Ohio State Falls to Michigan 64-49

Written January 5th, 2014 by Charles

Alston's team high 15 points weren't enough for the win.

Alston’s team high 15 points weren’t enough for the win.

After opening Big Ten play with an upset win over 17th ranked Purdue, the Ohio State women’s basketball team looked to continue their great start to conference play as they hosted the hated Michigan Wolverines.  Michigan entered the game 9-4 with a narrow loss to #15 LSU and a loss in the season opener to Bowling Green, who handled Ohio State one of their 6 losses.

Ameryst Alston got things going early, hitting a three pointer on the first possession to open the scoring.  Ohio State struggled to follow that and Michigan went on a 16 to 4 run to take a 16-7 lead just over nine minutes into the game.  The two teams began trading baskets though neither team shot particularly well.  The Buckeyes weren’t helped by struggles with turnovers (8 in the first half) and fouls (8 in the first half compared to only 4 for Michigan) but at least got a bit of a break as the Wolverines also struggled to take care of the ball (9 turnovers).  When the horn sounded for halftime, Michigan led 25-13.

After shooting amazingly well against Purdue, the first half was a disaster for the Buckeyes as they only shot 19% from the field while going 1 of 12 from three point range.  Fortunately the OSU defense kept the Wolverines from completely taking advantage, limiting Michigan to 35% from the field.  Rebounding also went Michigan’s way as they grabbed 28 boards to OSU’s 18.

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Hooray! One final chance to make fun of TTUN in 2013!


Kansas State (7-5, 5-4 B12) vs. Michigan (7-5, 3-5 B1G)

December 28, 2013 1o:15 PM ET ESPN

The history: This is the 25th edition of the game. Since it began in 1989, the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl has been played in Arizona at three stadiums. For the first 10 years, the game was played at Arizona Stadium, on the campus of the University of Arizona in Tucson. In 2000, the game was moved to Bank One Ballpark, a baseball-only stadium in Phoenix. In 2006 the game moved to Sun Devil Stadium at Arizona State University in Tempe to replace the Fiesta Bowl which had moved to University of Phoenix Stadium.

The game was formerly known as the Copper Bowl from 1989 until 1996 when sponsorship and naming rights were assumed by Insight Enterprises and it became the Insight.com Bowl (1997 to 2001), and then the Insight Bowl. For 2012, Buffalo Wild Wings assumes sponsorship after Insight Enterprises elected not to renew the fifteen-year agreement. It has featured teams from the WAC, the Big 12, the Big East and Pac-10. Starting in 2006, the Insight Bowl began featuring an annual matchup between teams from the Big Ten and the Big 12.



Kansas State scouting report: After a Fiesta Bowl appearance last season, the Wildcats had high hopes with a high flying offense. But the defense was decimated by graduation and any visions of grandeur were blurred by a 2-4 start. They rebounded to win five of six but only held four opponents under 20 points all season.

Jake Waters sparked the passing offense, completing nearly 60 percent of his throws for almost 2,200 yards. His favorite target was Tyler Lockett, who snatched 71 balls for 1,146 yards and 8 touchdowns. When it came to running from the QB position, Daniel Sams took charge with 784 yards and a team-leading 11 touchdowns. John Hubert led with 968 yards while scoring nine times. Read More

Inside Ohio State: Urban Meyer on The Game

Written November 29th, 2013 by MaliBuckeye

Finally, it’s time for The Game.

Ohio State versus “that school up North.”

In this exclusive from the team at Campus Insiders, Urban Meyer discusses his strategy to beat the Wolverines, go 12-0, and put the Buckeyes in position to secure a spot in the BCS Championship.

And if you’re not sufficiently excited for The Game yet, check out this amazing video from the Ohio State Athletic Department: Read More

What Do you Want to See on Saturday? The Game

Written November 29th, 2013 by Gary Russell II

This week is THE GAME and and the game we have all been waiting for.  I’m sure this article also has the wishes you have all been waiting for.  Let’s see ‘em guys and gal:


