Pick ‘Em- It’s Almost Over

Written December 6th, 2013 by Scott

After 90 picks, tBBC’s pick ‘em between Gary and myself has come down to the final week.
b1glogoWith our contest deadlocked, we will pick the winners of Saturday’s games and use the total points scored in the B1G championship game as the tiebreaker.

To recap last week, both of us took Ohio State, Nebraska, Sparty, Northwestern, Wisconsin and Indiana.

We missed on Nebraska and Wisconsin and head into the last week deadlocked at 30-15. Thanks Bo Pelini.

I’m glad the Huskers don’t play this week.

Who forced you to pick us?

Who forced you to pick us?

Anyhoo, we are going to pick all the relevant and not-so-relevant Saturday games and see if we can’t get this thing figured out.

Games we are picking:

  • Oklahoma-Oklahoma State
  • Marshall-Rice
  • Central Florida-SMU
  • Memphis-UConn
  • Texas-Baylor
  • Missouri-Auburn
  • South Florida-Rutgers
  • Stanford-Arizona State
  • Louisiana Lafayette-South Alabama
  • Duke-Florida State
  • Fresno State-Southern Utah
  • Ohio State-Michigan State

Gary likes Marshall, UCF, Oklahoma State, Uconn, Baylor, Missouri, Rutgers, Arizona State, FSU, Buckeyes, LA Lafayette and Fresno State.

Gary questioned my manhood and told me not to copy his games. “Well I know how much you have to cheat off me to stay in this thing,” Gary said.

Unfortunately, there is not one game I would and will pick differently. So it comes down to total points in the B1G title game.

Gary has 45 points. I’m going with 46 points.

Let’s hope that we’re both WAY under. Go Bucks.

tBBC Pick ‘Em: Even After Week One

Written October 4th, 2013 by Scott

They say tying is like kissing your sister.Big-10-logo

Pucker up. That’s where we stand after one week of our head-to-head pick.

Yours truly and Gary were correcting in picking Ohio State and Illinois to win last week. I correctly picked Iowa winning at Minnesota but was disappointed in the effort of Purdue as Gary was right in picking Northern Illinois.

“They are just horrible in every freaking category,” he said in justifying his pick.

This week we have a full slate of Big 10/11/12 games.

Let’s get the obligatory picks out of the way: We both are picking Ohio State and TTUN.

But that’s where it stops. Read More

Picks for the Weak – Week 11

Written November 7th, 2012 by WVaBuckeye

Took a week off to get caught up on a lot of things and because there was so much going on around tBBC with basketball jumping into the mix.

No need to revisit the results of two weeks ago as we are in the home stretch! I will begin to cover the national race for the BCS as well as our B1G match-ups. The Buckeyes are resting this week so lets get started-

Legends Race. Nebraska 7-2 (4-1); TTUN 6-3 (4-1);Northwestern 7-2 (3-2). Cornhuskers control their own destiny because of the win over TTUN. Northwestern can help themselves alot this week with their game against TTUN.

Leaders Race. Ohio State 10-0 (6-0);Penn State 6-3(4-1); Wisky 6-3 (3-2). A Penn State loss to Nebraska this weekend clinches a share of the Leaders title for the Buckeyes but there is still work to be done in the coming weeks. Penn State loses and it opens the door for Wisky to step in and go to back-to-back B1G title games.

#24 Northwestern @ TTUN. The Wolverines need to keep pace with the cornhuskers and hope for some help from Penn State this week. TTUN got healthy and may have already decided to look forward a couple weeks and could get tripped up here. Nerds 21 to 17

Purdue @ Iowa.  Purdue needs to win out just to be bowl eligible and Iowa has been streaky all season. Could be one of the better games of the weekend. Having said that, Iam sure it will be a low scoring affair. Iowa 16 to 10

Minnesota @ Illinois.  Two of the reasons the nation believes the B1G is very weak are primarily due to these two teams. The Illini are beat up bad after their tussle with the Buckeyes in Columbus and the Gophers probably do not know which end is up. This is a toss up even though Minny has played better over all. Talent wins in this one. Illinois 31 to 14

Wiscy @ Indiana. We all know better than anyone that Indiana is a much improved team under my candidate for B1G COTY Kevin Wilson. They worked a great game plan to almost perfection when the Buckeyes were in town and Wiscy will be looking ahead to their match-up that could decide their season hosting the Buckeyes next week. Going with the upset here. Hoosiers 21 to 20 Read More

Picks for the Weak – B1G Opening Weekend

Written September 26th, 2012 by WVaBuckeye

WVa, we have a problem...

