tBBC Roundtable: Ohio State Recruiting 2013

Written February 7th, 2013 by MaliBuckeye

After a momentous day for Buckeye football, and after a few frosty beverages, here’s the staff’s reflections on the epic 2013 recruiting class!

Charles Brought Us A New Table!

Charles Brought Us A New Table!

Who’s the player on offense/defense who will make the biggest impact during his career at OSU?

Ken: Mike Mitchell. I think he has potential to have a Spielman/Katzenmoyer type career at OSU

WVa: Offense: I am going to go with one that has been in the fold for a good bit. Jalin Marshall is the guy I see coming in right away and contributing and will have a great career in Scarlet and Gray.

Defense: Tracy Sprinkle is my guy here. He looks to me to be the perfect fit to take over where Nathan Williams left off and really reminds me of my favorite Buckeye to come out of WV Darrion Scott. Good size and plays low and will show early what he has in that motor that never quits.

Tim: For me, the player who will make the biggest impact will be Cam Burrows. There is a question of whether he will play safety or corner at OSU, but wherever he finds himself playing, he will be an impact player on defense. His combination of size and speed could enable him to be a great one.

Jason: Jalin Marshall. All these kids have tremendous talent and endless possibilities, so I’ll put my eggs in the basket of the one who’s the best player in Ohio

Eric: The biggest impact defensively is likely going to be on the Defensive Line, where the Buckeyes are going to be making up the most ground.  A good freshman, like Joey Bosa, could step in and really make life easier for the defense.

Offensively, that’s a little trickier.  The answer is going to be whoever manages to fill the playmaker role for Urban Meyer the best.  It could be Ezekiel Elliott, James Clark, or Jalin Marshall.  It could also be any one of a dozen others who may prove to be extremely effective as a fast, shifty, playmaker.

Mali: I think that we’re going to see some amazing things from Dontre Wilson… I watch what DeAnthony Thomas does in Eugene, and what Harvin did with Meyer at Florida, and I can’t help but envision some fireworks from the moment he steps on campus.

I’m also excited to see what Chris Worley will bring to the table- a safety that hits like a linebacker, or a linebacker that can run with receivers… as the game gets faster, it’ll be great to have a counterpunch.

What new recruit will most likely see early playing time? Who redshirts? Read More

Is It Time To Ban Silver Bullet Points? That’s Debatable

Written May 9th, 2012 by MaliBuckeye

May’s second midweek madness gets existential. The big story of the day was the “discussion” about the future of our favorite sport- more on that after the jump.

Well, shoot.

Buckeye 411

But one thing is for sure – Urban Meyer will bring hardware back to Columbus with him before all is said and done. Gold pants, B1G titles and crystal footballs. For everyone who has piled on over the last twelve months – from those in Ann Arbor, Madison, and SEC country to those posted up at the headquarters of ESPN, Sports Illustrated and The Sporting News – there’s simply no way around it. Urban Meyer wins, and he wins big.

The benefactor? THE Ohio State University.

Read More

Alex Anzalone Decommits- Quick Thoughts

Written May 4th, 2012 by MaliBuckeye

“May you live in interesting times”- Ancient Curse

With news today that PA linebacker Alex Anzalone has both decommitted from Ohio State and is no longer considering the Buckeyes, it has certainly been an interesting week for Ohio State Football recruiting.

First, Lewis Neal acknowledged that his jumping on the Buckeye Bandwagon and that he needed to slow down and assess his future before making a solid commitment.

Anzalone’s change of heart was the second of the week, but could easily be seen as the third; since Buckeye “lock” Mike Heuerman decided instead to head to Notre Dame.

Interspersed in all of this was the story of Charles Waugh, a registered Kentucky sex offender who interacted with a number of Ohio State recruits on twitter and facebook; and even met up with several (Anzalone and Heuerman included) at the Spring Game.  For the most in-depth coverage of this, please see the work that Luke Zimmerman did over at Land-Grant Holy Land.

So, here are some things that are currently rattling around the ol’ brainbucket here at Mali Manor:

