Silver Bullet Points Lays It On The Line

Written March 13th, 2013 by MaliBuckeye

It’s championship week here at tBBC, and we’ll have all your B1G Tournament coverage coming up until the Buckeyes cut down the nets.  So, it only makes sense, then, to have our soundtrack for today be the latest from OSU alum and friend of the site Mekka Don, who’s scored an exclusive deal to provide music for their coverage. From the press release:

The intersection of music and sports is prominently on display during high profile sporting events.  Almost every sports arena has a DJ; players submit playlists to be played during warmups; and networks license music to help create excitement for their broadcasting.  Mekka Don, an independent hip-hop artist and former NCAA athlete (Ohio State football), has inked a multi-song licensing deal with the Big Ten Network to provide music for the upcoming Big Ten Tournament games and coverage.  The Big Ten Tournament begins on March 14th on the Big Ten Network.

And here, in an exclusive for tBBC readers, is the the title track for tournament time:

You can support Mekka Don and download this at his site on iTunes… just in time for March’s Madness.

Buckeye 411

  • That Happened- And we’ll talk about it in today’s commentary. But first, some better updates.
  • Heacock is going WHERE?

    Welcome Back? Rumors have been swirling all week that former Buckeye Defensive Coordinator Jim Heacock would be returning to the WHAC in a “quality control” capacity; huge tip, it seems, to Nevadabuck from the Scout site for dropping the knowledge first.  The position would be similar to what a number of schools (most specifically Alabama) are doing in expanding their staff, and you’ve got to think that it will not only strengthen the Silver Bullets but also maintain the relationships that Heacock had with area high school coaches. In addition, it provides a fallback of sorts should the defensive staff lose a member to another opportunity.

  • The Ping Of The Bat- What are you doing Friday, before the Buckeyes tip off in the B1G Tourney? Might as well head over to Bill Davis Stadium for the Scarlet and Gray’s Home Opener.  Ah, spring…
  • Once A Buckeye, Part One- Ramzy at 11W is a must read every Tuesday, but today’s article knocked it out of the park. It’s a continuation of his conversation with Maurice Clarett, who several of us have had the privilege to connect with over the past year or so. Ramzy talks deeper about MoC’s story outside of Ohio State, particularly his passion for impacting the lives of young adults and his new projectdo yourself a favor and go read it now.  I’ll wait. When you’re done, head over to Maurice’s site and pick up a copy of his book… incredible stuff. Read More

Top 25 Buckeyes of the Decade: #12 Mike Nugent

Written July 22nd, 2010 by Jim

The Buckeye Battle Cry will be counting down the Top 25 players of the past decade all spring/summer.  Every Monday and Thursday, Jim will be announcing a new player.  Our #1 player will be presented on Monday, August 30th.  Three days later, the 2010 season officially begins.  To view the previous entries in our Top 25, click here.

Mike Nugent (2001-2004)

If there has ever been a placekicker more beloved by a fan base than Mike Nugent during his years at Ohio State, I would like to see it. And for good reason, Nugent was the savior of an offense that was at times stagnant during the early years of the decade.

Nugent and Andy Groom formed the best kicking duo in the country in 2002 and were the fuel that made the dominating brand of Tressel Ball v.2002 go, a style that ultimately led to a championship.

In 2003 Nugent teamed up with All-American punter B.J. Sander to once again form one of the best kicking duos in the country and the glory days of Tressel Ball continued.

While 2002 and 2003 were great years for Mike Nugent and the special teams in general, 2004 was Nugent’s crowning achievement at Ohio State. Read More

Buckeyes In The Fantasy World

Written August 26th, 2009 by Dave

If you’re like most football fans you probably play some form of fantasy football.  It gives me the ability to have a rooting interest in any NFL game I watch.  I also like to have hometown players on my team but since I live in Cleveland that’s not such a good idea.  So if you’re an Ohio State fan and are playing fantasy you may like to have a Buckeye on your team.  Here’s a quick look at OSU players in the NFL and what their fantasy prospects might be.


Troy Smith – Baltimore Last year his tonsils gave the job to Joe Flacco and he’s not getting it back anytime soon.  If Flacco struggles or gets injured jump on the waiver wire and snag him.  Other than that he’s not worth drafting


Antonio Pittman – St Louis Rams He’s number two behind Steven Jackson and won’t get many carries while Jackson is around.  If you draft Jackson in the first round he’s worth picking up as a handcuff but other than that probably not draft worthy.

Chris Wells – Arizona Cardinals This is an interesting one.  I had high hopes for his rookie season when I saw he was picked by Arizona, but since then I’ve become more skeptical.  He missed OTAs to actually finish his spring classes  and then suffered an injury early in camp.  Meanwhile Tim Hightower has been putting on quite a preseason performance.  What does this mean?  I don’t know – could go either way.  I would definitely draft him but I wouldn’t count on starting him until we see where the season is going.  Still I predict quite a future in the NFL for Beanie.


