Wednesday Night Rumble: Things I Think

Written June 18th, 2014 by Jason
Peter King doesn't get much love for his TV gig

Peter King doesn’t get much love for his TV gig

A little while back I let it out of the bag that one of my favorite writers is Sports Illustrated’s Peter King.

Forget what you think of him as an analyst on Sunday Night Football, his columns are top notch and he has a style unique to himself. (One of these days I’ll spill who my favorite is and if you read his work you’ll instantly see the influence)

One of King’s mainstays is his Monday Morning Quarterback segment that goes live (you guessed it!) on Monday mornings. Inside the MMQB piece each week is a segment he calls “10 things I think I think”. His 10 things encompass everything from the NFL to his favorite order at Starbucks.

Last summer I did my own tribute to Peter King by going through some things I think I thought. With this being the dead period for college football, I figured “why not” and decided to do it again. So, without further ado, here are: Things I Think That I Think.

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Sometimes I think of something. Then other times I think I thought of something before but can’t remember the details of what I was thinking. Then other times I think I think something, but I’m not really sure. One thing I know? It’s Wednesday, let’s rumble!

One of my favorite sports writers is Sports Illustrated legend Peter King. Some of you may only know him for his role on Football Night in America on Sunday nights during the NFL season. I’m here to tell you, Peter King’s “Monday Morning Quarterback” is a must read for me every week and, if you haven’t, something I think you may like as well. 20091027_mmqb_250x375

Let’s put it this way: Wednesday Night Rumble isn’t a rip-off of Monday Morning Quarterback, but it is very much influenced by it.

One of my favorite parts of King’s weekly column is his segment called “10 things I Think I Think”. Ten ideas that have popped into his head that span a variety of subjects, not just NFL related though he does stick to his core subject matter primarily. There ideas that he feels may work out, or maybe outside the box quips that try and make the reader think outside the box with him.

So, without any further ado, here is sort of version of “Things I Think I Think”.

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