  1. I’m willing to go out on a limb and say that these are NOT all connected. Heuerman chose Notre Dame because of their history of using the Tight End and the fact that he wouldn’t have to compete against his brother. Neal has not decided where he will be in the fall, but his getting interest from SEC schools had to open his eyes a bit to the totality of his options. Anzalone and the Waugh situation are, in my opinion, connected; I’ll get to that more in a bit.
  2. Is Bosa Next?” is the current level on the tOSU freak-out-o-meter. Who knows, given his being contacted by Waugh… but you’ve got to think that his deeper Ohio State ties will give him a different perspective.
  3. As a part of a fanbase that takes slights (real and imagined) very personally and is advocating for ledge-jumping to be an Olympic Sport (think of all of the NCAA Directors’ Cups we could win!), it’s important to remember that it’s only May. The recruiting process has significantly accelerated, but signing day has not moved up at all.  Friday Night Lights is coming this summer (huge recruiting benefit for Ohio State), and the football staff are relentless evaluators and recruiters.  Things will be fine… and they don’t give out crystal footballs in May anyway.
  4. That being said, Lewis Neal may actually be on to something. With the influence of media (social and otherwise) as well as the economics of college sports, there is more and more and more pressure to make commitments and decisions; both from the programs AND from those of us who get excited looking at stars and rankings and numbers in the recruiting game.  Perhaps slowing the whole thing down to make a wise decision, for everyone involved, is not a horrible idea.
  5. I don’t blame Alex Anzalone, and support whatever decision he ends up making. If indeed this is due to the situation with Waugh, I honestly can’t blame he and his parents for being freaked out enough to make a change- you want your young adults to be safe when they choose an institution. Sure, it’s not fair to judge the University by the people who choose to unofficially affiliate with it, but that is the way that these types of things happen- and we fans do the exact same thing to other programs as well.  My hope, though, is that at some point the Alex and the Anzalone family will at least take the time to listen again to the OSU coaching staff and make a decision that’s less informed by this situation (again, if true).
  6. I asked this last night on twitter (savor the irony): What level of contact should fans have with athletes and recruits?  Particularly given how accessible athletes and recruits are, and how many enjoy the contact and attention (who wouldn’t) that their “celebrity” brings (again we create and reinforce this), there should be a lot more questions asked and boundaries created than is often the case. And, for those of us who “work” on the interwebs; should there be a different level of contact?  Oh, and I know that there are “professionals” who do this for a living… the rest of us, for the most part, are fans first and foremost.
  7. With that in mind, I thought I’d add this: The Buckeye Battlecry is not a site where you’re going to find the latest interviews or insight directly from student athletes or recruits. There are two reasons for this- A) There are other people who do this for a living and do it well and B) It’s just not something we’ve figured out how to do without the possibility of getting involved in something odd.  Again, your humble correspondents are fans first- we never want to do something that will harm the program, the young adult, or the other folks we write with.  This may change at some point, but not until we’ve thought it through really really well.

To be clear- this isn’t a comment on other sites’ decisions; several of the BBN do great work connecting with young adults. Rather, it’s more commentary that we haven’t figured out how to have these types of conversations as carefully as we’d like to, in spite of numerous conversations with the Ohio State Athletic Department.

“Ask before you act” is a great motto to have in this matter, and we’d rather be behind the news than make a huge mistake.

Oh, and believe it or not… It’s a GREAT day to be a Buckeye.

Silver Bullet Points To The Money

Written April 26th, 2012 by MaliBuckeye

In this week’s edition of news and notes, we take a look at the ever swirling world of college “playoffs”; helping you get to the bottom of the matter. You can probably guess where this is headed…

Never forget

Buckeye 411

  • Hangin’ With Urb- Hopefully you were one of the students who were able to get your tickets to the upcoming “meet and greet” with Ohio State’s new head coach. If so, I’m sure you’re in for a treat. Absolutely no disrespect to Coach Tressel, but the public speaking and offensive styles of these two men were pretty consistent: The Senator wanted to kill clock, lull you into complacency, and wait for you to make a mistake. Coach Meyer will see how many questions he can answer in a minute, and expects every one of them to score.
  • Ah, Gee-  Ohio State’s president was in the news again, this time for saying what most of us realized anyway- the recent “print media” coverage of the Ohio State program was less than flattering, often inaccurate, and aimed at drawing eyeballs/pageviews more than conveying the truth.  My favorite part of that interview? George “Buckeye Raffles and UCLA Weed OMG!!” Dohrmann comment-

(Gee) knows more about bow ties than he does about journalism.

Probably true, but since Gordo is a fifteenth level bow-tie ninja, what does that say about your point?

OT J.B. Shugarts (seventh or free agent): Good size, but had false start and some foot problems with the Buckeyes.

  • Tweetles and twootles- If you’re on the twitter, a) give us a follow and b) check out the #BuckeyeNationProblems hashtag from last night.
  • Video And Such- We’re awaiting the next bunch of greatness from a certain southern sportscaster, but in the mean time this ain’t too bad: Read More

Ohio State Recruiting: Weekend Visits Kick Off 2013

Written February 12th, 2012 by MaliBuckeye

It’s always great to get perspectives from around Buckeye Nation, and we’re thankful that RB07OSU has been good enough to give us a high level summary of the 2013 recruiting efforts (yes, Coach Dantonio, OSU has already started).  RB07OSU is one of the great contributors over at Buckeye Planet, and we are happy that he decided to share his work with us.

Just after Urban “Legend” Meyer signed and sealed a consensus national top five class, the rock star recruiter already has the best juniors in country flocking to Columbus to check out the Buckeyes.

Mr. Isaac

The visit list is star studded enough to bring tears to the eyes of Brett Bielema at a peripheral glance alone. Headlining the list is explosive running back Ty Isaac, who hails from Joliet, Ill (highlights, a highly recommended click).

Isaac is a top 50 player nationally by all major publications and one of the most highly sought after prospects in the Midwest. Notre Dame and Michigan appear to be the main contenders for Isaac and though he has already visited Columbus numerous times, some one-on-one time with Coach Meyer could go a long way in getting his signature.

Likely towering over most in attendance this weekend is 6’6 300 lb. Colorado offensive tackle Chris Fox, who just recently received his offer from Ohio State. Fox checks in as the number 46 prospect overall according to Rivals.com, and should get full court press from Urban. Read More

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