Shots from the ‘Shoe: Penn State

Written October 27th, 2013 by Scott

Scott gives us his thoughts on a great evening in Columbus, while WVa provides the pictures!

Night Moves

Night Moves

Night games at Ohio Stadium never get old.

I have been to five of the 14 prime time games, including the last three. Always looked forward to them. Always enjoyed the party atmosphere.

Maybe it was the cold weather, perhaps the disappointment of the BCS standings or maybe the location where I was tailgating, but it didn’t feel like the most recent two.

Not a lot of yelling. Did not hear a lot of “O-H, I-O.” It felt like a noon game on ESPN35.

We (my brother and I) arrived around 5:30, parked in the Ninth Avenue Garage and walked to our pre-game spot near the Towers.

This is a rather subdued tailgate, with some TVs showing different games but there was plenty of yummy food and plenty to drink.

We were visited by the women’s glee club which sang a medley of OSU favorites. Nice to look at too. Hee hee.

Of course no live music event would be complete without someone yelling “Freebird!” I was happy to oblige.

Headed up the stairs and by the Towers about 7:15 and got up to 18C, row 27 without the need for CPR.

On the way to the tailgate I had to visit the “facility” so I hit a Jimmy John’s. Encountered a Penn State fan in the bathroom who was very cordial. I started thinking that maybe the PSU fans would be OK. Read More

tBBC Kickoff Countdown Celebrates 53

Written July 9th, 2013 by Ken
rickey_dudley 1995

Play-maker in the clutch

In today’s edition, we celebrate number 53, specifically Ohio State’s thrilling 28-25 win over the Penn State Nittany Lions in Beaver Stadium on  October 7th, 1995. Ohio State had some late game heroics the previous week to beat Lou Holtz’s Notre Dame team.

Late in the 4th quarter, the Buckeyes trailed 25-21. At this point, I turn the narrative over to the team at The Buckeye 50 Yard line for their very descriptive account of the game, particularly the game-winning drive;

With 2:57 left on the clock, Hoying dropped back, got good protection and saw that   Rickey Dudley had sped past linebacker Gerald Filardi again down the middle.  Hoying pumped as if he was going to throw which drew the attention of safeties Clint Holes and Kim Herring to Dudley.  Hoying finally let fly and Dudley went up after the ball.  With Herring barreling towards him, Rickey collared the pass while getting blasted from behind by Holes.  The big tight end, who had been criticized as a receiver for bad hands at times, held on to the catch of his career and the Buckeyes had a first down at the Penn State 13.  Hoying would finish the day with 354 yards passing, but these 33 would be the most important.  Now it was bread-and-butter time- Eddie George over Orlando Pace on the left side.  Eddie bolted for 7, giving him 99 yards for the game.  On the next play, Nicky Sualua and Eddie set up in an offset-I to the left.  Rickey Dudley came in motion from right to left to add even more beef.  Orlando Pace pancaked his man, Sualua absolutely buried Kim Herring, and Eddie breezed right by linebacker Jim Nelson and went into the endzone untouched, putting the Bucks back into the lead.  Josh Jackson tacked on a significant point-after and OSU led 25-21 with 1:42 to play.

So, there you have it; big-time players such as Hoying, Dudley, George, Saluua and Pace making big-time plays when needed.

Monday Musings

Written May 13th, 2013 by Ken


Welcome to another Monday Musings. I’m glad that you stopped in. Grab a coffee and have a seat. Frankly, I’m a bit light on sports this week, so we’ll start there.


A big week for Orlando Pace, who was elected into the Collegiate Football Hall of Fame. As I mentioned earlier, I’ve seen a lot of quality offensive linemen play at Ohio State, but I think that Pace was one of the most dominant linemen I’ve seen. He obviously institutionalized the ‘pancake’ block, while possessing very good strength and extraordinary agility for a per his size. This was a very well deserved honor bestowed upon Mr. Pace.

Women’s Golf

The NCAA tournament is upon us with the Regionals being played May 9-11. Coach Hessian’s Ohio State team will be traveling to Palo Alto to compete in the Western Region. I’ll have recap in an upcoming Musing. Good luck Buckeyes.

Read More

Silver Bullet Points Is A Dead Giveaway

Written May 8th, 2013 by MaliBuckeye

While the details are still coming out, I can’t stop thinking about how amazing the situation in Cleveland was yesterday. We need more folks like Charles Ramsey who would be willing to get involved when it’s easier to just mind their own business. Only one soundtrack possibility today, then.

Silver Dollar Pancakes- Exquisite!

Buckeye 411

Orlando Pace: College Football Hall of Famer

Written May 7th, 2013 by Ken

Glad this gentleman is a Buckeye

One down, one to go.

Sandusky’s Own, Orlando Pace, has been elected into the College Football Hall of Fame as part of the 2013 class.


