Numero Uno

Written September 4th, 2009 by MaliBuckeye

Nope, not that one

number1With kickoff of the 120th season of Buckeye football mere hours away, it’s time to celebrate being on top.

As St. Woody once said, “Without winners, there’d be no civilization.”

And he should know. At the end of the season, The Ohio State University left the field as the number one team in the land seven times, five of them under Coach Hayes’ watch.

The other two championships came under Coach Paul Brown (1942) and Coach Jim Tressel (2002), the last of which was the culmination of a 14-0 season.

Tomorrow, as we sit back to watch the scarlet and gray begin yet another quest, let’s enjoy the moment as much as the monument they are striving for.

Polls, BCS systems, Congress, television networks, and others may have opinions on who the number one team in the land is, but for the young men who strap on their helmets, it’s only important to be the best one play at a time.

The rest will work itself out.

Go Bucks!







.Oh, OK- Here’s a video of #1 Boom Herron against MACh1gAAn…

Horvath excelled, even though Ohio Stadium's field was built on a 45-degree angle

Horvath excelled, even though Ohio Stadium's field was built on a 45-degree angle

The early days of Ohio State football are littered with names that will always be legendary around Columbus, Ohio.

Chic Harley.
Francis Schmidt.
Paul Brown.
Bill Willis.

Les Horvath.

Horvath won the Heisman Trophy for Ohio State in 1944, the first one ever won by a Buckeye. Two years earlier, OSU won a National Championship with a team filled with sophomores (WWII took a ton of players away from us in the draft. No, not that draft, a military draft), but Horvath was clearly the leader of that team.

Horvath is no longer with us, having passed away in 1995 at the ripe old age of 74. But for a guy who defeated both the United States Army (on the field) and the Nazi army (on the battlefield), I’d say he’s earned his place in history.

Here’s to you, Les Horvath!

22 days until kickoff!