One Fan’s Opinion: Penn State

Written August 10th, 2012 by Janelle

Our friend Janelle checks in with a unique perspective on the school in Happy Valley.


I hate Penn State.

No, really, I loathe Penn State.

Now, when I tell people this these days, I’ll get responses telling me to have a heart and to have some sympathy for what they’ve been going through the past nine months.

They don’t realize that I grew up in Penn State territory, about an hour and a half away from State College.  My dad is a Penn State fan.  My grandparents are Penn State fans. My brother and sister-in-law are Penn State alumni. My mom and I are the lone ones that wear scarlet and gray in a sea of blue and white on football Saturdays in the fall.

As a kid, my dad used to take me to Penn State games to try to convince me to become part of “Nittany Nation.”  It never worked.  I was destined to be part of Buckeye Nation from day one.  But I never imagined I would end up hating Penn State like I do.

Recently, I’ve spent time trying to find out where exactly my hatred for the Nittany Lions comes from.

It isn’t their players (although players like Moxie McGloin add fuel to the fire).  It isn’t the school itself (I mean, it’s a school in the middle of nowhere…and since I go to Ohio State, The Best D&%# School in the Land, all I can do is feel sorry for students who end up in Happy Valley and not in Columbus).  Up until recently, it wasn’t the coaching staff (although, even before this Sandusky scandal, I was never a Joe Paterno “fan”…as the rest of the world is finally starting to see, he was held in an almost god-like light by his supporters, and had way too much power over an entire town and even state).  It’s not the new coaching staff.

No, my hatred comes from Penn State’s fans. It honestly has to be one of the worst fan bases in the entire country. Read More

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