Silver Bullet Points Recovers

Written October 5th, 2010 by MaliBuckeye

At least it's not an albatross

Buckeye 411

  • Injury Report- Terrelle “should be” fine, but healing. He did some light lifting on Sunday, and nothing on the off day (we’re assuming he rehabbed); today he returns to practice. Coach Tressel wondered if there’s anyone in the Big T1e1n who’s 1oo% at this point of the season.
  • Injury Report 2- Moeller is done, as you know; he has begun the process of seeking an additional year as a medical hardship. The injury is suspected to be relapse of one Tyler had in 2008 that was unable to heal properly due, in part, to his injuries last year.
  • Injury Report 3- Decision on Stoneburner on Thursday; Aaron Gant most likely back this week
  • Tress Talk- The weather was a factor in the running game as well, since the wind allowed Illinois to load the box without fear of deep passes:

I thought the offensive line had a great challenge. It was kind of like one of those you get into a stalemate and you get into it, and you get into it, fortunately by the fourth quarter we won that stalemate. Probably didn’t win it early. Do they feel good about the fact that we didn’t win it throughout? I would hope that the competitor in all of us, we’d all like everything to work all the time, but you could see them on film. They’re a good football team. Especially in the trenches.

I thought they did a nice job of working the safeties down into the box, both run and pass, they tricked us the one time and robbed that little spot route and it was a similar coverage, though, when we threw the corner route behind it for the touchdown, but they got us the first time with it, and that also allowed them to have those extra guys in the box. That has a little bit to do with where the line goes toward where they work up the linebackers and safeties sometimes, but, no, it was — it was a reality, man, that was a tough one.

  • So There’s That, Then-Coach was impressed with the way the kicking game has come along, something fans have been clamoring for since the Marshall game.
  • Tress Talk, The Sequel- On Indiana,

And now we have a chance to come home, play against an Indiana team that they threw it 64 times last week, 98 plays, you know, those receivers are veterans. The quarterback, of course, is a veteran. Their running back does a nice job in protection, and the amount that they run him, he’s very good at it and he’s a good receiver as well.

Defensively they struggled against a very fast, fast offense that Michigan brought at them. And special teams-wise, their return men, they’ve always done a good job on kickoff return against us and Doss is back there again.

  • On The Running Backs- Boom had a great end of the game, Saine hasn’t been put in a position to be successful, etc. etc…
  • Tressel’s Komedy Klassic- As always, presented without commentary or context:

I wish we had more balls. That sounds terrible.

  • Award Winners- Boom was offensive Player of the Week, Rolle was the PotW for the Defense, Buchanan Special Teams, Zach Boren was offensive lineman of the week, Cam was the Attack Force PotW. No Tatum Award for the second straight week.

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Get Loud!!!

Written September 8th, 2010 by MaliBuckeye

Lots of folks are talking about the comments today from a Florida writer that The Horseshoe isn’t a hostile environment, but none have done so better than Spencer Hall at EDSBS. We’d link him anyway, if only for this photo and caption:

Mr. Hall also reminds us that other Big T1e1n stadia have “interesting” ways of creating atmosphere. A billion cocktails to you, Orson.

Here are actual quotes from actual Hurricane players- Read More

What 7-1 Looks Like on YouTube

Written November 20th, 2009 by Jim

Hopefully this well help you all get through your day, watch each video 4 or 5 times and it will be time to go home before you know it.

The Game 2001:

Ohio State @ #11 TSUN

The Game: 2002

#2 Ohio State vs. #9 TSUN

The Game: 2004

Ohio State vs. #7 TSUN

The Game: 2005

#9 Ohio State @ #17 TSUN

The Game: 2006

#1 Ohio State vs. #2 TSUN

The Game: 2007

#7 Ohio State @ #23 TSUN

The Game: 2008

#10 Ohio State vs. TSUN

I hope you enjoyed that, I know I did.

5 reasons Ohio State will beat USC

Written September 10th, 2009 by Jim

#5 USC’s new defense.

Taylor Mays is a beast, but who else is going to step up defense for the Trojans?

Taylor Mays is a beast, but who else is going to step up on defense for the Trojans?

I don’t know if anyone has noticed this amidst the gnashing of teeth and pulling of hair in the aftermath of the Navy game, but USC only has three returning starters on defense this year.

This isn’t the same defense that throttled the Buckeyes last year.

I am not saying that USC can’t be good, or even great, on defense this year, but there will be a lot of new faces, and they will be playing in a high pressure environment on the road (some for the first time) in the second game of the year, and they will be trying to tackle Terrelle Pryor.

USC recruits better than anyone in the country, so you know that all of the new faces are going to be good, and they do have quite a few players who have started some games, but you can’t teach athletes to handle the immense levels of pressure that they are going to face in this game.

