Raekwon McMillan Is A Buckeye!!!!

Written December 16th, 2013 by MaliBuckeye

Christmas comes a bit early, as Santa brings Ohio State an important recruit in a position of need.

Courtesy of Josh Winslow

Georgia inside linebacker Raekwon McMillan became the latest member of the Ohio State Class of 2014, choosing the Buckeyes in a ceremony at his High School on Monday afternoon.

McMillan has been a priority for the Buckeyes for quite some time- with the depth issues at linebacker this season and the real possibility that Ryan Shazier might forgo his Senior Season to head to the NFL draft, the linebacking corps is in need not only of reinforcement, but of players who might be able to contribute immediately.

And the five star McMillan seems to fit the bill.

At 6’2″ and 240 pounds, McMillan is rated as the number one inside linebacker in the country by 247′s recruiting staff, and held offers from a “Who’s Who” in college football. Seemingly all of the SEC and many ACC schools were working on him to be a part of their 2014 class, but the strongest pull came from hometown Georgia, Auburn, Clemson, and Alabama. In fact, there was speculation across several message boards that Raekwon had actually verballed to Nick Saban and Kirby Smart during their home visit last week.

However, last night Urban Meyer and staff had their “in home” visit with the McMillan family, and the rest is history.

The connections have been developing for quite a while- he visited Columbus three times during the past season, including his official during the Penn State game.

After the break you can see several highlight videos to get you further excited about the most recent Silver Bullet: Read More

Silver Bullet Points Ain’t Goin’ Anywhere

Written December 11th, 2013 by MaliBuckeye

No matter what you might hear over the next few days, we’d never leave you for Austin.

Sure they’ve got great barbecue and music and… you know, on second thought… Nah. It’s always a great day to be a Buckeye- and there’s only one place in Texas that I’d be interested in going to anyway.

Buckeye 411

  • Good Works? Swoon- Hey, our favorite senior point guard has been nominated for the AllState Good Works Team. No word on whether or not this gives him three “Get out of a foul” cards in B1G play, though.
  • Awards? Not So Fast- Well, not only did the Buckeyes end up on the short side of the scoreboard on Saturday, they’re also getting shut out in the “National Awards” category. First, the Heisman folks decided to invite everyone in the world to the ceremony this Saturday… everyone, that is, except the Buckeyes’ #5. Given some of his struggles over the past few weeks, this is somewhat understandable.  What’s not understandable, though, is linebacker Ryan Shazier losing out on the Butkus Award, which went to Alabama’s CJ Mosely. Here are the stats, courtesy of MotSaG’s Sylvester Yon Rambo: CJ Mosley- 57 solo tackles, 102 total tackles, 9 TFL, ZERO sacks. Shazier- 95 solo tackles , 135 total tackles, 23.5 TFL, 7 sacks.
  • Maybe Later? Some Buckeye-ish Butkus Award news, as OSU target Raekwon McMillan was awarded the honor as the nation’s best high school linebacker for this past year.
  • Want To Be Depressed? Read Ross Fulton’s review of the offensive (in more ways than one) scheme from Saturday over at Eleven Warriors.
  • The Only Thing Uglier- Would be if the good Mr. Yost followed through on his words.
  • Clem, Son- The Buckeyes are favored by most “wager-tastic” sites in this year’s Orange Bowl, while rumors persist that the “over” may be set at a “gorillion”.
  • Taking Your Talents To South Beach? If you’re gonna’ get Floridian over the New Year, tickets can be bought via the University or much much less expensively via our TiqIQ site… starting around $40. Remember, folks- the University is on the hook to pay for a certain amount of these; if they don’t sell, that funds from your athletic department that go tax free to the Orange Bowl. Our friend at the Wiz of Odds has always had the best coverage on this fiasco.
  • Getting Contested- Hey, don’t forget to join our Bowl Contest!  Heck join Bacon’s, too… the more the merrier!
  • Well, Gee- Sure, West Virginia… you can borrow him for a while. Remember, though, overalls and bow ties don’t look good together.
  • Perspective- We all wish that the Buckeyes would have emerged victorious, but Woody gives us wisdom that transcends: Read More

As we enter into the “Camp Season”, it’s good to take a look at where Ohio State’s recruiting efforts currently seem to stand.

