Kevin Feder Is A Buckeye !!!

Written June 22nd, 2014 by MaliBuckeye

Heisman Lineman? Sure, why not?

OK, let’s just get this out of the way now.

Yes, Kevin Feder plays offensive line. At 6′ 9″ and 300+ pounds, he’s got the genetics to be a fantastic bookend.

The problem is that this means we’ll get a lot of “Kevin Feder Line” jokes in the coming months… which is nice, because the former Mr. Spears certainly could use the publicity.

Back to the newest Buckeye.

The Don Bosco high school standout “flipped” his verbal commitment from The University of Miami to the Scarlet and Gray after a weekend visit to Columbus for one of Ohio State’s Elite Football Camps/Clinics.

He’s currently listed as a three-star by many recruiting services, but has only begun to play football and spent most of last season on the defensive side of the ball. He also had a broken leg early in his career; that’s hampered his development slightly as well.

While a project of sorts, having been evaluated by Coach Meyer and Coach Warinner, it’s hard to not get excited about his potential… and, as a high school wrestler, you know that he’s got the footwork and leverage to excel in the Buckeye offense.

Mr. Feder committed to ‘Da U in January, and also held offers from Michigan State, Tennessee, and home state Rutgers. After the jump, a brief highlight video of what he brings to the table: Read More

Rumblin’, Stumblin’, Bumblin’: NFL Draft Follow-Up

Written May 15th, 2014 by WVaBuckeye

If you are interested in where I was last week with respect to draft day check it out here . I was pretty close with my thoughts around who was good, who was bad, and initially hit the nail on the head about the bad(Browns). This week I really dive into who rumbled through, who may have stumbled slightly in my eyes, and the fans that are getting my ire in the ugly! Let’s get rollin’ with the good


Hey, who here likes dominating the line of scrimmage?

Hey, who here likes dominating the line of scrimmage?

It really should come as no surprise that the offensive linemen that come through Ohio States program now, have bullseyes on them for NFL execs. The work that Ed Warriner has put in to turn things around has been remarkable. Not to sell the athletes short either, but they were in the program when he arrived and its obvious his style as an edge to it that the players have come to love. Those players go to battle every Saturday for Warriner and that Buckeye team.

Look at the difference a couple years has made in the perception of those linemen and how much the NFL is beginning to covet it. Here’s a list from the NFL with all draft picks that were Buckeyes. To break it down quickly, The Buckeyes had seven linemen drafted between 2002 and 2008 with Barton being the last taken until Adams in 2012. Three full seasons without a single drafted lineman and in just the two years with Warriner there’s been three taken and the other two this year have caught on as UDFA’s that will probably earn a spot on their rosters because of the coaching they’ve received.

Jim Heacock won the Frank Broyles Award in 2007 for obvious reasons, I will make it my goal to campaign for Ed Warriner, and I am not sure that he shouldn’t have beat Pat Narduzzi out from MSU this past season. He has all of the tools needed to be a pretty good head coach someday and rumor has it he is pretty happy where he is at. I why wouldn’t you be grinding out the best rushing attacks that Ohio State fans have ever seen? We will see plenty from Fragel(2013), Mewhort, Linsley, Norwell, Hall(2014) in the NFL, all have worked their tails off for their coach and team and will get paid for it now! That’s five linemen that he coached jumping to the show. Read More

Silver Bullet Points: Halloween Edition

Written October 31st, 2013 by MaliBuckeye

Well, you’ve got all day to plan your attack for tonight… personally, I’ve got plans to go to “all the candy is on sale” day tomorrow. We’re digging through our country albums for today’s soundtracks; one goofy, one “creepy”. Country not your thing? Well remember, we used to think this and this were OK as well.

How Firm Thy... Pumpkin?

How Firm Thy… Pumpkin?

Buckeye 411

  • Injury Updates- Other than what Clair mentioned on Tuesday, not much new in the “owie” front. Braxton is “100%” according to Coach Meyer, after having a flare up of his knee issue in the week leading up to Penn State.  Evan Spencer has been limited in practice, but will be good to go for this week. Other injuries from last week are all non-issues at this point.
  • Big Awesomes- Coach Meyer had a couple of points of praise regarding the offense after Thursday’s practices, and started with the men up front. He consciously said that Carlos is the engine that drives the running game, but continued to stress that everything in the recent Buckeye successes starts with the work that the offensive line has been putting in during practice, film study, and then on Saturdays.
  • Good Readin’- The other element to recent offensive success? Braxton Miller’s maturity in taking what the defense gives him, both in the passing game and in making the correct sight adjustments on the team’s option series.
  • Leadership- One of the offensive linemen mentioned earlier that’s been an integral part of this week’s preparation is senior Jack Mewhort, who has been very vocal with his teammates about avoiding a repeat of 2011′s upset.  Coach Meyer said that the senior, who was also a part of the 2009 loss at Ross-Ade Stadium, has spoken frequently about what it will take to win there, and the conditions that the team should expect on gameday.  Hopefully they’ll be all business come kickoff.
  • Special Moments- The Boilermakers lead the nation in net punting, leading Philly Brown to allude to something “special” for Saturday’s return game.
  • B1G Speed- Ryan Shazier talked about his issues overrunning plays in the past due to being “too fast” at linebacker. Good problem to have, no?
  • Under Pressure- Bradley Roby mentioned that, early on, he was trying to do too much because he felt that’s what it meant to be a leader. Now? He can trust his teammates and get back to basics.
  • Media Matters, Part One- Dan Wetzel, Yahoo!: Did Urban run up the score? If not, he should have.
  • Media Matters?, Part Two- Matt Hayes, Sporting News: Urban Meyer is a mean meanie who does mean things. (nope, not giving him traffic. Google it)
  • Media Matters, Part Three- Gregg Doyel, CBS Sports: What’s happening at Ohio State is Special, even if the media tells you otherwise.
  • Hey! Guess What!!- It’s almost Buckeye Hoops Season! Read More

