tBBC’s Buckeye Resolutions, 2014

Written January 1st, 2014 by MaliBuckeye

Amidst all of the revelry from last night (hoops win, amazing bowl game, good news from All American practices, traditional end of year festivities), we asked the staff to come up with some resolutions that members of the Ohio State football and basketball programs should adapt for 2014. Just for giggles, we’ve added a “wild card” where people could either make another “suggestion” or publicly announce one of their own.

Let’s see what they came up with:

Legend In The Making

Buckeye Football

  • I, Curtis Grant, do hereby resolve to live up to the reputation that preceded my arrival at THE Ohio State University. I will step into the limelight and make sure people don’t miss Ryan Shazier next season.
  • “I, Urban Meyer, do hereby resolve to maintain a healthy perspective and work-life balance in order to keep from getting burned out while starting a new winning streak.”
  • “I, Luke Fickell, do hereby resolve to spend the off-season getting my head out of my tuchas and learning how to coach defense”.
  • “I, Bryce Haynes, do hereby resolve to become the first longsnapper to win the Heisman trophy, even though I’ll have less than three snaps on punts the entire 2014 season.”
  • “I, Braxton Miller, do hereby resolve to spend the off-season learning how to actually ‘read’ the zone-read play for 2014″.
  • “I, Joey Bosa, do hereby resolve to build on my freshman season and spend the off-season becoming the best defensive tackle in college football.”
  • “We, the running backs remaining at The Ohio State University, resolve to spend this spring and summer training and working as hard as possible and then even harder to replace Carlos Hyde and ensure the position is a massive strength and loaded with depth in 2014″. Read More

Happy 2013 From tBBC!

Written January 1st, 2013 by MaliBuckeye

It’s early, especially out on the Left Coast, and many of us are still recovering from the celebrations that enveloped our last moments of 2012.

It’s still early for OSU hoops; Buckeye basketball begins B1G play tomorrow, when things start to mean something. After a November and December that left more questions than answers in the minds of many Ohio State fans, it’s important to remember that it’s still early enough to make a difference; championship teams are crowned in March and April, but January is the where the foundations for Madness is built.

It’s even earlier, too, for the Ohio State football program that’s still finding itself after a miraculous season- in spite of being undefeated a, a year without a bowl game (in case you hadn’t heard) brings a sense of discontent that hopefully drives the workouts and planning of the months until the Spring Game and August camp and fall kickoff and why can’t it be here tomorrow? It’s also too early to know what this team will even look like- this week is highlighted by recruiting news and all-star games, but what will be the final result in February? In August?

It’s early, the first hours and memories of 2013 are now beginning… a new year breaks for us and for our favorite program. What will the next 12 months hold? What can we do now to ensure 2013 is epic? Here are some of the “resolutions” that our staff have suggested…

What’s one resolution you hope the Buckeyes make this year?

James- I hope the football team stops having the mentality of a 12-0 team that didn’t get to play in a bowl game and starts having the mentality of an 0-0 team that is about to go on a championship run.

WVa- I am hoping that Coach Coombs makes a New Years resolution to NEVER leave the Buckeyes.

Eric- I would like the Buckeye Basketball team to make a resolution to shoot better during the Big Ten season.  And preferably during the NCAA Tournament too, but I’m not going to ask for too much now.

Jason- I hope CJ Barnett and Christian Bryant resolve to become not only big hitters but excellent tacklers and cover guys. Our back end was weak, those guys have shown the potential and talent to be great. Do it.

Janelle- I hope the basketball Buckeyes resolve to improve their free throw percentages. I’m tired of saying “death, taxes, and Ohio State missing free throws” during games. Read More