This defense has not proven itself in the type of environment or under the pressure that they are going to see on Saturday night and that is a good thing for Ohio State.

#4 Matt Barkley is a true freshman.

I don’t care how good this kid is, if Ohio State pressures him he will make mistakes.

*begin scene*

you break the huddle, run up to the line and get under center, it is 3rd and long, the crowd is so loud you can’t hear yourself think, your ears are ringing and your shoulder is still stiff from the hit you took from Thaddeus Gibson on the last play (a screen pass which Brian Rolle blew up for a two yard loss), you scan the line, is the middle linebacker showing blitz? are the corners in press coverage or zone? oh god, Gibson knows we are passing, here he comes again *oh wait* I am supposed to be reading the coverage right now, shit, are they showing man coverage? wait, they are dropping back, this must be zone, am I supposed to call an audible when that happens? damnit, I wish this crowd would quiet down, jesus, my receivers can’t hear the audible anyway even if I did call one…oh well… HIKE!

*end scene*

Yeah, welcome to The Shoe Matt Barkley, I think you will find it a little tougher than running up a ramp, ass.

#3 The Shoe

Welcome to The Shoe (at night).

Welcome to The Shoe (at night).

The Shoe can be a pretty intimidating place (see my awesome reenactment above and the pretty photo). It is one of the top 5 most intimidating atmospheres in college football and if the crowd is fired up and into the game, the home field advantage that is experienced by Ohio State is going to be huge.

#2 Terrelle Pryor

*shimmer* *shimmer*

*shimmer* *shimmer*

Last year, Terrelle Pryor was thrown into the fire and he performed remarkably well for a true freshman. What makes Pryor’s performance last year even more remarkable is the fact that he did it in an offense that had practiced for the entire offseason (not to mention the entire 2007 season) handing the ball off to Beanie Wells.

A lot of people have criticized Jim Bollman and Jim Tressel for a lack of creativity on offense. Well, when you have Beanie in the backfield (not to mention Todd Boeckman at QB) who can blame them for pounding the ball between the tackles.

This year, the handcuffs come off. It may seem like a long time ago, but if you will recall the 2006 offense was quite dynamic. Bollman and Tressel can get creative if they have the right personnel. If Terrelle Pryor isn’t the right personnel for some creativity on offense I don’t know what is.

So, with an entire offseason to mold the offense to take advantage of Terrelle Pryor’s skill set (last year it was a work in progress/hybrid between taking advantage of Beanie and Pryor the entire year, which partially explains the lack of production in my opinion) I expect some creativity a la 2006 and a much more dynamic offense this season.

Think about how much defenses struggled to stop Pryor last year in an offense designed for Todd Boeckman and Beanie. Think about an off season of work molding the offense for Pryor. Think about Pryor’s improvement as a passer. Smile.

#1  USC struggles on the road.

You read that  right (gasp!), USC struggles at something. In fact, I went back and looked at USC’s road games over the last two years and found some interesting results.

Behold the mighty Reser Stadium.

Behold the mighty Reser Stadium.

In 2008 USC lost on the road (at night) against a 9-4 Oregon State team in front of 46,000 fans. They also won a close game (17-10) on the road against an 8-5 Arizona team in front of a whopping 56,000 fans.

The rest of their road games last year were against 5-7 Virginia, 2-11 Washington State, 5-7 Stanford, and 4-8 UCLA. If you see any challenges in there let me know.

In 2007 USC lost on the road to a 9-4 Oregon team at Autzen Stadium. While Auzten is known to be one of the louder venues in college football, it still only holds 54,000 fans.

They had trouble with a 4-9 Washington team (you know, that awful team that we took so much heat for having the audacity to schedule) pulling out the close victory 27-24 at Washington in front of a crowd of 72,500.  

They also struggled to put away a 7-6 California team on the road in front of 76,000 fans, eventually pulling out the victory 24-17.

The rest of their road games in 2007 were against 5-7 Nebraska, 3-9 Notre Dame (haha), and a 10-3 Arizona State team that they beat 44-24 (wow, that seems like it might be a quality road win!).

So, uhhh, notice a pattern here.

First of all, they haven’t played in front of nearly as many people or experienced nearly the crowd noise that they will on Saturday (see #3).

Second of all, USC has clearly struggled on the road over the past two seasons. Combine that with #5 and # 4 and you will have to excuse me, but can someone please remind me why we are the underdogs again?

I don’t know what is getting into me, but as this game approaches I am starting to feel pretty damn confident.


What Do You Want To See On Saturday? – USC edition

Written September 10th, 2009 by Jeff


Keep passing to the TE’s and RB’s -  We had great success in the passing game last week by going to the TE’s and RB’s – in fact the top two receivers were at TE/RB.  USC will be a lot better in pass defense than Navy was, and we will need to spread it around in order to be able to move the ball at all against them.

