The Week That Were- 9.18.10

Written September 19th, 2010 by MaliBuckeye

This is being written on September 19th… that’s right, “International Talk Like A Pirate Day“. So, who better to lead us into this weeks’ recap than everyone’s favorite buccaneer, Mike Leach:

Of course, to get the full effect of the day, you’ll need to use the Pirate Translator for this webpage. Avast!

Speaking of Pirates, in the first half East Carolina looked to be adding their name to the list of teams to beat Virginia Tech. Hey, Broncos- that “big win against Virginia Tech” sure is helping your national championship hopes, isn’t it? Well, there’s always that game against powerhouse Oregon State coming up.

Since we’re talking about “out of conference games”- We suspected that UConn had lost quite a bit of their fastball from last year (their DB coach is now in Georgia), and had those suspicions reinforced in Ann Arbor a couple of weeks ago. The game this Saturday against the Cosby Chaneys of Temple proved it… you can stop calling the Huskies a “Big East Contender”, unless it’s immediately followed by derisive snickering.

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While we’re at it…

Written August 4th, 2010 by MaliBuckeye

A quick follow up on yesterday’s post, where we suggested that our favorite Wolverine might be leaving the program in the next few months. Again, just speculation based on teammate’s perceptions and family history.

News is that our second favorite Wolverine might also be in jeopardy of not joining the team in Columbus on November 27th.

Knowing the sting of grade related attrition, we certainly wish Mr. Shaw the best of luck with his academic endeavors; should he not be a part of The Game this year, our minds will linger instead on his last visit.