Mr. Pace was born in Sandusky, OH, where he was a two-sport athlete at Sandusky High School. He was named to the Parade magazine high school All-America team as an offensive lineman and the USA Today All-America team as a defensive lineman.  Not satisfied with being a ‘one-sport wonder’, Pace was also named 2nd team all-Ohio his junior season, averaging 18 points, while playing center. Talk about a post presence.

You think I’m kidding? Watch this. (Warning: Commentary of Brent Musberger and Dick Vermeil).

Ohio State University

Orlando anchored, in every sense of the word,  The Ohio State University offensive line from ’93 -’96.  Considering the number of talented players that have come through Columbus, that is exceptional (more later). To be honest, I’ll use bullet-points from OSU athletics site, because Orlando’s accomplishments are just too many and too great.  Here they are: Read More

Silver Bullet Points Hears The Whispers

Written May 16th, 2012 by MaliBuckeye

All The Better To Hear You With

Buckeye 411

  • Shower Ends Sweat- This “Duh!” headline actually points to an interesting story Tuesday about why former Buckeye Andrew Sweat chose to end his bid at a professional career. According to the Dispatch, Sweat slipped in the shower the morning that mini-camp was to start and experienced concussive-like symptoms similar to what he wrestled with during his time in Columbus. After they lingered longer than he’d expected, he sat down and talked with his family; I’m sure the recent news about health issues in the NFL had to be at the back of his mind (OK, maybe not the best choice of phrase there). Given that he’s also been accepted to several law programs, it does make sense to look at the bigger picture- heck, even Michigan fans think so. Godspeed and best wishes, Mr. Sweat!
  • Hall Of Fame? More Like Hall O’ Lame, AmIRite?-  The College Football Hall of Fame announced their incoming class, and somehow Orlando Pace was not amongst the nominees in spite of the fact that he was a potential candidate. Seriously- the best offensive tackle in the history of Ohio State sports, a two time Lombardi trophy winner and one of two people to win either the Lombardi/Outland three times.  Pace was also a Heisman (!) finalist, and should have been a cake walk into the CHoF.  Doubt me? Watch this video…  Pace wasn’t the only snubbed choice, as Nebraska’s Tommie Frazier also missed the cut. You remember Frazier; three time National Championship Game MVP, Heisman runner up to Eddie George, and dude I met last fall. Video evidence hereabouts.  You know who did get in? Ty Detmer, the guy who brought us such memorable moments as this.
  • Rocketman-  JD Weatherspoon announced today what we’d expected for a while- he’s transferring to Toledo to finish his college career. Best of luck, ‘Spoon!
  • Justice, Of Sorts- The man who shot former Buckeye recruit Jamel Turner was found guilty on all charges today. The shooting took the life of another Youngstown native.
  • Your Weekly Dose Of Swoon- Double shot this week: Craft the pitcher and meeting the governor.
  • A Hairy Situation- Nick Mangold getting his chest waxed? Nick Mangold getting his chest waxed.
  • Meet The New Boss- Tuesday was the Urban Meyer Town Hall for students at OSU; it was pretty much what you’d expect (huge thanks to @KristinPantoni), except for this bit of brilliance: Read More

Here's your chance

Sponsored Post: Our partners at The Buckeye Room have put together a Star Studded lineup of Former Ohio State Buckeyes to sign autographs at multiple store locations over the next week.  Jared Sullinger will be signing autographs at 4 different stores and they will be hosting a 1997 Rose Bowl Champions Reunion Signing that includes Orlando Pace, Stanley Jackson, Greg Bellisari, Pepe Pearson, & Ryan Miller.  The signing dates are listed below.This is a great opportunity to see some of Ohio State’s Legends and get signed memorabilia at great prices.  “We are happy to be able to offer this opportunity to meet some of the players that Buckeye fans get to watch on TV but never have a chance to meet in person” says Johnny Campbell, President of the Buckeye Room & Cardboard Heroes.

They will have 8×10 photos, OSU Basketballs, OSU Footballs and Mini Helmets available at the signings for purchase.  They also give fans the opportunity to purchase autographed items even if they can’t make an event.  You can call their Internet Sales Division @ 1-800-930-4591 to place an order and have your item autographed, personalized and shipped to you immediately following the event.  That is definitely “Buckeye Friendly” service.

Jared Sullinger Signing Dates & Prices

4/14-Buckeye Room at Tuttle Crossing in Dublin from (Noon-2PM)

4/14-Cardboard Heroes at The Mall at Fairfield Commons in Beavercreek (6-8PM)

4/15-Cardboard Heroes at Franklin Park Mall in Toledo (1-3PM)

4/16-Buckeye Room at Polaris Mall in Columbus (6-8PM)

**All Autograph tickets are $20 with Inscriptions being an additional $10

1997 Rose Bowl Reunion Signing

4/15-Buckeye Room At the Polaris Mall in Columbus (2-4PM)

  • Orlando Pace- $45.00
  • Greg Bellisari- $15.00
  • Pepe Pearson- $15.00
  • Stanley Jackson- $15.00
  • Ryan Miller- $15.00

**Super Ticket-Gets all 5 autographs for only $75, save $30.

John Cooper remembered – And NOT in a good way

Written July 20th, 2009 by Jeff

This morning, our old friends at Eleven Warriors published a brilliant piece on John Cooper and his recent induction in the College Football Hall Of Fame.

