Weekend Wonderings

Written May 3rd, 2014 by Ken

thinking chimpWelcome to this week’s edition of Weekend Wonderings.  I expect to see a good many ‘May flowers’ in western NY, since we’re getting quite a bit of ‘April showers’.   Grab whatever beverage that you need and let’s proceed. Go ahead, I’ll wait…

The James/Wexner:

We have a couple of things today. First up is a clever, to me, “cross-use” of an old technique to help address another issue. Remember/familiar with nicotine patches as a tool to wean smokers off cigarettes? Here’s a tweak to the idea to use the patch as a cancer drug delivery system.

“.. investigators at (OSUCCC – James) hope soon to begin clinical testing of an adhesive medicated patch that releases an anticancer drug called fenretinide directly into precancerous oral lesions to help prevent malignancy. The patch is designed to hold the medication in place so that none of it spreads to the rest of the body, diminishing potential side effects.”

DoubleHelixThe article is a short, interesting read; it is a great example that even if you have  a drug that has efficacy against a disease, you still need to deliver it efficiently to take advantage of its properties.

Moving along, I hope that you don’t need this, but here is a link to Clinical Trials at OSUCCC. It may be a good idea to bookmark this link, just in case..


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