I am not even keeping track of my overall record anymore because its sooo pitiful. Suffice it to say I did finally get one right and sadly it was about Notre Lame beating TTUN . . . oh well! Here goes the results from last week.

Safe Bet.  Maryland @ WVU. WVU 47 to 13; Not as safe as I thought WRONG WVU 31 to 21.

Points Plus. Fresno St. @ Tulsa. Fresno St. 54 to 49; nowhere near points a close game Tulsa 27 to 26

Defensive Struggle. Rutgers @ Arkansas. Arkansas 16 to 10; no defense, WRONG again Rutgers 35 to 26

Best Match-up. Clemson @ Florida St.  Clemson 21 to 17; Close and WRONG team FSU 49 to 37

Best B1G Game. TTUN @ Notre Lame.  Notre Lame 24 to 23; FINALLY right Notre Lame 13 to 6

We kick off the B1G schedule with a full slate and a couple pretty good games to look in on including the one with the Buckeyes up in East Lansing!

Why bother. Minnesota @ Iowa. Not entirely sure how this one will wind up as the Gophers are undefeated heading into the conference. Don’t think it will last as even the recently stunned Iowa Hawkeyes are still pretty good at home in conference match-ups. Iowa 21 to 16

On Campus Recruiting Bowl. Penn St. @ Illinois.  Still stinging a bit from losing players, the fact that the Illini’s head coach showed up on PSU’s campus to talk to players should be a driving force behind the Nits. Maybe not in this match-up as Beckman’s team should win. Illini 23 to 10

Hoosiers v. Nerds. Duh. The nerds have been a bit of a surprise early on and their offense has been up tempo. The Hoosiers have been . . . well . . . they’ve been a good basketball school and will continue to be so. Nerdwestern 35 to 10

Lumps are Us. Wisconsin @ Nebraska. Good old fashioned thumping skulls typical B1G football here. Great early season match-up which will cause people to not think about games leading up to it. The Badgers have struggled mightily but will get things together this week and give the Huskers a fight. Nebraska is tough at home and will rep the black shirts well this weekend. Nebraska 21 to 13

Best of the Week. #14 Ohio State @ #20 Michigan State. 3 point underdogs headed into a bad atmosphere after losing to Sparty at home last year sounds about right. The Buckeyes have struggled to put things together the past two weeks. Or have they? They have flipped the switch and moved the ball at will every time they have wanted and needed to. Sparty isn’t seeing the same Buckeye team they did last year. The NFL prospect D-line will not be the difference maker here. I don’t predict scores in Ohio State games, call me superstitious, but they will win the game and send a message. Ohio State in a romp.

Battered and Bruised week off. TTTUN needed a week off and got it. Oh . .. and Purdue has Marshall. Boilermakers 28 to 13

Have a great week and good luck! Go Bucks!!!

Picks for the Weak – Week 4

Written September 20th, 2012 by WVaBuckeye

The weak that was and I pulled an 0′fer and am 3 and 12 on the season! Atleast Im doing a little better in the Pick ‘em pool!!! Anyone want to replace me as the the picker for these contest games?  Here are the results of my worst weak week ever!!!

Will I ever get a weak week right?!

Safe Bet.  VTU over PITT 31 to 6; Role reversal and WRONG! PITT 35 to 17 (Some other time Fat Urkel)

Points Plus. Mizzou over Arizona St. 43 to 39; wrong on points Mizzou 24 to 20

Defensive Struggle.  Navy over Penn St. 9 to 7; WRONG AGAIN!! PSU 34 to 7

Best Match-up. USC over Stanford 34 to 28; Glad I was WRONG Stanford 21 to 14

Best B1G Game. MSU over Notre Lame 24 to 17; Sparty WRONGED me! ND 20 to 3

Ok… here’s what you’ve got for this week:

Safe Bet.  Maryland @ WVU. I’ll take WVU and the points here. Now that  the Heisman front runner Geno Smith and his streaks in shoes Tavon Austin and Stedman Bailey are firing on all cylinders in that high powered offense, they’ll take care of business quickly. Edsell’s Terp’s are still learning the ropes and have little chance of competing in this game. I was wron about my safe bet last week, but not this week. WVU 47 to 13

