One Fan’s Opinion: Offensive Wish List

Written April 22nd, 2014 by MaliBuckeye

Once again we’re joined by a faithful reader and great Buckeye fan to give us his thoughts on the Ohio State program. Today, Mike checks in with a post spring-practice look at the areas where Ohio State will look find leaders to step up for the 2014 season. See what you think about his look across the offense, and be sure to give him a follow on twitter.

This is what I see the biggest needs are on Offense after the team’s Spring preparations. I will hit on a couple of positions, depth (or lack thereof), and finally I will give you who I think breaks out this year on offense. For the sake of this reflection, I’m not going to address our stable of Running Backs or Tight Ends… Ohio State is an embarrassment of riches at those positions.

Of course, when the fall comes and the rest of the rookies join the program, there may be some changes.


Offensive Line:

Our true biggest need is replacing 4 starters on the Offensive Line. We know Decker can play and will start at LT, he has gotten stronger and a potential leader that this offense will surely need especially with such young guys needing to step up. Next up, Pat Elflein who will most likely line up next to Decker and start at LG as he has some experience and proved he can play at this level, maybe not elite but better than average. Then you have Jacoby Boren, who I think will be the starting Center day one. I know what everyone is thinking, what about Billy Price? Well I see Billy Price starting at RG and becoming a dominate player of the next couple years. His mean streak and strength is what every Offensive Lineman (or Defensive Lineman for that matter) should have.

I would have loved to see Kyle Dodson be that starting RT, but unless the light comes on by fall camp, I see him as depth right now (which is a shame due to his talent level) which would open the Door for Evan Lisle to step in at RT. I think this RT battle will continue through spring with one of these two guys as the starter. The one wild card here Kyle Trout (He will be a Tackle) who is enrolled early, if he can get the system down after being in the weight program with Mickey Marotti he could be the real sleeper in this Offensive Line group, in my opinion.

With all this being said, we have some nice freshman coming in who will provide some much needed depth. This is my biggest concern on the Offensive side of the ball right now. We need young men to be developed and then they need to “Step-up” and seize the opportunity.

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Danny Clark Is A Buckeye!!!

Written December 13th, 2013 by MaliBuckeye

When I was a freshman in high school, the most important Christmas-time decision that I made was the type of dress socks that I was buying for my dad.

The Future

Massillon freshman quarterback Danny Clark is having a significantly better beginning of his Holiday season than most of us did, as he became the first member of the Ohio State 2017 recruiting class today.

You read that correctly: 2017. Only current Buckeyes who are redshirting will still be a part of the team when Clark puts on the scarlet and gray, but it sounds like this is as close to a sure thing as can come in the world of recruiting: Clark is the real deal.

As Buckeye fans know, the Massillon Tigers program is one where expectations and pressure can be incredibly high, and yet Clark became the first freshman quarterback to have started for the Tigers this year and led Massillon into the State Playoffs.

According to Recruiting gurus, Clark’s verbal could have come even before he enrolled in high school, but it wasn’t until today that Coach Meyer extended the offer and had it immediately accepted.

The freshman is currently 6’4″, and weighs 205 pounds. Those numbers are sure to change as he continues through the Tiger program and, you know, adolescence and so forth.  Clark is targeted as “pro style” QB with a 40 time in the high 4 seconds.

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