William Buford had an incredible night, scoring the game winner with one second left on the clock.

Gritty defense, offensive runs, and a desire to win was the name of the game at the Breslin Center, as the team that controlled their own destiny did everything they could to keep their little brother from a share at the conference title.

Thad Matta and his Buckeye Roundballers had something to say about that in the second half.  Down as much as 15, Ohio State had just the spirited effort needed in the second frame needed for a solid tournament run.

It was the often discredited senior William Buford hitting the winning fade from the top of the key with .8 seconds left in the 72-70 victory to end the regular season.

Early, it looked like turnovers, transition basketball and fast break points were going to do the Buckeyes in. Throughout the length of the first half, it was a lack of execution on offense, a breakdown on the wings defensively, and the continued collapsing of the paint defensively  by the Michigan State Spartans that was the difference.

The green and white had 5 points off turnovers, 7 fast break points and a 14-7 lead with just five minutes played in the ballgame. But of course, that wasn’t enough.

After the first media timeout, former Valpo guard Brandon Wood went on a 8-0 run on his own. After a coast-to-coast layup off a steal off a beautiful pass from Draymond Green, Wood dialed up long distance off a Derrick Nix rebound pushed up the flor to freshman Travis Trice who found Wood open at the top of the key. A minute later after a pair of Aaron Craft free throws, Trice would get the basketball in mid air on perfectly timed Derrick Nix block that led to another transition three pointer that made it 19-7.

After the 15-2 run, Michigan state sat comfortable at 22-9.

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Rob Harley Is A… Spartan!

Written January 7th, 2012 by MaliBuckeye

Still Bleeds Scarlet And Gray

It’s not often that we here at tBBC celebrate great things that happen in East Lansing… well, there’s one regular occurrence, and we give major props to graduate work completed there (Eric- what’s taking so long?).

That being said, today we are excited to announce that Coach Dantonio has added even more Buckeye to his staff, as our favorite ESPN personality and Ohio Dominican coach Rob Harley adds green and white to his wardrobe as a member of the Michigan State Spartan football program.

I’m tempted to list this as the first known “Sparty YES!!” moment in the school’s history.

We alluded to this on Christmas, but wanted to hold off until he’d announced it to the rest of the world- and Rob did so Friday evening. Personally, we were really hoping that he’d get the open gig at Penn State, but I’m sure they know what they’re doing (not really).

Rob will be a graduate assistant with Coach Dantonio, and will have his role developed over the coming months. GA, Coach, whatever- he’ll always be a Buckeye, and we’re excited for this opportunity in his life. Heck, he’s got twice the reason to hate That School Up North now.

Best of luck, Rob- We’ll be cheering for you always even if we might want your team to lose on occasion!

Notes from the 2010-11 basketball season

Written April 12th, 2011 by Jay

Now that the proverbial dust has settled from the 2010-2011 men’s college basketball season, it’s time to reflect a bit on the season past and pick out of a few of the headlines, highlights, or otherwise newsworthy items that seemed to define this season.  Obviously it was a great season for Buckeye fans, and one item of note for college basketball fans in general was the play of our team, and particularly Jared Sullinger, but for now we’ll save the Buckeye-centric comments and take a broader view.

There is always a lot of chatter about the different major conferences, comparing their strengths and weaknesses, arguing for which conference is the toughest, and celebrating wins over teams from other conferences early in the season.  This season was no different in terms of the boasting, but in a number of ways this really was the Season of the Big East.  This isn’t an argument for the Big East’s superiority – just an observation that week-to-week the Big East was getting a lot of attention due to its number of quality teams.  Certainly the Tournament Selection Committee bought into that impression, granting 11 NCAA Tournament berths to teams from the conference, including a #1 seed for regular season Big East champion Pittsburgh.  Although three of the four most highly seeded Big East teams lost in only the second round of the tournament (Pitt, Notre Dame, Syracuse), it was Big East Tournament winner UConn that took care of business, claiming the NCAA Tournament title as well. Read More