Of course, you can’t write a Cooper-based piece with using the numbers 2, 10, and 1. 11W did that. Sprinkled around the article is a list of Coop’s accomplishments, and The BBC will not argue with the fact that these feats qualify our former coach for the HOF.

But our disagreements about Cooper end there. I haven’t yet forgiven Coach for many of his failures and perhaps I still hold too much of a grudge….but my frustration with him hasn’t faded.

My freshman year at The Ohio State University was 1987. Earle Bruce had a team with minimal talent and he caught a few horrible breaks that year (seriously, a TD on 4th-and-23 to Iowa….in The Shoe). But four days after the administration fired Bruce, his team went up to Michigan Stadium and beat Bo Schembechler. With Greg freaking Frey taking snaps, no less.

My sophomore year was Cooper’s first year, and the season hadn’t even begun before Cooper’s heart was being questioned. I recall an article in The Lantern in which Cooper was openly mocking students who had casually reminded him that he shouldn’t be wearing a blue blazer around campus. Rather than run to complain to the student newspaper, he should have pulled aside any one of his assistant coaches or players and asked them why it was so important to ditch the blue (and/or maize) colored apparel.

When the season began, the first three games would tell you all you needed to know.

  • Game 1 – No turnovers, no penalties against the Bucks, as Ohio State laid waste to Syracuse on national TV
  • Game 2 – Travel to Pitt, give up 6 touchdowns to the Panthers and lose by more than 30 points.
  • Game 3 – Fall behind 33-20 to visiting LSU with 2 minutes to play, and pull off the miracle win.  They scored 16 points in less than 90 seconds and beat the Tigers 36-33.

The Buckeyes were schizophrenic under Cooper and when they finally captured some sort of consistency, it wasn’t the type of consistency we wanted to see.

John Cooper, during the off-season, was a brilliant recruiter and nobody could ever (and possibly will ever again) put together a team like he could.  Every amazing player you saw in the 1990s was brought to Columbus through the charm and brilliance of John Cooper.  Eddie George.  David Boston.  Orlando Pace.  Shawn Springs.  Joey Galloway.  Etc, etc, etc.

But where we may have been the most talented team on the field every single Saturday, that talent was often wasted with poor coaching decisions time and time again.  Let’s not forget…..

  • Sensation RB Robert Smith, who was chastized by the coaches for missing a practice….to attend class.  Smith’s well-publicized run-in with the coaching staff led to his leaving the Buckeyes prematurely.
  • The whole “I was left with a pack of slow white guys” whine-fest.
  • The day Cooper allowed the game to end early because of rain.  In 1990, trailing USC with just under three minutes to play, the Buckeyes began making a hasty exit for the locker room, followed by the Trojans team.  A sold-out stadium was left wondering what had happened until we were later told that the game had been called due to weather.  Cooper later told reporters that he didn’t want any players to be in danger from lightning.  He left no word about whether or not he was concerned about the 100,000 fans in attendance who had no opportunity to run to the locker room before their job was complete.
  • Two words.  Air F***ing Force.
  • In the 4th quarter of a tie game in Michigan territory, Cooper calls for Greg Frey…yes, Greg Frey…to run an option play. On 4th down. Seriously.  Having never run an option play before, the Buckeyes failed.  Michigan used a handful of plays to move the ball forward just enough to kick the game-winning field goal.
  • Following the huge victory over Arizona State in the Rose Bowl, reporters rushed in to get the first comment from Cooper.  Rather than praise his team, his first words were an attack on Buckeye fans, as he said “let’s see if that’s a big enough win for them”.  Classy, Cooper.
  • Cooper’s final game against South Carolina, when the team fell apart and lost all semblance of discipline.  After a series of cheap shots from Buckeye players, LB Joe Cooper was finally ejected for a late hit in the end zone. John Cooper’s career came to end with that woeful afternoon.

I could actually go on and on for a long time.  I’m sure you could too.  Cooper’s issues are a novel waiting to be written.

Eleven Warriors closes their article with “if you can’t at least bring yourself to recognize and appreciate the good that Cooper did at Ohio State, then you’re either clueless, or hold irrationally long grudges. Neither is healthy.”

11W is right….Cooper deserves to be in the Hall Of Fame.  But let me be the first to stand up and say that while I recognize and appreciate the good that Cooper did, I am not at all prepared to forgive him for the shame and humiliation brought upon us by him.

To this day, I still can’t figure out why we haven’t hired him to be a recruiter for Ohio State, and then put a restraining order on him every Saturday afternoon in the fall to prevent him from showing up at Ohio Stadium.

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