I’ll admit that it’s next to impossible to predict what this class is going to look like in February, but I think it makes it easier when you look at who are the most likely players who will be in the class.

Harris Heading to Columbus?

1. Allen/Harris/Watson/Darlington

We’re definitely going to land a QB. Who exactly that is will be the question. Kyle Allen is the best passer, Brandon Harris probably has the most upside running the ball, DeShaun Watson is a perfect mix between the two and Zack Darlington fits in somewhere as well.


I don’t see the need for another RB in this class and don’t think the coaches will push hard for one until December or so (if they do at all) when they have a better idea if there will be a spot for one or not. Some people consider Parris Campbell a back and I like what I am hearing early from the ’15 class so I’m not worried at all.

2. Lonnie Johnson
3. Derek Kief

At 6’3″ I view Johnson as a perimeter WR and I think adding Kief would just about finish up the search for perimeter WRs in the class. Read More

Dante Booker Is A Buckeye!!!

Written May 23rd, 2013 by MaliBuckeye


The Silver Bullets have added another to the cartridge.

Akron St. Vincent- St. Mary’s linebacker Dante Booker announced today that he had given his verbal commitment to Ohio State, becoming the ninth member of the 2014 class.

A 6′ 4″ rising senior, the 220 pound Booker is ranked as a top 100 player and four star prospect by many recruiting services. He held offers from Tennessee, Penn State, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Michigan, among others. Dante’s father was a stellar defensive tackle at Auburn University.

Booker’s commitment leaves two major linebacker prospects “on the table”- Pennsylvania’s Chase Winovich and Georgia’s Raekwon McMillen; both of whom have indicated that Ohio State leads. He’s already made relationships with members of the 2014 class, including Parris Campbell.

As a sophomore, Booker amassed 157 tackles, 11 sacks, and 3 fumbles recovered; those numbers dipped slightly as a junior to 72, 6, and 2 respectively.

While currently an outside linebacker, his size and speed could see him develop into a rush end/linebacker hybrid by the end of his time at Ohio State. After the jump, check out why many people say that he could play just about anywhere on the defensive side of the ball. Read More

Marcelys Jones Is A Buckeye!!!

Written December 25th, 2012 by MaliBuckeye

Enjoying The Game

Ohio State Recruiting- The Gift That Keeps On Giving.

This morning, Glenville Offensive Lineman Marcelys Jones called Coach Meyer and became the first member of Ohio State’s 2014 recruiting class. Most scouting services have him ranked as a four star recruit.

The 6’4″ junior weighs in at 32o pounds, so I’m guessing that he didn’t fit under the tree.  Jones played offensive tackle for Coach Ginn, but some are projecting him inside when he reaches Columbus. Jones is the cousin of 2013 commit Donovan Munger

Marcelys held offers from Illinois and Indiana, and had significant contact with a number of B1G schools. As the first for the 2014 class, he’s already begun to talk about how he can be a leader in connecting with other athletes; he spoke about working on one of Ohio’s top ranked recruits, fellow Glenville teammate Marshon Lattimore. In addition, one of the nation’s best linebackers, Raekwon McMillan tweeted his congratulations to Marcelys along with the words “Don’t know him yet…” Marcelys commented later that he connected with Raekwon as well.

What makes this commitment most interesting is that it strays from “the norm” for Tarblooders- most wait until later in the process to give their commitment, due in part to Coach Ginn encouraging them to take other visits and allow coaches coming by to get to know their teammates as well.

The only film we could find on this young man was over at Rivals… you can check it out here.

Welcome to the Buckeye Family, Marcelys!


Michigan Recruiting Weekend Roundup

Written November 27th, 2012 by Joe Laing

The weekend was just another building block for Urban Meyer.  There were 50+ recruits in town that got to see a great environment, the coaches and players at an all time high in terms of excitement, and how close knit the team is.  In addition all the coaches and players showing respect for the seniors that will be leaving and the field littered with underclassmen making impacts all over the field.  So lets just say that all recruits were excited, they had a great time, enjoyed the game atmosphere, got to see Urban Meyer’s championship rings, and loved how everyone felt like it was a family atmosphere.

