Penn State Sanctions – Can they Recover?

Written July 23rd, 2012 by WVaBuckeye

There has been much speculation about what was going to happen to the Penn State football program and it all came to fruition this morning in a huge way. The question isn’t will they recover, it’s can they? Let’s take a look at their punishment for covering up the crimes of a former assistant that needs not be named.

Statue is done . . , is the program done as well?

Mark Emmert hosted the press conference at the NCAA headquarters in Indianapolis, IN amidst some controversy over his power to do so. It was widely believed he was responding to Penn State’s request to handle this situation immediately and the penalties were their idea.
Edward J. Ray kicked off the press conference with a comment about what had taken place and that focus needs to stay on the victims in this case with regard to the children who were involved and not what was going to happen to the university. He announced that the cover up most definitely violated fundamental bylaws in the NCAA and that adhering to the “fundamental values” of humanity.
Mark Emmert then appeared to the podium and was obviously stressed over what he was about to do.
These were the announced sanctions:
1. $60 million fine that will go into an endowment to feed into sexual child abuse programs and equals the amount of money the program makes in one year.
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