Deuces, baby…

Written August 31st, 2010 by MaliBuckeye

Who’s ready for football?

Top 25 Buckeyes of the Decade: #3 Mike Doss

Written August 23rd, 2010 by Jim

The Buckeye Battle Cry will be counting down the Top 25 players of the past decade all spring/summer.  Every Monday and Thursday, Jim will be announcing a new player.  Our #1 player will be presented on Monday, August 30th.  Three days later, the 2010 season officially begins.  To view the previous entries in our Top 25, click here.

Mike Doss (2000-2002)

They say that safety is the ‘quarterback’ of the defense, and no player epitomized this concept more than Mike Doss. A three time All American at strong safety, Doss was the heart and soul of Ohio State’s defense for three years. Without a doubt, Doss’ emotional decision to return for his senior year was the spark that started the national championship run in 2002.

Doss had an uncanny ability to make a huge play just when the team needed it the most. Against Michigan in 2001, in the National Championship game, and in many other close games, time after time Doss would haul in an interception or make a big play at a key moment that turned the momentum of the game.

If you watch highlights from teams that Mike Doss was a part of, it is remarkable how often Doss makes an appearance. Read More

Dropping a deuce – Part Three – Mike Doss

Written September 3rd, 2009 by Jeff

Two days before kickoff.  48 hours.  Are you ready?

In keeping with the tradition of our countdown format, we bring you a player who has worn #2 for the Buckeyes.  But Jeebus, who to pick????  Oh, the hell with it…..let’s just do a series of our #2 legends!

Part 3 belongs to a guy from Canton, Ohio – Mike Doss.

Makin' the Buckeye legends happy

Makin' the Buckeye legends happy

When the 2001 season ended, Ohio State had compiled a 7-5 record and lost their bowl game. Junior defensive back Mike Doss was already hearing the NFL calling his name. Nobody would have said boo if he declared himself eligible for the draft.

But he saw something in the Buckeyes that the rest of the NCAA didn’t. He saw the realistic potential for a National Championship the following season. So he stayed. A rookie coach with a 7-5 squad, and he wanted to stay and win a title….damn, THAT is pride!

“My one goal, it was to win a National Championship. I won a championship on every level since I was 8 years old, and to come back and to get it done, I give all glory to God, and I thank the best damn fans in the land.”

A simple request to any Buckeye fan who ever runs into Doss – make sure you THANK the man for that. He stayed on and you know what happened….he didn’t lose a single game in his senior season, and that 14-0 Buckeye squad won the whole enchilada down in Tempe.

One last note – go back and look at the picture at the top of this post again….look at the faces on the sidelines behind Doss. Ever seen Eddie George and Kirk Herbstreit look so happy?