Closure, Of A Sort

Written June 2nd, 2010 by MaliBuckeye

Today, Ralph Gray Decker entered a plea of “guilty” to the assault charges stemming from his attack on Ohio State Linebacker Tyler Moeller.

For a refresher of the situation, please see our earlier coverage.

While the sentencing has yet to be completed, Decker has agreed to pay $11,000 to the Moeller family (their out of pocket expenses for Tyler’s medical procedures).

photo by Josh Winslow

It’s being reported that Tyler has appealed to the NCAA for a medical redshirt for last season, which would give him this year and next to continue his Buckeye career.

If the appeal is rejected, the 2010 season would be his last in Columbus.

We wish nothing but the best for the Moeller family as Tyler prepares to join his teammates this fall.

Mid-day wrapup

Written August 28th, 2009 by Jeff

Lots to discuss, so here we go;

On Monday morning, we’ll be announcing our new experiment/project that we hope will settle a lot of arguments regarding which NCAA conference reigns supreme.  Check with us Monday and see what you think…..


We’ve mentioned this here before, but let’s remind ticket-holders again – there is a growing call for fans to deliver a standing ovation to the Navy players when they take the field next Saturday against Ohio State.  We were first alerted to this movement by The Buckeye Blog, and since we heard about it two weeks ago, it’s developed into a full-blown movement.  Watch the video promotion here;

Yesterday, my mom….who is a Buckeye fan but by no means tuned in to the intricacies of the sport like you blog-readers are…..asked me if I had heard of this idea. If my mother knows about it, that means it’s getting the news coverage pretty heavy. I expect it to go over well next Saturday.

I believe this is a brilliant move. Our servicemen and servicewomen deserve the best treatment, and this is a classy way to give them their due before the game. Not often do our military men get a chance to be cheered loudly by over 100,000 people at once, and here’s their chance. Bravo to the people who came up with this idea.

If you have tickets to the game, thanks for taking part in what will surely be seen by millions of people all over ESPN, TBDSSP, and various other sports shows for weeks to come. May it become a tradition for every school that hosts a military academy for years to come.


Of course, no great idea goes unpunished. Brian at MGoBlog decides to take a huge dump in the middle of the party by disrespecting the Navy tribute, and accuses Ohio State fans of normally acting “like jerks”.  Of course, his holier-than-thou argument gets pierced pretty badly when he openly (and probably accidentally) admits that he’s been there when his fellow Michigan fans boo the likes of Eastern Michigan.

Attacking Ohio State when they want to honor men in military uniform?  Classy as always, Brian.  Douchebaggery knows no bounds in your neck of the woods.


Speaking of Brian, we caught wind that he decided to attack Ohio State fans last week with an article in The Sporting News.  Frankly, we can’t blame him….when you’re trying to avoid discussing your own 3-9 team whose star QB is a coke dealer that has no access to coke, you’ve gotta distract your readers with SOMETHING, right?

This time, though, he decided to lie about The BBC.  He posted an “OMG I’m so outraged” article about the fervor surrounding Ralph Gray Decker, and in doing so he linked a piece about harrassing Decker’s employer to our site here.  The BBC never once mentioned anything resembling personal info about Decker.

Brian then attributed a particularly nasty quote to this site.  Again, this site did not feature ANY violent threats of that sort.  We monitor all comments and those type of comments do not get published.  Brian, of course decided to claim that “every Ohio State blog” was posting attacks and personal info about Decker.  Again, lies.

We requested an apology from Brian through The Sporting News.  Like a true Michigan man, he ignored it.  Still, another Sporting News writer stepped up to the plate and offered The BBC our deserved apology;

littmann.tsn | Friday, August 21, 2009, 4:40 pm

@Jeff — I want to apologize, because a simple HTML mistake on my end made it look like we were attributing that comment to your blog, when in reality, Brian pulled it from I had an open tag that sucked some of that block quote into a black hole. My apologies. For what it’s worth, the inflammatory comment that Brian referenced was eventually removed from Our Honor Defend by their moderator, which was obviously the right thing to do.

While I don’t buy the argument that HTML made him do it, at least Brian’s employer has more courage and dignity than he does.
By the way, it should also be noted that The Sporting News own website has the disclaimer that comments made on their site are not the responsibility of TSN…but I guess that little nugget slipped past Brian while he was busy throwing rocks from his glass house.
Starting with the Navy game, The BBC will be doing liveblogging for each and every Buckeye game.  We have a few other blogs on board as well, so you can read the live chat from all over the blogosphere.  Make sure you join us!

The changing mood of a douchebag

Written August 24th, 2009 by Jeff

Last week, we saw the mugshot of one Ralph Gray Decker.  His charge was for simple battery.  This was his mugshot at the time;


Yeah, i hits him. I hits him gooood. Heh heh heh.

He looked kinda smug….as if he were proud of his attack on a Buckeye player.  Lots of comments across the internet discussed how they’d like to smack that smile off his face.

Late last night, Decker’s misdemeanor charge was upgraded to a felony and he was arrested again.  The mugshot this time?

I messed up big this time.....

I messed up big this time.....

Sometimes, a smile is all I need to get through the day.  Sometimes, it’s the lack of a smile on a douchy guy’s face.

I’ll sleep good tonight having seen that.  And I’m happy to know that Decker has the fear in him again.

May he receive five years of that scared look, ’cause guys in the hole don’t take kindly to it when you sucker punch them….


Oh, and by the way, Decker has an order from the court that forbids him from going back to Gator’s Bar.  He’s also forbidden to contact Tyler Moeller.