  1. Carlos Hyde - Needs 134 yards to reach the 1,200 yard mark. Do it.
  2. Defense - TTUN has been held to < 200 yards total offense 2 of last 3 games. Make it 3 of 4.
  3. Takeaways - 2; Any combination of interception/fumble.
  4. No Injuries
  5. A Win
  1. Silver Bullets - Crush their run game, make Gardner scared to take a snap, break their spirit.
  2. El Guapo - Monster truck
  3. Points – And lots of them. Mercy is for the week. Time to put these people firmly in their place.
  4. No Punts - Simple enough.
  5. Take it to the House – Special teams or a defensive touchdown. I’d prefer one of each.
  1. A Fast Start - Take the crowd out of it early.
  2. Hit Gardner - He has taken lots of hits this season, continue that and make him worry about protecting himself.
  3. No Rushing Allowed - In losses to MSU and Nebraska M*ch*g*n was held to negative yards on the ground, let’s do that.
  4. No Turnovers
  5. No Injuries
  6. TBDBITL Being Amazing – Force the crowd to acknowledge that they got beat at halftime too. Read More

When Fans Go Too Far: M*ch*g*n and Devin Gardner

Written November 25th, 2013 by Charles

When Twitter goes too far.

When Twitter goes too far.

A big part of what makes college football so special is the passion of those connected to it: the players, the coaches, the band, the fans, etc.   This passion and the intensity of emotions that it causes is what makes college football so great, it causes players to play harder and make spectacular plays that seem beyond their ability, it causes band members to devote hundreds of hours to practice in order to make the band and to get to perform at the game, and it causes fans to get up at ridiculous times and drive a few hours just to stand outside in often inclement weather to cheer on some kids that they don’t know personally. 

However, like all good things, too much passion can be a bad thing and can cause people to go too far.  This is most easy to see when a team loses and its fans have to find some outlet for the anger, disappointment, and frustration they feel.  While most fans deal with these emotions in most appropriate, or at least harmless, ways, that isn’t true for everyone.  Some fans go too far and react in ways that are inappropriate or even illegal.  We have all probably had the unfortunate experience of seeing a fan attack an opposing fan, either verbally or physically, after a loss or engage in some sort of destructive act against physical property.

Technology has changed not only how we follow games but how we deal with losses.  In the past fans would probably go to a bar, complain about things to other fans over a few drinks, and then go home, all under the watchful eye of a bartender and bouncer who would keep things from going too far.  The invention of message boards made it easier for fans to reach out to other fans to commiserate with over a loss without the need to go to a bar.  This has obviously been a boon for fans who are spread around the world, it also can cause anger to fester and grow as there is rarely a watchful eye to put a stop to things; fortunately the fact that most message board posters are at home when posting serves as a nice safety mechanism there.  Twitter has provided yet another change with how fans interact as now they can not only share their thoughts with other fans, they can even do so with some of the players on their teams.  While this can have the benefit of increasing a feeling of community, it also makes it easy for fans to lash out in inappropriate ways toward student athletes.

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Pick ‘em: Who wants to win?

Written November 22nd, 2013 by Scott

We’ve got two weeks left.

The question is “who wants it?” Gary started out on fire while I stunk Big-10-logoup the place.

But I have managed to close the gap the last couple weeks and one game separates us thanks to my brilliance the last half of the season.

Recapping last week, Gary went 3-2, missing the Northwestern and Sparty games. I was 4-1, whiffing on Northwestern as well.

Interesting games this week. Several could go either way and we are both apparently being cautious with our picks.

“I have to get serious now because I’m done letting (Scott) get back in this thing,” Gary said.

He likes OSU, Sparty, Michigan, Purdue, Wisconsin and Penn State. I agree with him on OSU, Northwestern, Michigan and Whiskey. I would love to take Iowa and Northwestern as upset specials, but I’ve got a chance to win and I refuse to do anything stupid. I’ll go along with Penn State just to stay on pace with Gary, but I can’t take Purdue. Even though it’s a road game, I’m gonna take the Illini. I have confidence in them. Someone else doesn’t.

“Illinois apparently never wants to win in the B1G again,” Gary quipped.

Yes they do and yes they will.

So to recap:

  • Gary takes OSU, Sparty, TTUN, Purdon’t, Whiskey and the Sanduskys.
  • Scott is countering with OSU, Sparty, Brady Joke, Chief Illinidrek, Whiskey and State Penn.


  • Gary 23-10
  • Scott 22-11

The Week That Were: 11.16.13

Written November 18th, 2013 by MaliBuckeye

In a week full of surprises, this is a pretty good soundtrack for your Monday morning reading.