Now that we got that out of the way way we can talk about the information that really matters:

  • The Glenville 3 (’13 Chris Worley, ’14 Marshon Lattimore and Marcelys Jones) were in town and will all be Bucks when the time is right
  • WR and LB recruiting are clearly the two biggest positions that Urban Meyer and staff after after. At the WR position OH WR Shelton Gibson was in town and as we have said for the past couple months if all is in order in the classroom Shelton will be a Buckeye.  KY WR James Quick has said all the right things after his visit and I have penciled him in the class.  Urban Meyer is personally handling his recruitment and he doesn’t miss very often.  Juco WR Corey Smith was in town and the staff reaffirmed his OFFER, and encouraged him to revisit for an official in January and it sounds like Brown will take them up on that offer.  At this point I think that the staff would take all three and add to Jalin Marshall, Zeke Elliott, and Taivon Jacobs and be very happy with their offensive playmakers for the ’13 class. Read More

Huge Recruiting Weekend Preview

Written November 20th, 2012 by Joe Laing

As if The Game weren’t already primed to be an incredible event, it will be the highlight of Ohio State recruiting for the fall as well.

The names and stars speak for themselves and not to mention the sheer number of high level recruits planning to be in town is unlike any recruiting weekend we have seen in the past.  Keep in mind it is only Tuesday so plan for some minor changes throughout the week.  Also this is the first step in what will be like a NASCAR speed couple of months following recruiting as things will change and we will get in on some of the top kids in the country.

Trey Johnson

The “official visits” scheduled at this point are:

  • WR Marquez North (Charlotte, NC)
  • WR Tony Stevens (Orlando, FL)
  • LB Auston Johnson (Torrance, CA)
  • LB Daniel McMillan (Jacksonville, FL)
  • LB Trey Johnson (Lawrenceville, GA)
Trey Johnson may be our best shot with the above 5.  He is currently verbally committed to Auburn but that program isn’t trending up right now.  We will know more after the weekend, but at this point I am not predicting any of the above 5 in the final class.
Other ’13 recruits that plan on being in town are: Read More

Bye Week Recruiting Special Part 2: 2014 Class

Written November 9th, 2012 by Joe Laing

In the second half of our bye week recruiting special we will be taking a look into next year’s recruiting, which the coaching staff has already said is their primary focus for this week’s recruiting trips.

Unfortunately, we will still be dealing with the 82 scholarship restrictions next year; combined with this year still in the balance and it’s anyone’s best guess with attrition, so for this review we’ll talk more about this class without numbers involved.

At this point the Ohio class of to be seniors doesn’t look to be littered with highly ranked 4 and 5 star talent.  But with Meyer and staff having almost a year under their belt we are starting to see national recruits mentioning us on their early short lists.

Jalen Hurd

In the 2014 class, QB will be a position of need as Kenny Guiton will  graduate and Braxton will be a senior leaving us with just 2 others on the roster- Cardale Jones and ’13 commit J.T. Barrett.  The ’14 class will bring us 1 or 2 depending on talent and probably what they see in Jones and Barrett.  At this point the QB position is very tough to get a feel on. As such, I am going to hold off on naming names because there are lot of QBs on the board and not many with offers; the coaching staff has said several times that they want recruits to come to camp next summer to earn their offers.

Looking at the RB position the depth chart appears stocked with talent, and adding Elliott this year only adds to the mix.  Lots of early highly talented names on the board. I think 1 would be just alright and we might pass on talent much like this year with when we grabbed Elliott and passed on highly ranked Derrick Green.

At this point there are 4 guys that are at the top of the list and posses early offers.

  • NC RB Darell Scott is very exiting on film and could be top on the board right now, but we are currently behind South Carolina fighting for his services.
  • Jonathan Haden, the brother of Cleveland Browns CB Joe Haden, who Meyer coached at Florida has also named the Bucks his early leader and with all the talent on the board will be one to watch but he has the genes for sure.
  • Early 5 star TN Jalen Hurd who once looked like a ‘Bama lean has recently named us his early leader.  He is a kid that could turn into a RB/TE/WR.  Plans to be in town for The Game at the end of this month.
  • In what will seem like a theme as we go through the 2014 recruits a top GA recruit Myles Autry has the Bucks on top. He has some big offers, he fits into the scat back / slot receiver that far too many have called the Percy Harvin role.  He grew up a Buckeye fan but has family ties to Georgia Tech where his brother currently plays.

Read More