tBBC Preview: The Game

Written November 28th, 2013 by Ken


The #3 Ohio State Buckeyes (11-0, 7-0) head north for their home-away-from-home game against the TTUN Gulo gulo’s ¹ (7-4, 3-4). The Buckeyes look to continue their habit of winning, 23 in a row (impressive, no?) while the Whatevers look to regain respectability (hahaha).  This will be the 110th time The Game will be contested, so we’ve been doing this for a while. Playing football, not blogging.. Since the beginning of this century (2001) Ohio State holds a 10-2 edge. Now for this year’s edition:

¹ Gulo is Latin for ‘glutton’. Surprised?

Ohio State on Offense

Carlos Hyde... grown man.

Could see a lot of this…

Ohio State brings the top scoring team in the conference (48.7 ppg and 531 ypg), which is 12 points and 100 yards per game better than last year’s undefeated team. The tempo is a bit higher, running 75 plays per game this year, compared to 70 last year.

This offensive touchstone for this season was accomplished last week with Carlos Hyde achieving the 1,000 yard mark. As you’re aware, this was Coach Meyer’s first 1,000 yard rusher and validation for Hyde for his patience and dedication. And a testament to the OSU offensive line.

In contrast, TTUN brings a so-so defense to The Game, (25 ppg, 353 ypg), ranking a meh 7th and 5th in the Conference, respectively. TTUN gives up 116 YPG rushing but with Ohio State averaging 315 YPG rushing, that wall will be breached by halftime. With OSU averaging 216 YPG and TTUN allowing 237 YPG, average performance by both units will work out well for the Buckeyes.

Ohio State on Defense Read More

Wednesday MORNING Rumble: 10 days!

Written August 21st, 2013 by Jason

We are 10 days away from kickoff in Ohio Stadium! Can you feel it?! The excitement is real and the anticipation is high for 2013. Let’s take a look at the few things we’ve gathered from practices since we last met and finish our look at the college football schedule from a national perspective as we look at November and December. It’s Wednesday, let’s rumble!

What we know

1.       Suspensions

After a quiet spring and early summer, the suspension total from off-field shenanigans added up pretty fast. As it stands currently: Carlos Hyde will miss 3 games, Bradley Roby a minimum of 1 with potential for more to be added, Rod Smith will miss the opener while Najee Murray and Marcus Baugh are out indefinitely.

Rod Smith: Out for the opener

Rod Smith: Out for the opener

The one with the most to lose, in my humble opinion, has to be Rod Smith. Compliments of the stupidity of Hyde not walking away from an enraged “woo girl” at a club, Smith was going to be given the chance to see a starters share of the carries in the opener against Buffalo. There’s no question that Urban Meyer wants to move Jordan Hall all over the field, thus giving Smith plenty of opportunity to tote the rock.

Who knows, if he holds onto the ball showing he’s overcome the little bit of “fumble-itis” he showed last season and chews up 100 yard games in the first three, maybe he makes it very tough for them to take the ball out of his hands and just give the lion share of the load to El Guapo? It’s certainly possible. Instead he’ll have to watch as Bri’ontee Dunn or Warren Ball get those carries and get quality game reps. Now he has to convince Meyer and his staff that they should take the ball out of the hands of Dunn or Ball and give it to him. And if either of those two, or both, look good in the opener, why should they hand Rod Smith the keys to the Porsche especially knowing that one of the offenses leaders is returning two weeks later? Read More

Picks For The Weak- Week One

Written August 29th, 2012 by WVaBuckeye

It’s here! Week one of the college football season is upon us and it’s time for tBBC College Pick-Em Challenge and my few thoughts on some of the games I picked. I am usually a perfectionist and like to do a lot of research about teams before making an educated guess, but today I am against a deadline and will go with my gut instincts on these. Let’s get started with the top match-up of the very young season. Follow this link to sign up for our pick-em and enjoy the season!

