Another new beginning

Written December 15th, 2009 by Jeff

A little over three years ago, I started The BBC with no real goals (aside from the obvious “I wanna write about the Buckeyes” stance).  But on the way to apathy, a funny thing happened….readers paid attention and the site grew.

With that, The BBC was no longer a hobby.  It was a passion, and it started to show.  Advertisers started to show up, and the traffic we saw made it necessary to add an actual staff to accommodate the further growth.

I’ve said it before….this site has become more than I ever dreamed it would.  But it keeps getting bigger and better.  That pattern continues today.

As of January 1st, The Buckeye Battle Cry is the official Ohio State blog of the SB Nation network.

We will still be found at this URL, but the site design and the servers will all be new and shiny.  Jim, MaliBuckeye, Eric and myself will be doing the same thing we’ve been doing all along, but we will now be doing it under the SBN umbrella.  We couldn’t be happier about the move, and we hope you’ll join us for the ride as we go through our next growth spurt.

For those of you lamenting the disappearance of SBN’s previous Ohio State blog, “We Will Always Have Tempe”, we promise to uphold the standards set forth by our most excellent predecessor.  Also, we have invited Sam from WWAHT to bring his writing skills to tBBC whenever he wants.  We hope he will contribute and make our blog a better place (when he’s not making money at his grownup job).

All of us at tBBC know that this next move would never have happened without you….the loyal readers, the people who comment and send us encouragement daily, the fans who flooded our live chats with thousands of comments.  This is happening because you made this website better.  Keep it up.

….and a special thanks to the ones who force us to do a good job, just to keep up with you.  Jason, Vico, Jim, Keith, (the entire staff at MotSaG, can’t believe I left them out), too many names to mention…you guys know who you are.  You’re the best in the biz and because of you, we all are rewarded daily.

Go Buckeyes!

UPDATE – Yes, we understand the significance of New Year’s Day.  If the timeline with SBN works out like we’ve planned, our first post on the newly-designed site will be the Buckeye Nation Live Chat for the Rose Bowl.  We expect you to be there for that!

Big news coming tomorrow

Written December 14th, 2009 by Jeff

We here at The Buckeye Battle Cry will have a fairly large announcement tomorrow morning….fans of this site will be quite pleased, I assure you.

Stop by tomorrow.  You’ll be happy.  We certainly are.


More Jersey Stuff

Written December 9th, 2009 by MaliBuckeye

In spite of everyone saying that this “isn’t a game jersey and we don’t know where it came from”, there’s a lot of smoke swirling about these designs.

Latest: Ebay “2010 Non-Game Worn Jersey”




Happy Holidays!

Written December 5th, 2009 by Jeff
If she's not on that 5:15, then I'm gonna know what sorrow means, and I'm gonna cry cry cry all the way home.....

If she's not on that 5:15, then I'm gonna know what sorrow means, and I'm gonna cry cry cry all the way home.....

YouTube has cracked down on all the videos of Tebow actually blubbering on the sidelines.  No, I’m not exaggerating.  It was truly awesome.

Here’s something close….

Glory, glory….


Where Things Stand: Duck Hunting

Written December 4th, 2009 by Jim

In my last update I briefly looked at the defensive line. To summarize, they are really good.

As it turns out, Oregon’s rushing attack is pretty good as well, which is going to make the battle between Oregon’s offense vs. Ohio State’s defense a hot topic in the weeks to come.

Well, I made a few pretty charts to look at this battle of strengths, and since games are won in the trenches (and I am trying to make the point that Ohio State’s biggest advantage in this game is going to be the offensive and defensive lines), I narrowed my look to just rushing offense versus rushing defense.

Side note: these stats aren’t complete, as this weeks games aren’t factored into the rankings yet, but I just couldn’t wait to start looking into this, and I figure one extra weeks worth of stats for a few teams isn’t going to change things all that much.

Okay, so here is my first chart. The blue line represents how many rushing yards Oregon had in each game. The red line represents how many yards their opponent gave up on average each game. Finally, the rank of each opponents rushing defense is in parenthesis.

Behold my awesome excel skills.

Behold my awesome excel skills.

So, my nifty little chart shows a couple of things. First, the toughest rushing defense Oregon faced was last night against Oregon State at 13 (even though that will probably go down after last night) and second, Oregon consistently rushes for more yards than the opposing defenses usually give up.

