Why So Excited You Ask…

Written May 27th, 2014 by MDotySr

I understand that some people are concerned with the lack of commitments in 2015 class. So instead, why not look to the upcoming 2014 season and the potential for The Ohio State Offense. If Braxton Miller can stay healthy and improve just that little bit, opposing defenses on our schedule better look out! I mean we are loaded with talent, talent and then a little more talent! Not to mention Mr. Miller is a Heisman candidate with a very good chance of taking home the trophy.

It’s great to watch the highlights of these kids on this roster and then seeing them doing their thing in Scarlet and Gray. It is going to be a great year for Buckeye fans and me for one, am very proud to be a member of this brotherhood/sisterhood.

QB:  Braxton Miller. We all know what he can do, NOW can you throw to the TE? I think this is a key component to our chance at a National Championship.

Curtis Samuel

Curtis Samuel

RB:  Ezekiel Elliot, Brionte Dunn and Curtis Samuel. I know there is a name or two left off, but this is going to be a strength for the Buckeyes. Eze is the most complete back who obviously will be the starter but the other two young men are going to be very active in this offense. I believe Dunn will be that short yardage/goal line back for us and Samuel will be a rotational player with the ability to let Eze catch a breather. Our RB situation is a great reason to be excited for this upcoming season!
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Rumblin, Stumblin, Bumblin: PurDON’T Eve

Written November 1st, 2013 by WVaBuckeye
I love you Craig Krenzel, "Holy Buckeye" was alot like the two OT's the Buckeyes have had with Boilermakers

Craig Krenzel even had Mr. Musburger screaming, “Holy Buckeye!”

I have been a buckeye fan for a very long time and that’s mostly because I am old now. Not really. Truth is, I fell in love with the Buckeye’s in 1973 watching #45 run for a long TD on the TV while visiting relatives in Columbus. Their every Saturday ritual as a family was to gather around the big (in that time) color television and do what I refer to as house-gating. The food my aunt prepared was ridiculous and also had me hooked on the tradition of Ohio State football on Saturdays during the fall.

In those 40 years I can honestly only think of one team that has been a thorn in our side that shouldn’t have been. The Boilermakers of PurDON’T. They have really done a great job of messing up some of those Saturdays. I am of the belief that this may be different for once because of the Buckeye’s performance last weekend against The Nittany Lions.

Let’s get going with who Rumbled last week.


Let’s be totally honest with each other here. Two weeks ago, everyone was concerned about the play calling with regards to just running the ball and how the offensive coaching staff was not spreading the wealth. Fans were having a hard time understanding why Dontre Wilson and others were getting their well earned touches. My oh my, how a single game against a semi-rival who was suppose to be an issue can cure what ails us.

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