Better blocking from the RB’s -  Apparently, given what’s been said among the Buckeye blogosphere the last few days, I was too harsh on the offensive line and not nearly hard enough on the running backs.  The RB’s need to learn to pick up the blitzes better in pass blocking or LiC is going to be on his back every single day.

The Defensive Line must slow – if not stop – the runBarkley is going to be a fantastic quarterback for USC for the next several years.  Fortunately for us, he’s still a freshman and prone to mistakes if he’s forced to make them.  USC cannot be allowed to run the football and must be forced to have Barkley win the game with his arm.  If the DL succeeds in making USC one-dimensional, USC should be a lot easier to control.

The secondary has to grow up and make plays - Kurt Coleman did a wonderful job against Navy.  Anderson Russell…well…not so much.  The corners weren’t tested much, unfortunately.  If we’re going to force USC to beat us through the air, we need to be able to take advantage of it.  Mistakes in the pass defense game will kill us as easily this year as last.


We must make some big plays early – The crowd is going to be fired up for this game without a doubt.  Throw in an early sack from Thaddeus on third down or a 40 yard scramble from Pryor and the stadium will be shaking. Energy from the crowd is going to play a major role in this game, and nothing will bring that energy to a fever pitch like a few big time plays early in the game.

We must break Matt Barkley - I want ears ringing before kickoff. I want his ass on the ground every time he drops back. I want him crying for mommy at halftime. I want him curled up in the fetal position when the game is over. Barkley is a cocky little snot, we must shatter his confidence early, we must hit him constantly, we must break him.

Pryor must roll out of the pocket – Pryor came to Ohio State to become a passing quarterback. He can do that later. I want Pryor rolling out of the pocket early and often and I want him taking off the moment he sees some open field. Pryor outside of the tackles is the most dangerous weapon that we have on offense.  Take advantage of it.

We must stop pulling guards on short yardage plays – Pulling a guard clogs the hole with a slow lineman, it forces the running back to slow down and adjust when he needs to be hitting the hole full speed, it allows weak-side penetration which usually runs into the running back who is waiting on the guard to get out of the way, it only works about half the time at best and we need to STOP DOING IT.


A freshman quarterback on his back A LOT – If you’re going to rattle Barkley into turnovers (and he CAN be forced into a bad night, he hasn’t had many good days in practice so far), you’ve got to make him wonder where the hits are coming from next.  Two sacks in the first two drives will do that.  Be all up in his jersey and he will throw three interceptions by game’s end.

No mental mistakes – That means EVERYBODY.  No unnecessary penalties.  Don’t blow the coverage.  Kick the FG on 4th-and-2.  Heads in the game…you’re at HOME.  The pressure is on THEM.  Let them know it.

Terrelle Pryor – leave the pocket – Not that he spends a lot of time there anyway, but the best way to knock USC off is to make Pryor as mobile as possible.  USC has never handled mobile QBs very well and they tend to surrender a lot of points when they face one.  With this young defense, it could get lead to a lot of yardage, but only if we force them to chase LiC.

Make Joe McKnight have more than half of USC’s total offense – McKnight is going to get 130 yards rushing and a few receiving yards.  The rest of USC combined needs to be held to less than that.  McKnight alone cannot beat us….so stop the rest of the Trojans and you get the W.

NOISE NOISE NOISE* – There’s 105,000 of you in that stadium, and I can’t be one of them.  If you have tickets and you’re as quiet as you were last week, I’m personally going to beat the shit out of you Sunday morning.  This is the biggest game in the Shoe since Michigan 2006.  Act like it!


Barkley flustered – Look, champ- this isn’t your seventh grade all-stars game. It’s THE Horseshoe, the BDBITL, and 105,000+ screaming fans. Plus, eleven warriors who’ve been waiting all summer to make your acquaintance, and who couldn’t play like their hair was on fire last week because of the “read and react” option offense. I want him to have a Colt McCoy type night, circa 2006.

No false starts or stupid offensive line penalties – I’m going to keep asking for it until it happens.

U$C’s defense out of position – Open the playbook, make them guess where you’re going next. LiC, work your magic.

Mark May with his foot in his mouth – Dig your way out of the hole when the Bucks win, you hack.


* – “15 bucks, little man.  Put that shit in my hand”

Monday in SoCal

Written September 7th, 2009 by MaliBuckeye

So… Vegas has posted the odds, and the Buckeyes are 7 point underdogs. At home.