Okay, on to the next chart. Same idea, only this time I charted how many yards Ohio State’s opponents averaged rushing this year (red line) versus how many yards they gained against the Buckeyes (blue line). Once again the opponents offensive rushing rank is in parenthesis.

I got real creative with this one.Ohio State has held every team they have played against (except Minnesota??) to significantly less than their usual production on the ground, including Navy with their 3rd ranked rushing attack.

The unstoppable force versus the immovable object. A top 10 rushing offense versus a top 5 rushing defense. I’m willing to call it a wash. Even though Ohio State has a better defense than Oregon has played against all year and I have my personal bias that would lead me to say that Ohio State is going to smash Oregon in every way, what the hell, let’s just call it a wash.

The match up between Oregon’s offense and Ohio State’s defense really isn’t what I am interested in however, and I just did those graphs for fun (also because I really don’t want to write my finals papers).

The match up I am most looking forward to is Ohio State’s rushing attack versus Oregon’s defense. I mentioned in my look at the defensive line that the offensive line has been kicking some serious ass lately, well here is a graph to show that ass kicking visually.

Same set up as before, but just so no one gets confused, Ohio State rushing in blue, what the opponent averaged giving up on the ground in red.


The chart shows that Ohio State had mixed success at the beginning of the year (shocker), but after the Purdue game (bleh) Ohio State has been doing some serious work on the ground, with the crown jewel being  the performance against Penn State’s 10th ranked rushing defense.

And now for Oregon’s defense.

Oregon_rushing_dIt’s not quite as pretty as the OSU defense, is it? With a few exceptions at the beginning of the year, the Oregon D has been allowing apposing offenses to rush for pretty close to their season averages.

The crown jewel of this chart is Stanford’s #11 ranked rushing offense and the 236 yards they gained on the ground against Oregon, which of course led to a 51-42 defeat of the Ducks.

The good and still improving #17 rushing offense (198.92 ypg) against the #40 rushing defense (130.64 ypg) that gives up basically whatever the offense wants to take.

Sounds good to me.

Establish the run game, keep the ball out of Oregon’s hands (even though our D is probably going to slow them down significantly anyways), and get that W.

That’s the game plan.

But enough with numbers and charts, its time to talk about the players.

I already went over who will be shutting down Oregon’s rushing attack, so here are the big fellas that will be establishing our rushing attack.

Offensive Line

What a trip it has been. From the uncertainty of the preseason, to pleasantly surprised after USC, to ‘what the hell is going on here’ after Purdue, to confidence and anticipation heading into the Rose Bowl. Those have been my basic feelings regarding the offensive line this year.

Despite the ups and downs, things are definitely up right now for the offensive line(did you see the chart? no?? go back and look, I spent a lot of time on that) and they couldn’t have picked a better time.



Is there anything he can't do? Maybe he can help me remove that little 'zoom' thing up in the corner of his picture next time.

We’ll start, once again, at left tackle. Not only is it one of the most important positions on the line, it is also (somewhat frustratingly) the one that has the most question marks surrounding it going into the bowl game.

At the beginning of the year, LT was a two way battle between  Mike Adams (SO #75) and Andy Miller (RS JR #55). Several injuries and a flu bug or two later and journeyman Jim Cordle (RS SR #64) somehow found his way into the conversation at LT.

I would imagine that Cordle will be the starter for the bowl game, but I would also think that both Miller and Adams (if healthy) would receive playing time as well. The upside of the frustrating lack of consistency at LT this year has been lots of game experience from three players who are all serviceable.

Miller started at LT against Navy, USC, Toledo, and Illinois.

Adams started at RT against Illinois and at LT against Indiana, Wisconsin, and Purdue.

Cordle started at RT against Navy and USC, and at LT against Minnesota, New Mexico State, Penn State, Iowa, and Michigan.

So yeah, not much consistency, but lots of experience at least.

It seems that the resurgence of the running game has coincided with Cordle moving to LT, so that looks like a good thing.

Cordle graduates after this year, so it looks like it could be a two way battle between Adams and Miller for the starting spot again next year.

On the other hand, there is a very real possibility that all world high school phenom Seantrel Henderson could be making a debut at LT for the Bucks next year, so stay tuned for that.

But for now, it looks like Cordle is the man at LT for the Rose Bowl.