Best Mountaineer leading the way for Heisman front runner

Points Plus. Fresno St. @ Tulsa. The Bulldogs hung 69 points last week on Colorado and the Golden Hurricanes blew through Nicholls St. for the tune of 66 points. The last time these two teams met in 2005 they combined for 55 points. I’d say the over in this match up is close to double that. Basketball on turf for sure. Fresno St. 54 to 49

Defensive Struggle. Rutgers @ Arkansas. I honestly am not too sure there is much left of John L. Smith and the Razorbacks after the Tide dismantled and blanked them last week. There isn’t  help on the way in the form of the Scarlet Knights thoughas they are undefeated on the season and atop the Big Least standings. I’m not sure any of that means anything. Going with the gut feeling here. Arkansas 16 to 10

Best Match-up. Clemson @ Florida St. In my ACC preview I pretty much said it would come down to the man that beat the man that beat the . . , and here we go. If the home team holds pat, which I don’t believe they will, then FSU will become a front runner to possibly play the winner of the SEC championship for the national title. That being said, the ACC has a habit of beating up on each other in these types of games and ruining each others seasons. Its a tough place to play for sure but I still like Clemson to play for it in the end. Clemson 21 to 17

Sammy Watkins and the gang win on the road

Best B1G Game. TTUN @ Notre Lame. It’s killing me that I have had to use these guys three weeks in a row and it’s even worse now that I have to chose between them and TTUN. Now that Notre Lame is finally leaving the B1G . . , oh wait . . , the Big Least . . , no . . , whatever, they’re headed to the ACC and good riddens! Two things I will never do, pick a TTUN team to win anything, nor will I ever root for them. Notre Lame 24 to 23

Good luck with this week’s picks and Go Bucks!

Picks for the Weak: Week Four

Written September 22nd, 2011 by Joe Dexter

Dabo and his Tigers are HUNGRY....

It’s week four of the college football season, and you weaklings are gaining strength. No, it’s not from our expert prespective… Yeah, no. This week, us college football fans get our inspiration for top notch picks by pumping ice water in our veins!

We might be in Death Valley, but it’s our time to choose greatness! Are you going to be the next greatest tBBC College Challenge Champion? Are you going to put the ! in Yahoo!??? Week three is in the books, and another slate of games is in front of us. Are you going to eat rock like Dabo?? Or are you going to eat crow like Brady Hoke?

It’s time to step up your game like OSU Silver Bullet, Buffalobuckeye, The Silver Bullets, BWCGF3, and Culp’s Freaking Hill. tBBC is here to help you with your picks. We’re just not sure if we’re helping you jump up the standings or jump off the face of the earth.

Week 3 Review:

Everyone but yours truly finished .500 or better in week three, with the experts receiving a week off.  The staff swept the board with Southern Idaho State, Nebraska and LSU.  Only Joe L  had the cajones to pick Notre Dame  against Michigan State.  He  and Jime were also smart enough not to dip their picks into the Miami (OH) Butter.  Here’s a look at last week’s standings.

Mali 6-4 – Eric 6-4 -Jim 8-2 – Experts **BYE – Joe L – 7-3  Joe D 4-6 – Computer – 5-5

Oh Boy. As you can see, the picks get harder as we get closer to conference play…. Or maybe I’m just destined to finish worse than a machine. Here is a look at the current standings heading into week 4.

Mali 20-9 – Eric 21-8 -Jim 20-9 – Experts – 14-5* – Joe L – 17-12 Joe D 14-15 – Computer – 13-16

Week Four Analysis:

There are some big games this week, but there are also some ugly ones. Helping us break down some of the better ones is Kyle Kensing of Saturday Blitz. We talk expansion, Alabama/Arkansas, Oklahoma State/Texas A&M, Florida State/Clemson as well as scUM vs. SDSU.  Kyle also breaks down our Week 4 games in writing this week.

Picks For The Weak: Week 4 by The Buckeye Battle Cry

Now to the games!