Jamarco Jones Is A Buckeye!!!

Written June 27th, 2013 by MaliBuckeye

At The Game, 2012. Photo by Josh Winslow

While Ohio State’s recruiting for 2014 has been chugging along quite admirably, there have been some who continued to be concerned regarding the  ability to “close” with highly touted offensive line talent.  Given the targets that have chosen to go elsewhere rather than Columbus thus far in the recruiting season, and given the fact that TTUN is stockpiling linemen like their head coach surely did with Twinkies during the recent Hostess bankruptcy, there was plenty of ammo for armchair recruiting gurus to add to their paranoia.

Hopefully, though, today’s announcement has made huge steps to allay those worries.  Offensive tackle Jamarco Jones from De La Salle highschool in the Chicago area ended much speculation and became the 14th member of the 2014 recruiting class.

Even better, in the minds of some, are the “bridesmaids” of this decision. While Jones is a top recruit nationally, it was perceived by many to be a Michigan/Michigan State/Ohio State decision, with all three schools receiving visits from Jones in the past few weeks.He was believed to have been an Ohio State lean for a while, but these recent visits didn’t help sooth the minds of those who enjoy worrying about things.

His other offers, if you’re interested in that sort of thing, were from Florida, Florida State, Notre Dame, Nebraska, Stanford, UCLA and Oklahoma, among others.

Jones’ measurables: 6’5″, 285 pounds, and a 4.2 GPA. You can see why Stanford was interested in him as well. He joins Marcelys Jones and Kyle Trout in a group that could grow by at least two more before February’s NLOID.

After the jump, check out the newest Buckeye road grader in action. Read More

One Fan’s Opinion: A Tale Of Two Seasons

Written December 6th, 2012 by MaliBuckeye

Major Award winner Ken has submitted the following guest post for your perusal and enjoyment…

I want to thank the staff at tBBC for the opportunity to post an article. I also want to thank the Thurman’s, Dave and Drew, of The Silver Bullet, for mentoring me on the ways and mysteries of sports blogging, way back when… I was going to upload a photo of the other swag, the t-shirt, but I decided not to compete in the Chris Lee/Anthony Weiner Self-Portraiture contest.  I’ll make this short, not to burn bandwidth. OK, on to what we’re here for..

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, …“

A Tale of Two Cities- Charles Dickens

I did not realize that Charles Dickens was an observer of Ohio State football, but so it seems.  For this review, I want to give my brief view of this season. There was some excitement as the 2012 season rolled around, for me it started at about the time that Urban Meyer was named as Ohio State’s head football coach. An accomplished native son returns home to re-establish Ohio State’s primacy.

Buckeye Nation's Capitol City

Part of my anticipation was the hopeful emergence of Ohio State football from the Dickensian dystopia of the 2011 season into its rightful position as a national flagship program. I felt that the season would be a success if the Buckeyes finished 9-3, even 8-4, while showing game on game improvement. To me, this was to be the transition year, compared to 2011 as the ‘placeholder’ year. To finish 12-0 while showing improvement in offensive and defensive execution was truly a bonus.

Specifically, I thought the offensive line developed as a strength, both Hyde and Smith emerged as playmakers at running back and Miller seemed to improve his option reads. A lot of the early season ’Gaah!’ with Miller’s reads may have been that he wasn’t all that comfortable with his read keys, and when you’re in an ambiguous situation, you revert to what you are comfortable with. In this case deciding whether to keep or hand-off, regardless of the option key. Miller seemed to get a better handle on this as the season progressed. I’m fine with the riches at running back, and granted there is only one football to be put in play, but with the up tempo offense, there should be carries aplenty.

Defensively as the season progressed, I uttered far fewer in-game “dammit‘s” as the defense took better attack and pursuit angles and improved in wrapping up the ball carrier. The senior leadership and effort on this defense was remarkable, they will truly be missed. There are some significant holes to fill on Ohio State’s front seven, so Spring Practice will be interesting to see who emerges into starting roles. There are no lack of candidates.

