Weekend Wonderings

Written April 27th, 2014 by Ken

chimp_skullWelcome to this week’s edition of Weekend Wonderings. Despite a dash of snow here and there the past week or so, it appears as if Spring is here and Summer will be wandering in, in due time.

The James/Wexner 

Gene within a gene:  A small gene that is embedded in a larger, well-known gene is the true leukemia-promoting force usually attributed to the larger gene, according to a new study by researchers at The OSUCCC – James. Here’s the abstract;

  • High expression of a gene called BAALC is known to be associated with poor survival in acute myeloid leukemia (AML) patients.
  • BAALC has a second smaller gene embedded within it that is also active in AML.
  • This study shows that, of the two, the smaller gene is the major driver of AML development, and it identifies a drug that might inhibit the smaller gene’s activity.

Here’s a link to the article.

This study again confirms that there really isn’t a necessarily a “cancer gene”. Very often, the combined effect that one or more genes have on each other, epistasis, will cause genes to express themselves.

Viewing Pleasure: Here is an entertaining, informative (and short) video that walks us through the Clinical Trials Unit at the new James Hospital. We are led on this tour by Dr. Richard Goldberg.

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