Practice Report

Notes From Practice: 8/11/11

Written August 11th, 2011 by Jim

My notes from this morning’s practice.


  • The players were in “shells” today, which means helmet and shoulder pads with shorts (even though the team was wearing hybrid shorts that were a step away from being full gear, look at some pictures).
  • Being in shells meant a lot more running the ball and somewhat more contact on a majority of the plays.
  • The practice was split up into three main sections. A group running drill (DBs and WRs were off on their own), a group passing drill (OL and DL were off on their own), and a team drill which was offense versus defense in a game-like situation.
  • S Jeremy Cash and  S Jamie Wood joined DE Solomon Thomas in the yellow limited participation jerseys today, while CB Doran Grant did pushups with them near the end of practice rather than participating in the team drills.
  • Against my natural tenancies, I tried to focus more on the offense today than the defense, so I will share some information on the QBs and RBs that I missed in previous practices. Read More

Notes From Practice: Day 2

Written August 9th, 2011 by Jim

Once again, let’s jump right in.


It is still difficult to judge a lot of the offensive skill positions given the circumstances during practice. I explain that line of thought further in an upcoming podcast (so check that out), but I will leave the “he looked good, he looked bad” analysis to other writers.

  • Jaamal Berry spent some time split out wide today during team drills, which  indicates Jordan Hall might not be the only RB used in a hybrid role this season.
  • At the same time, Hall seemed to spend more time with the RBs and less time with the WRs than he did yesterday. Being early in the camp, the coaches are clearly still trying to work out the finer details in their offensive strategy.
  • All of the tight ends (not just Stoneburner) spent time split out wide in certain formations today. Not to be outdone, Stoneburner did spend time lined up all the way to the sideline, which was wider than any of the other TEs went.
  • WR Corey Brown spent time giving one-on one instruction to freshman WR Evan Spencer. Brown appears to be taking on a leadership role among the WRs as one of the more experienced players there.
  • WR Coach Stan Drayton is a very hands on coach. Multiple times he ran onto the field mid-play to encourage a WR to finish a play strong or to get an extra block in. Read More

Notes From Practice: Day 1

Written August 8th, 2011 by Jim

Let’s jump right in.


  • The running backs and quarterbacks rotated so much that it is difficult to say who the starters will be.
  • The starting offensive line, from left to right was: Andrew Norwell, Jack Mewhort, Mike Brewster, Marcus Hall, J.B Shugarts.
  • The starting group of WRs were: Philly Brown, Verlon Reed, Jordan Hall, Jake Stoneburner (TE)
  • Freshman OL Chris Carter was getting reps at LT, he was working on his footwork to the side and was receiving one-on-one instruction from Mike Adams on the side.
  • Freshman OL Antonio Underwood was playing RT.
  • During team drills, QB Taylor Graham threw an interception to S C.J. Barnett and QB Ken Guiton threw an interception to S Zach Domicone.
  • T.Y. Williams is by far the tallest wide receiver and he was targeted quite a bit by the QBs, but he has a bad habit of dropping the ball and still needs some work. Read More