Flexing the Sparty defensive muscle, breaking the Broncos

#13 Michigan St. v. #24 Boise St. – Coach Chris Petersen is one of the better coaches in the country and has had the Bronco’s on the cusp of greatness. He’s turned down some overtures from top programs to stick with what he has built and has an opportunity to pull off a shocker in East Lansing this Friday night. He’s got some talent on his high-powered offense that can crack MSU. It’s not going to happen though as this Sparty team possesses one of the best defenses in the country and are coached by one of my favorites in Mark Dantonio. This wont be a season where Sparty is, well . . , Sparty. MSU 21 – 7

Not sure he will be eating as much as he gets ate by the Alabama D

#2 Alabama v. #8 TTUN – Denard Robinson and TTUN have an opportunity this weekend to send a message to the rest of the country that Wolverweenie football is truly back. The problem with that task is that they are playing the team that won the BCS Title last season and may be just as good this season. Alabama will be on a mission this year and they may have a shot at playing for the title outside of the SEC as USC appears to be the favorite. TTUN will put up a good fight this weekend and gain some respect for the B1G but they wont last against a very talented and well coached Crimson Tide. Alabama 21 – 10 Read More

tBBC Rewind – Memories of Ann Arbor

Written September 22nd, 2011 by Jeff

Tomorrow marks the 5th anniversary of this website. Holy crap, my blog is in Kindergarten already (that makes sense, because when I was running it a couple years ago, it always did seem kinda like pre-school).

The guys have asked me to submit my favorite memory from the 5-year history of the site, but that was nearly impossible. There were way too many great memories, but I think I found the one that I like the most.

Everyone has a story about how horrible the fans are of their rival school. It seems to go with the territory….”I hate (university) because their fans are the worst. One time, I saw (university’s fans) do (something awful).” Yeah, we have those fans at Ohio State. I know it, I’ve seen them and it’s embarrassing. But you know what….your school has them too. Sadly, most of the tales of bad behavior never get countered with a mention of the good side of the fan base.

The following is the story of my day at Michigan Stadium from the 2009 version of The Game, in which I encounter some of the most horrifying episodes of fans in jackass mode….and some of the nicest people you could ever share a rivalry with. Enjoy.


I’ve missed you all. Did you all get along while I was out of town?

You saw the game, you know how it went down. There’s not much that I can add to the actual contest between Ohio State and Michigan. We could go over each and every play (which we just might), but it’s not anything that you haven’t read on the internets already.


We went north until we smelled it....

My review, therefore, will be about my encounters and my experiences in Ann Arbor on Saturday. Trust me, it was one hell of a day.

The trip from Canton, Ohio to Ann Arbor, Michigan clocks in usually at 3:40, but we knew there would be traffic and whatnot, so we left around 5am. Yikes. Now is as good a time as any to point out that I went to the game with my best friend, Megan and her boyfriend, Tony….both of them are Michigan fans. I know, I know.

We hit traffic five miles outside of Ann Arbor, and the result was a feeling of relief that we had left so early in the morning. We found a campus parking lot and began our walk towards the infamous golf course/tailgate area. Read More

Photoshop Friday: Return to Glory!

Written February 4th, 2011 by Jim

Will Brady Hoke return Michigan to the glory of 9-3 seasons? I don’t know, but I feel like we have been down this road before…

The Hits Keep Coming, More Michigan Fun

Written April 29th, 2010 by Jim

Michigan Football

This is probably piling on, but hey, that doesn’t make it any less funny.

History’s taught us Rich Rodriguez will try to win now

First of all, what a title. I am glad that Rodriguez is going to start trying to win now… what was he doing in his first two seasons?

The whole article is humorous, here are some highlights:

You know it’s bad for a guy when Joe Biden can use your name at a memorial service and turn it into an applause line. An applause line! I’ve been to a few funerals and memorial services and I have never heard applause at the mere mention of a single person. With the departure of Matt Millen, Rodriguez has quickly become the least popular person in Michigan sports. And in some ways, you have to give him credit for a near-meteoric rise. On the field and off, almost all the Michigan Football news has been bad. And almost all of it can be attributed to him.

Yeah, that is pretty bad (if you don’t know what this is referring to, check out the 2:10 mark in this video). Read More

Everyone Point and Laugh at Michigan

Written April 28th, 2010 by Jim

John Clay looks forward to the new, "athletic" defenders that Michigan will be putting on the field.

After three years under Rich Rodriguez, Michigan still doesn’t know what the hell they are doing on defense.


While they are talking about being versatile and situational, the Wolverines’ base will be a 3-3-5 — three down linemen, three linebackers and five defensive backs.

Well, at least it seems it will be a 3-3-5.

“You can say 3-3 whatever, but seriously, it’s like our own defense,” Michigan defensive lineman Greg Banks said after the spring game.

Yeah, well, you know, that’s just like, uh, your opinion man.

After losing their two best players (by far) on defense in Brandon Graham and Donovan Warren (who left after his Junior season and didn’t get drafted, point and laugh) the Wolverines continue to struggle to find a scheme to disguise their lack of talent. Read More

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