Joey Galloway – New England Patriots Injured last year, now in New England behind Moss and Welker.  Could see some production if he’s healthy, and remember it is Brady throwing the ball

Ted Ginn Jr – Miami Dolphins Lots of upside here.  Year three is when lots of receivers blossom in the NFL.  I’d draft him as my number 3 receiver.  He hasn’t shown he can do it yet but this may be the year.

Anthony Gonzalez – Indianapolis Colts His third year in the league.  Marvin Harrison is gone.  This guy has sleeper written all over him.  I predict 1200 yards and 10+ TDS.  Don’t jump too soon – he’ll probably slip into the 4th round but he will be a first round worthy pick this year.

Santonio Holmes – Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl winning catch will make him go earlier in the draft than he probably should.  Still he’s a good receiver playing for a championship team.  Hines Ward is getting older and Holmes will take over main receiving duties eventually.  Is this the year?  Maybe but don’t overreach for him.

Michael Jenkins – Atlanta Falcons Defenses will be keyed on Michael Turner running the ball and the Falcons two main aerial threats – Roddy White and Tony Gonzalez.  This should leave lots of one on one situations for Jenkins.  He’s developed into a deep threat and could put up some numbers this year.

Brian Robiskie – Cleveland Browns Last year I went against my better judgment and drafted a Brown.  That Brown was Braylon Edwards.  I learned my lesson.  That being said Robiskie has great hands and runs good routes.  Someone has to catch the ball in Cleveland.  I wouldn’t be against having him as a backup but I’d be wary of anyone wearing brown and orange this year.


Mike Nugent – Tampa Bay Buccaneers Don’t ever draft a kicker before the last round.  And Nugent may not even have the starting job in TB.  Stay away.

Andy Groom continues the countdown

Written August 18th, 2009 by Jeff
Ummm, Donnie we're gonna need you to move a little to your right.  More.....more.....more

Ummm, Donnie we're gonna need you to move a little to your right. More.....more.....more

I figured I’d better do today’s countdown before MaliBuckeye (that kicker-lovin’ newbie) gets to.

Jim Tressel has always believed that special teams are the key to winning games. If we didn’t believe it before his arrival, we sure as hell do now. How many other teams have large quantities of fans who can name the past SEVERAL kickers and punters on the team?

Take a walk through the parking lot of Ohio Stadium on any given Saturday, and walk up to anybody. Ask them if they know any of the following names;

  • Mike Nugent
  • Josh Huston
  • A.J. Trapasso
  • Aaron Pettrey
  • Ryan Pretorious
  • Andy Groom

I guarantee you that almost every Buckeye fan you encounter will go 6-for-6 on those names, thus proving the theory that Jim Tressel has indeed made us intimately aware of the importance of special teams.

So today, we honor that tradition as we honor one of our punters.  Andy Groom, today is your day!

18 days to go!  Are you ready yet?

The glory days of Brandon Schnittker

Written July 24th, 2009 by Jeff
Brandon Schnittker begins his career-long run

Brandon Schnittker begins the longest run of his career

Brandon Schnittker wasn’t widely known outside of the diehard Buckeye circles. He was a great blocker and when you’re lined up in the same backfield as a freshman RB who has 1,300 yards on the season, you just KNOW you’re not getting the ball very much. So his stats are not going to dominate the world.

But one glorious day, he had an amazing catch that began the most important drive Ohio State may have ever known.

November 23rd, 2002. Ohio State is 12-0 and with only 8:40 to play in the season, the Buckeyes are trailing Michigan 9-7. Tensions are high because the Buckeyes have had a season filled with late victories pulled out of thin air….will this be the one time that we can’t will ourselves to the win column? Also, this was still in the days when we would ALWAYS seem to lose our National Championship hopes to that state up north.

Ohio State took over on their own 37-yard-line. With Mike Nugent as our kicker, we were looking to get inside the 25 of Michigan to win this game and get to the Fiesta Bowl.

On the first snap from center, QB Craig Krenzel stepped back and fired a pass to our top WR Michael Jenkins. But the pass never reached Jenkins’ sticky fingers. Schnittker, who had been running a pattern to try and draw coverage away from Jenkins and Chris Vance, found himself in the path of the ball. He snagged it and used his strong legs to power himself further up the field, into Michigan territory at their 43-yard-line.

The roar of the crowd as Schnittker rumbled upfield was intense, and the drive would not be in vain. Krenzel’s legs, a brilliant pass to He Who Shall Not Be Named, and a 3-yard scamper by Maurice Hall broke the goal line and Ohio State took a late lead 14-9. That lead held up and Ohio State went on to win the National Championship.

Thanks to Tom, here’s the video of the drive….

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That’s my biggest memory of Schnittker. He intercepted a pass intended for his own teammate. And I love the guy for it.

43 days until kickoff!