Read More

Picks for the Weak: Week 2

Written September 9th, 2011 by Joe Dexter


You're WEAK if you picked Notre Dame in Week 1 - Brian Kelly

There ain’t no thunderstorm bright enough, ain’t no rain storm long enough, ain’t no computer smart enough –to keep me from helping you weaklings! Week 1 is in the books, and though I finished sub .500 in the first week of our picks, I am spry and ready to prove that Week two is my week!

Okay, so finishing 4-5 wasn’t so bad in our first round of games. Considering TCU was a lock ( son of a). Notre Dame never loses in week one right?? (Fight this Irish) I thought Ducks fly together? I guess not when you spread em’ out in Dallas.

Breakdown of Week 1:

So just how ugly was it in the very first analysis for our panel? If your name starts with an E and ends with @tBBC then you’re smilin’ this week.  If you’re the dope that writes this article, then you are just happy you tied the computer! Apparently anyone named Joe is a week 1 WEAKLING. Here is a look at this week’s results.

Experts (David Fox/Yahoo!): 7-2

Eric: 6-3

Mali: 5-4

Jim: 5-4

Joe D: 4-5

Computer: 4-5

Joe L 3-6

Props going to David Fox, for boldly picking Baylor over the favored Horned Frogs. He said it in the interview, this defense has a lot of work to do. Fox’s only lost came from Notre Dame and Oregon.

Eric went toe-for-toe, but chose TCU instead of Baylor. Let’s just say he has been wishing bad things upon the Bears all week. Don’t worry Eric, the whole panel was. The Bulls and Bears swept the panel in week 1.  Eric says this is a true sign from the football gods that TCU belongs in the Big East.

And well, with the Irish, we are used to this by now aren’t we?

The panel got back on track with sweep wins by selecting Oklahoma over Tulsa and Mizzou over Miami (OH).

Week Two Analysis:

Speaking of those Wacos, this week’s guest writer Lisa Horne of Fox Sports.com and I discuss Big Ten and SEC expansion and the Big 12′s role in it to open things up. Lisa then helps us break down Michigan/ND (EWW), Arizona State/Missouri, Auburn/Mississippi State and Wisconsin/Oregon State with us. A very solid interview with Lisa, as she brings us her great football knowledge. And yes, she chose Michigan, but what else was she supposed to do? Take Notre Dame?

Picks of the Weak: Week 2 With Lisa Horne by The Buckeye Battle Cry

Now it’s time to get to the Games!

Read More

Picks of the Weak: 2011 Week One

Written September 2nd, 2011 by Joe Dexter

The turning of the leaves, the smell of fresh grilled dogs, the crack of a cold beer, and the blinding of the college football fans’ eyes by the uniforms so beloved by the players of one of the best sports in the world. Florescent shoes, designs within designs, and 4 different helmets per team. College Football is here! Week one is now officially on the books, and we are here to help you out by determining the picks for the weak (Friday – Monday) to start the season. This year, we’re doing things with a twist, as every week a national writer will join me in an audio sucker punch of information to help garner stronger picks out of you every week! Our guest will analyze the top five games and make his or her picks in our top ten games every week. In week one, we will just break down nine, in memory of when week 1 had some meaning.

Not to be forgotten, the good ole boys here at tBBC will add our picks, and the daunting and daring What If Sports computer will be along for the ride. You know, the game predictin’ machine that makes the BCS system look like a prehistoric  3.5″ floppy. Screw a New Year’s Resolution. My goal this season is to beat the machine. Can I do it?  Hell no. But you have a chance to brag all freakin’ fall and winter. Join us for all the fun by joining our Yahoo! Sports Pick’em pool. All you got to do is click join group, and type in these as your Group ID and Password:

Group ID#: 8801
Password: Moeller

The Expert Analysis:

Picks of the Weak: 2011 Week One With David Fox by The Buckeye Battle Cry

David Fox of Yahoo! Sports and Rivals.com joins us this week to break down Boise/Georgia, LSU/Oregon and Notre Dame/USF. We break down the chances of the favorites, the evolution of the Notre Dame and USF programs as they both head into year two of their respected coach’s regime. We also breakdown the quarterback battle in Atlanta on Saturday night, as Sophomore Aaron Murphy is pitted up against touted senior Kellen Moore. And the battle of NCAA Violations gets underway on Saturday as well at Jerry Jones’ Place. David and I break down that game in regards to suspension and allegations as well.
Read More

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