarterback Dwight Dasher is a dangerous player, as evidenced by his 201 rushing yards from the QB position in last year’s bowl game.  Dasher is only the 15th player in NCAA history to throw for 5000 yards and rush for 2000 yards over the course of his college career.  Those numbers were achieved despite missing the first four games of the 2010 season due to a monetary loan-related suspension.  Dasher does have his weaknesses though, as he threw for 14 picks in his abbreviated season compared to only 6 touchdowns.

Read More

The Week That Were- Opening Weekend 2010!

Written September 6th, 2010 by MaliBuckeye

Late Sunday/early Monday during the season (what can I say- west coast timezone), tBBC will be bringing you reflections on that week’s game. And, since it’s always great to have mood music to read to, let’s start with this clip from Pitchfork’s top ten videos from the ’90′s

All is right with the world- football is back, baby! And what a slate of games we had… although, for Buckeye fans, it all seems anticlimactic after Thursday night, amiright?

Ignore Akbar at your peril

In case you’ve forgotten, Houston Nutt has a penchant for overtime games, being on the sidelines for several of the longest contests in history while at Arkansas.  The one thing, though- he needs to remember how to “win” in OT and not just “play for OT”, as the Rebels were upset Saturday by the Gamecocks of Jacksonville State. As a public service announcement, tBBC would like to remind you that Jeremiah Masoli is now 0-2 in his last two games. Best part? Ole’ Miss paid $300,000 for the pleasure of the upset. Almost as much fun as my favorite season opener ever.

We talked about Mich1gAAn during the livechat, and will do so again later on Monday. I will say this; their version of the wildcat offense looked pretty good. And UConn’s defense and offense looked pretty terrible. In my opinion, the highlight wasn’t the running game but something far more significant.

Kentucky’s new coach beat Louisville’s new coach, in the first match up of these two teams while each had an African American at the helm.  Interestingly enough, Kentucky’s three major programs (UK, UofL, WKU) are all led by African American head coaches- there are only nine others in Division 1A (FBS, whatever). For the Kats and Cards, it’s probably exciting to talk about coaches and not use the word “investigation” or “payoff“.

Late Saturday night “Ohio’s BCS Team” gave up a late comeback to lose to Fresno State… Are we sure they didn’t import the entire Western Michigan team along with their coach? In addition on Thursday, The Utes upset the Pitt Stachers, in overtime. Let’s see- UofL, UC, UConn, Pitt all blow opening weekend games… Yup, Big lEast it is. I hope Jim Delaney was watching as he ponders even more expansion options… each of these teams has a chance to win that conference. Read More

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