Cordle (remember him) started the year at RT, but an injury caused him to miss some games, allowing J.B. Shugarts (SO #76) to step in and he never looked back, which, coincidentally, allowed Cordle to move over to LT.

JB Shugarts

No more question marks at RT for the near future.

Shugarts has started at RT in every game since week 5 against Indiana (minus the Iowa game due to injury) and he has done very well to say the least.  RT looks to be in great shape for the next few years.

Backing up Shugarts at RT is true freshman Marcus Hall (#79). It looked liked Hall was going to take a red shirt this year, but apparently the coaches were so impressed with him in practice that they couldn’t keep him out of the game (it also didn’t hurt that the injury bug hit the line in the middle of the year).

Starting in week 5 against Indiana, Hall has been getting game time at RT, and he even got the start against Iowa.

I think ultimately Hall will end up sliding down to guard before his time in Columbus is over, but where ever he ends up, he is pretty damn good and provides valuable depth along the line.


So I am going to clump these three positions together.

Justin Boren

Is not a fan of ducks.

Is not a fan of ducks.

(RS JR #65), Mike Brewster (SO #50), and Bryant Browning (RS JR #70) have been the starters from left to right on the inside for basically the entire year (minus an injury here or there) and they have also performed at or above expectations for basically the entire year.

Apparently there were some communication issues along the line early in the year (culminating in the disaster at Purdue) between Brewster and the rest of the line, particularly when it came to pass protection schemes, but it looks like things have been sorted out and as I have mentioned previously, things are looking good.

There are also some backups at these positions, but all three of the killer B’s are coming back next year and I have been writing for a long time, so I will just leave it at that.


So that does it for the offensive line. They have been giving Pryor time in the pocket, they have been opening up running lanes to the tune of 200+ yards per game, and they will be facing on Oregon team whose defensive line lacks first round draft talent (unlike the previous three years’ bowl games).

Oh, and did I mention that four of the five lineman are coming back next year, along with practically the entire offense.

Yeah, things are looking pretty good for the Rose Bowl and beyond.

And what about this?

Written December 2nd, 2009 by MaliBuckeye

More photos of clothes… is this a home version of the throwback/homage jersey?

One of the versions that was in consideration but not chosen?

A Rose Bowl uniform?

What the Buckeyes will be wearing next year?

Gray? Khaki?

Men of the scarlet and...Gray? Khaki?


My favorite Thanksgiving memories of all time

Written November 26th, 2009 by Jeff

Odds and ends – a mid-day wrap-up

Written November 24th, 2009 by Jeff

If you thought we were finished reviewing the Michigan game, you’re quite wrong.  We’ll have more to say on the matter, mostly in the chest-thumping fashion.  Stay tuned.


We’ve got four….count ‘em, FOUR….new videos about ready to be published.  I expect two of them to hit today, the other two tomorrow.  If I get in a productive mood, we might see all four today.


According to ESPN, Notre Dame QB Jimmy Clausen is sporting a swollen eye after being punched by an angry Irish fan.

First of all, is there any other type of Irish fan?

Second of all, The BBC sincerely hopes that the fan is caught, prosecuted, and given the maximum punishment for this cowardly act.  We are by NO MEANS any fan of Clausen, and we probably think he’s an even worse QB than his attacker thinks, but this crime is inexcusable and goes way beyond the pale of rational thinking.

Just as we are still following the case of Ralph Gray Decker, hoping for his eventual residence in the Florida Department of Corrections, we wish for Clausen’s safety and we are eager to see the South Bend Police apprehend their suspect (if they haven’t already).


Jim Tressel was once again denied the Big Ten Coach Of The Year award.  As has been widely reported around the Buckeye Blogosphere, Tressel has 6 league championships, and a National Championship…but no COY awards.

I guess another title in 2010 is not the only mission for this team.  Be angry about it, guys.  Avenge this travesty and bury everyone in your wake next season.


The best headline we’ve seen all week…….


Florida fans are breathing a sigh of relief after Head Coach Urban Meyer announced that he has “no plans” to leave Florida to take over the Notre Dame program.  He claims they “haven’t contacted him, not yet”.

Someone needs to remind Gator fans that Meyer said almost the exact same thing five years ago, just weeks before he bolted Utah.


How many times this year will Pac-10 coaches have to call other universities and apologize for behavior of the schools and/or players?

Arizona becomes the latest, after their fans chucked bottles at Oregon cheerleaders.