The key change to this years squad, part of the ‘Urbanization’, was the more aggressive approach of the offense. The was not a team that was content to sit on a lead. I credit the coaching staff for instilling the mind-set of continually improving. There were instances where, with the game somewhat in hand, the offense kept running the offense, likely because the coaches wanted the players to work on execution and get used again to success.

Finally, comparing the teams of 2012 and 2010, both showed comparable offensive numbers in terms of points per game and yards per play on offense. The advantage the 2010 squad had was defensively, allowing close to 100 fewer plays than the 2012 squad, roughly 8-9 plays per game, or a couple offensive series. If the 2013 defense can come close to the 2010 performance, coupled with the anticipated offensive improvement.. wow. It will continue to be a good time to be a Buckeye.

Ohio State Football: 2012 Offensive Line

Written August 24th, 2012 by Jim

It all starts up front.

I always anticipate great things from the offensive line before the start of each season. Unfortunately, I have been disappointed once the games are underway more often than not over the past decade .

This season brings renewed hope that my preseason expectations for greatness will be met. Most of that hope centers around what new line coach Ed Warinner can bring to the table.

While it may take a few years to successfully make the transition to a new system and truly see domination, I am once again expecting big (or at least better) things up front in 2012 thanks to the injection of attitude and a new philosophy from the staff.

Here is a look at the OL depth chart heading into the first game. Read More

Tim Gardner Is (Finally) A Buckeye!!

Written July 29th, 2012 by MaliBuckeye

Agility? Check.

Great news for a Saturday; it’s great to come back from a vacation to read that Indianapolis Lawrence Central’s Tim Gardner has become the 16th member of the Ohio State 2013 recruiting class.

Gardner initially “verballed” back in June, but was informed that his commitment wasn’t quite necessary at this time- there’s speculation that the Buckeyes wanted to see his discipline in the form of some conditioning.

He did the work, and was seen as a part of Friday Night Lights working with Buckeye great and offensive guru LeCharles Bentley… you can check his form in the photo to the right, from our friend Josh Winslow.

The off field dedication, the passion and potential that LeCharles saw in him all led to the staff welcoming him as a part of this incoming class. At 6′ 5″ and 300+ pounds, he’s projected as a guard at Ohio State, although he currently plays tackle at Lawrence North, an Indianapolis powerhouse. You can get a glimpse of his work in this highlight video- pay attention to his feet and agility, as well as his propensity for finishing blocks.

Gardner is currently rated a “three star” by some recruiting services, although there’s a lot of speculation that this will change as Tim continues to work through his senior season.  He held offers from Notre Dame, Indiana, Purdue, and Louisville as well as Ohio State.

With Gardner in the fold, there’s speculation that Ohio State may only take one more offensive lineman in the upcoming class. If that person is willing to work as hard as Tim did to earn his place in the scarlet and gray, it’ll be an elite group coming in.

Welcome to the Buckeye Family, Mr, Gardner!

BBN Ohio State Spring Game Preview: Offensive Line

Written April 20th, 2012 by MaliBuckeye

To get Buckeye Nation ready for the first Spring Game in Urban Meyer’s tenure at Ohio State, the Buckeye Bloggers Network wanted to take an in-depth look at each position following spring practice.  Be sure to check out all of the coverage!

Thank you to all the writers who are participating in this, and a HUGE thank you to Grant from Buckeye House Call for creating our graphics!

The easy comment on the offensive line, be it at Ohio State or nationwide, is that the season will hinge on their performance.

Again, that’s the standard answer, but I have to believe that this year it bodes more true than ever in Columbus.  There are playmakers elsewhere on Offense, and the Defense (while thin in places) has the potential to be terrifying for opposing offensive coordinators.

But the Buckeye Offensive Line is a mystery at this point; which was evidenced merely looking at Coach Meyer’s emphases on the recruiting trail beginning last season. It’s not enough that they are replacing both tackles and their four year starter at center. It’s not enough that they are now “loaded” with talent amassed by James “Meh, one guard a year is all we need” Bollman, who annually defined the word “reach” with the recruiting offers he seemed to facilitate.

Nope, in addition to those obvious concerns comes this- the team’s offensive identity is taking a major shift. Gone are the days of “Dave, Dave, Draw, Punt”; we now have an offensive scheme that requires linemen to a) be in top cardiovascular shape and b) pass block as effectively as run block. In other words, there’s some coachin’ to do.

So, if you’re like me (my condolences), you’re incredibly interested in seeing how the anchor of the team’s successes will look on Saturday. Will Braxton’s runs in the fall be designed or out of necessity?  Will long runs be due to Jordan and Carlos and Rod and Brionte’s talent, or due to the gaping holes that are waiting for them? Will my summer be spent in quiet confidence or wondering instead how what the record for most “three and outs” by a Buckeye team might be?

Saturday gives us our first clue.  Onward.

What will be most different this year than last?

We’ve talked about the tempo and scheme being gently called “the polar opposite of Tresselball”, let’s take a look at the new faces in the new places. First, the team lineups: Read More

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