Which is too low, if you ask the folks hereabouts. I almost had a “friend” talked into giving me three touchdowns (just to see how high he’d go), but he “came to his senses” and said “I couldn’t give you more than about 20…”

So, yeah, there’s a lot of expectations that this is going to be a blowout, and that it’s a last gasp for “respect”. And while much of that has yet to be decided, I am interested in seeing what the folk who are headed to the game have to say about the night atmosphere in the ‘Shoe.  You can’t get 105,000 people to show up for anything out here unless it’s a celebrity funeral.

And now, an actual excerpt from an email I received today:

Remember that one time that you almost lost to NAVY!!! and then had to think about playing a team that despite a couple of bad drives to start the game looked dominant on both sides of the ball all the while starting a TRUE FRESHMAN at quarterback for the opening for the first time ever…admit it you are a little nervous…

Over the next few days, you’ll be hearing about how loaded this U$C team is- That they return 8 offensive starters (including the entire OL, now that the center’s knee is better), all world running back Joe McKnight, and all helicopter parented WR Damien Williams. You’ll hear how, even though they lost all but three defensive starters, they return Taylor Mays:

who seems to be the second coming of Jack Tatum/Ronnie Lott.

But there are still some question marks. LAist talks about the changes in the coaching staff,  and points out that  “new quarterbacks coach Jeremy Bates… spent the last few years mentoring Jay Cutler in Denver” as if that were a good thing. They also comment that “The Trojans have a real special teams coach — Brian Schneider –for the first time in many years, and the feeling around the program is that he’s already making a big difference“, although the news I’ve read about their kicking game doesn’t seem to be all that different.

So, in spite of Vegas and LA’s constituencies, let’s go ahead and play the game, shall we?  I think it will be worth it.

More thoughts/commentary as the week progresses.

Bobby Olive, proud creator of miracles

Written August 28th, 2009 by Jeff

We have just 8 days to go, and for Day #8, I’d like to introduce a friend of mine.

Bobby Olive was a walk-on at The Ohio State University in 1988, and he quickly got a major role as a wide receiver under new head coach John Cooper.  And it wasn’t too long before Ohio State fans quickly adopted him as their new hero.

In Week 3 of his freshman season, LSU came to Columbus with a 14-game on-the-road winning streak.  The game was a battle through most of the first 3.5 quarters, but a lucky deflection gave LSU a 56-yard TD and a 33-20 lead with just under 4:30 to play in the game.  Tiger fans began to celebrate their victory.

But the LSU fans didn’t see the freight train coming.  Ohio State marched down the field and scored with 2 minutes left to make it 33-27.  It was then the defense’s turn to rise up, and they did their job.  They shut down two runs (followed by quick timeouts) and on 3rd and long, LSU threw incomplete.  On 4th down, the Tigers chose to retreat and take the safety, making it 33-29.

On the ensuing free kick, Olive took the ball at his own 32 and began racing up the middle.  At midfield, he made an amazing cut to his left and dodged three defenders before flying out of bounds at LSU’s 39.  Ohio Stadium was on fire with excitement!

Just a few plays later….well, why not watch it for yourself?  Courtesy of Our Honor Defend…..

The Buckeyes scored 16 points in under a minute and a half and they beat LSU 36-33.

But Olive wasn’t done with his heroics…..

Two years later, Ohio State was in Iowa City taking on the undefeated Iowa Hawkeyes.  Iowa had visions of a Big Ten Championship and a National Championship (and they had the talent for both).

However, Iowa simply couldn’t put the Buckeyes away that day, and they barely led 26-21 with just over a minute to play.  QB Greg Frey (who was 10 of 31 before the final drive) took the Bucks down the field and brought them to the doorstep.  Then Olive did his thing one more time.

Again, courtesy of Our Honor Defend….

Olive went on the NFL and played for the Cleveland Browns before retiring after 5 seasons.

But we remember him fondly as a Buckeye, and today we honor him. Thanks, Bobby!

8 days left!!!

Decker officially behind bars, charged with felony

Written August 24th, 2009 by Jeff

Again with the breaking news, Ken Gordon of the Columbus Dispatch reports that Ralph Gray Decker has had his simple battery charge upgraded to a felony and is now in jail.

Prosecutors last week said they were pursuing a felony charge based on the seriousness of Moeller’s injuries. And this morning, at 12:12 to be exact, Decker was arrested by the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Department.

He is currently in jail, held on a $20,000 bond. If convicted, the maximum sentence is five years in prison and a $5,000 fine.

Good. Now get that conviction and be done with it. Decker deserves his time behind bars. Unfortunately, it means that Decker can’t attend tonight’s open practice at Ohio Stadium.


Quick note – if you’re a Michigan blogger and you also work for The Sporting News, the aforementioned comment “Decker can’t attend tonight’s open practice at Ohio Stadium” is not meant to be interpreted as a potential threat to beat up Decker, nor is it a desire to see his home burned down and/or his dog’s new litter of puppies kidnapped. Please use your better judgment when interpreting such comments.