BBN Basketball Liveblog: Indiana

Written March 2nd, 2014 by Eric

The Buckeyes are taking a trip to Bloomington for their only matchup with the Indiana Hoosiers.

The game is set to tip at 4pm Eastern Time on CBS. Come get your Tom Crean hate on with us as we chat through the game! Go Bucks!

BBN Basketball Liveblog: Penn State Part 2

Written February 27th, 2014 by Eric

The Buckeyes and Nitany Lions are meeting this evening in Happy Valley for a rematch of the game the Nits stole a few weeks ago.

The game is scheduled to tip at 7 PM Eastern Time on ESPN2. Come stop by and chat with us during the game!

BBN Basketball Liveblog: Minnesota

Written February 22nd, 2014 by Eric

The Buckeyes play their second-to-last home game for the season as they play host to the Golden Gophers. This is the second time these teams have met this season, with the first having been played more than a month ago in Minneapolis.

The game will be played on the Big Ten Network at 6 PM Eastern time. During the game, stop by and chat with all of your favorite Buckeye bloggers and friends! Go Bucks!
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BBN Basketball Liveblog: Northwestern

Written February 19th, 2014 by Eric

The Buckeyes are playing hosts again this evening. This time, the surprisingly stout Northwestern Wildcats are visiting Columbus. The Wildcats are on a bit of a slide, losing their last three. However, their wins at Wisconsin and at Minnesota at the beginning of the month stand out as big, blaring warnings for the Buckeyes this evening.

The game is scheduled to tip off at 7:00 PM Eastern time. You’ll be able to see the game on the Big Ten Network. Go Bucks!
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OSU clamps down, wins on road

Written February 15th, 2014 by Scott

Stingy defense and a 20-6 spurt in the second half allowed the Ohio

Thad Matta rallied the troops at halftime

Thad Matta rallied the troops at halftime

State Buckeyes to overcome an ugly first half and beat host Illinois 48-39 on Saturday.

A sellout crowd of 17,200 fans, many of whom were dressed like empty seats at game’s end, watched as Aaron Craft scored 14 points to lead the OSU effort. LaQuinton Ross added 9 and Marc Loving 8 as OSU improved to 20-6 overall and 7-6 in the B1G.

The spurt in the second half included eight straight points that helped OSU turn a 23-20 halftime deficit into a 36-29 lead midway through as the Buckeyes, who played for long stretches without the foul-plagued Craft, won at Illinois for the first time since 2011.

Loving was a spark in the second half, scoring all of his points, as was Ross, who hit a couple of early baskets to help erase the lead. The defense held Illinois to just 16 second-half points.

OSU was up 12 late in the game and heading for a blowout, but a lucky banked-in 3-point shot and some shaky free-throw shooting helped Illinois (14-12, 3-10) cut it to five with under a minute left. But Shannon Scott and Craft each nailed a pair of free throws to settle down OSU and ice the victory. Read More

BBN Basketball Liveblog: Illinois Part 2

Written February 15th, 2014 by Eric

Following the rather disappointing loss to Michigan, the Buckeyes have to hit the road again to take on the Fighting Illini.

The game is set to tip at 8pm eastern time this evening. You’ll be able to see the game on the Big Ten Network.
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It’s All Academic: What Makes Ants Superstrong?

Written February 14th, 2014 by Charles

Seal_of_the_Ohio_State_UniversityAnyone who has been outside and watched ants crawl by carrying leaves or balls of dirt or bits of food probably has realized that they are very strong creatures.  Many of you have probably heard or read various figures saying that ants can carry X times their body weight with X being some rather large number.  Previously scientists had believed that most ants could carry several hundred times their body weight.  These estimations were made by watching what ants would carry but that isn’t a great way to determine the max amount that an ant can carry as it isn’t possible for scientists to know if the ant is carrying as much as it can or if it has no reason to carry more or if is just being lazy. 

Researchers in the Ohio State Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering weren’t happy with these estimations of how strong ants were and set out accurately measure the strength of ants’ necks and to figure out what makes them so strong.  Unfortunately you can’t just ask ants to pick up a set of barbells so the team lead by assistant professor Carlos Castro had to come up with another solution.  Their solution involved approaching the problem in a way similar to determining the strength of a material, you stress it until it fails.  The scientists started by using electron microscopy and micro-CT machines to get up close looks at the interior and exterior of the ants in order to learn about the structure of their necks.  After anesthetizing the ants so that they wouldn’t feel anything, the team then glued the ants heads to a piece of material which was placed into a centrifuge.  As the centrifuge spun, the heads of the ants were held in place while their bodies were drawn outward.  The faster the centrifuge spun, the more force was placed on the neck of the ant.  The team kept increasing the speed of the centrifuge until the ants’ bodies were ripped from the head; at this point the scientists noted the speed of the centrifuge and used that to calculate the force that the necks could withstand before failing.

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BBN Basketball Liveblog: Meeeechigan

Written February 11th, 2014 by Eric

The Buckeyes and Wolverines do battle in their only regular season meeting tonight in Value City Arena.

The game is scheduled to tip at 9:00 PM Eastern on ESPN. Stop by and say hi to all of your favorite Buckeyes tonight! Go Bucks!
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