Sometimes life gives you some unexpected gifts.  You’re set up on a date to be a wingman for a friend who’s girl has a cousin in town, and you end up in an amazing marriage together. You open a book and find an old letter from a friend that you’d forgotten about. A seldom worn jacket has cash in the pocket.  Mowing the grass reveals a dog you’d forgotten you had. You let a friend borrow your truck and he has it detailed while he’s got it.

Emptying A Small Lake

Emptying A Small Lake

On second thought, that last one probably means that he used it to transport a body or something.  Let’s move on.

This week in college football was like that- on paper, there weren’t any marquee “games of the century”. But, as we know, games aren’t played on paper- instead the tiny men who square off in our TV sets gave us some fantastic finishes and an incredible weekend of sports.

Let’s start in the B12… We give Charlie Weis and the Jayhawk program a lot of well deserved grief hereabouts, so I’ll be among the first to celebrate their win over the couch fire that has become the West Virginia program. It’s hard to say that Coach Holgorsen might be in a bit of a rebuilding year, but it’s certainly difficult to see the Mountaineer program fall so quickly from the tops of the conference.

That’s not to take anything away from Kansas- great win, gang. However, let’s not get all carried away, shall we?

Ohio State fans are certainly well aware of the Baylor Bears, who now are poised to jump the Buckeyes in the “we’re still totally making this up as we go” BCS standings. Baylor continued their undefeated season with a big win over Texas Tech on Saturday, a Raiders team that was a media darling following a soft early season schedule, but has now dropped four straight games.  What the #narrative won’t tell you as they tout Baylor’s 63-34 win is that the Bears were trailing 20-7 in the first quarter.  But hey… shiny!

With all the firepower that the Bears bring to the table one of the surprises is that it was Tech that gave us our first “catch of the week” nominee. For another angle,  check this out:


Interestingly enough, the B12 also brings us the hit of the week, which was 100% targeting. It’s a Vine, but check out the shot that this trooper puts on this fan who decides that he wants to be a part of the action… If only Stoops’ team had tackled that well against Baylor. Read More

The Week That Were: 11.09.13

Written November 11th, 2013 by MaliBuckeye

Today’s soundtrack thanks our Veterans for all that they’ve done

Ok, class… time for a quiz.  What did we learn this week?


Cathartic, I’m Sure

We learned that the template for beating Oregon has not changed. Control the ball and the clock with power running, Don’t turn the ball over, Take advantage of turnovers, and Hold on for dear life.

While this would seem to be the obvious solution to beating any team, Stanford has certainly shown that it’s a template for stopping one of the most powerful offenses in the country. By continuing to do so on Thursday night, the Cardinal looked like Ohio State and Auburn and LSU… and the Duck Dynasty were bumped off the path to the National Title game.

If that wasn’t enough, on Saturday the Head Duck even showed his newest uniform… and this one will probably not be welcomed with open arms in Eugene.

We also learned something that we should have already known; sometimes these are the most difficult of lessons.  Even here at tBBC we’ve highlighted again and again that “Big Game Bob” is a myth, that other than a BCS game against UConn (not a difficult thing, no matter what Michigan fans will tell you) and some wins over Texas during their programmatic slide, the Sooners have not managed to win the big one at anywhere near a dominant success rate.

We're Disappointed Too

We’re Disappointed Too

Even this year they were embarrassed by a Texas Team that was searching for it’s identity, and have a “quality win” over a Texas Tech team who’s now dropped three in a row. We should have known better than to expect wonders from the team from Norman, but there Buckeye fans were, hoping that they’d handle a Baylor team that’s been setting scoreboards on fire.

We forgot that they have no downfield passing game, and their running game is predicated on a fullback at quarterback. And so, even though it looked close at the outset, we couldn’t be too surprised when Oklahoma collapsed in a heap of it’s own making.

And Baylor? Well, Baylor continues to look absolutely fabulous. With contests against TTU, TBPU and Texas upcoming in their season, the Bears are by no means shoo-ins for the conference title, but the path is pretty clear.

To be fair to the Longhorns, they’ve turned the season around and remained undefeated after their overtime win in the first Texas trip to Morgantown as a part of the new conference configuration. Judging by the responses on Shaggy Bevo, fans are somewhat torn by this turn of events- Winning is good, but how can they fire Mack if he manages to bring home a B12 Title this year? Read More

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