Furthermore, he’s not allowed to speak to anyone about the case.  LOL!

Hmmm….road trip, anyone?

Written August 20th, 2009 by Jeff

No, we’re not planning to drive down to Florida and beat up Ralph Decker.  Despite the heavy traffic coming from EDSBS and others who claim The BBC is on a mission to hunt him down, we’ve actually made it clear that we want the law (and not vigilante justice) to prevail…and we have refused to post any private information, even deleting his address when it popped up in the comments.

No, instead we’re planning a road trip up North.  TSUN, to be exact.  A full weekend of football.

  • Saturday, November 21st – Ohio State Buckeyes at Michigan Wolverines
  • Sunday, November 22nd – Cleveland Browns at Detroit Lions

Can you taste it now?  Road trip to Michigan, third week of November.  All are welcome, into the light.  Allllll are welcome.

I’m thinking by then, the Buckeyes will be looking to secure another BCS bid, Michigan will be wondering if Lllllloyd Carr is still available, and the Browns and Lions will be playing to lose and be declared the winner of the next NFL Draft, otherwise known as “Tebow-Bowl 2010″

Hell, if I’m feeling a little spry, I might even extend the weekend.  Go up to Windsor, Ontario for a couple days of blackjack, come back down to Auburn Hills on Wednesday, November 25th to see the Cleveland Cavaliers take on the Pistons.

Almost everybody except Decker says it was unprovoked

Written August 20th, 2009 by Jeff

The always amazing Ken Gordon has just released his latest article on the Tyler Moeller incident.

According to several witnesses, it’s a very basic story.  Apparently, Ralph Gray Decker was drinking “to a greater extent” than Moeller or his family, and he began to have a conversation with Moeller’s sister Ashley.  Tyler Moeller then began to talk to Decker, which one Florida resident claimed didn’t appear to be at all confrontational.

Then Decker hit Moeller.

That’s it.

There’s no Ohio State-Florida connection to it, the Moeller family claims they were being discreet in a bar that proclaims “If you’re not a Gator, you’re Gator Bait”.  No witnesses claim the Moeller’s were doing anything football or Ohio State-related.

But Decker’s primary defense is that Moeller told him he played football for Ohio State, but he claimed he was a different player, and when his story didn’t check out, he  hit Moeller “in self-defense”.

Oh, and also that he was scared because Moeller “is a big guy”.  Sorry, I’m not buying it.  Moeller is 6-0, 210 pounds.  Decker claims he’s 6-0, 185 pounds.  But this picture, in which Decker is the guy on the right, is NOT a man who is only 185 pounds.  He’s at least the same size as Moeller.


So let’s look at the basic facts;

Moeller threw no punches.  Even if he was a belligerent asshole (which he clearly wasn’t), there is no defense for sucker-punching a guy.

Decker, who was drinking heavily and has a criminal background, threw the only punch in the bar that night.

And now, Decker’s main whine is that he had to hit Moeller to defend himself, and he’s getting death threats from Ohio State fans.

I’m sorry, but it doesn’t add up.  You know it, I know it, and the prosecutor knows it.  The only ones who will defend Decker now are mind-numb freaks in the South and one Penn State loser.

This guy is going away for a while.

Good. May his cellmate be Maurice Clarett.


Update by MaliBuckeye:

The “other side” of the story, from the St. Petersburg Times. FWIW

Playing with fire and skirting the issue

Written August 19th, 2009 by Jeff

Over the past two days, a lot of information has come forward about Ralph Gray Decker.  A lot of discussion has been laid out about it as well.

I think it’s important to say this now….Decker’s a lowlife and deserves to rot for what he has done.  But it’s not up to us to execute that plan.

Last night, in the course of digging up Decker’s criminal record, I found his home address and his cell phone number.  I debated with myself over what to do with it, and then I went with my better judgment and withheld that information.

That info is out there, and when it gets released on a larger scale, there will likely be some problems headed Decker’s way.  Especially when it comes to the topic of sport, people don’t always conduct themselves on their best behavior.  Hell, that’s exactly what got Decker’s name in the Ohio newspapers…his misconduct would not have occurred in July if he hadn’t been an asshole when it comes to sport.

Let’s hope that the Florida arm of justice swings quickly on this guy, before it gets too out of hand.

But first, let’s remind the fans of the SEC that THEY are the ones with neanderthals for fans.  Decker will get his comeuppance….let’s not give it to him before the law gets their crack at him.


Update by MaliBuckeye:

Granted, most of what Mr. Decker says we can take with a grain of salt the size of Orlando Pace.

However, the St. Petersburg Times has a comment from his lawyer that, while not surprising, is troubling.

Decker’s lawyer said Wednesday that his client is receiving death threats from irate Buckeye fans after college football blogs put his personal information online.

The threats have been made to his cell phone, his e-mail, even to the title company where Decker works, they said.

“They’ve been calling his supervisors … and threatening him all day long,” said St. Petersburg defense attorney Sean McQuaid.

That’s not who we are, and it’s unfortunate that the actions of a few reflect on all Ohio State fans. While it doesn’t matter what other fans think, we should strive to represent the Tradition, Honor, and Excellence of being Buckeyes.

To paraphrase Sam Wyche- “We’re not fans of <insert SEC school here>, we’re fans of THE Ohio State University.”

Public Enemy #1

Written August 19th, 2009 by Jeff

No, this is not a post about how much I love a rap band from the 80s. It’s an update on what MaliBuckeye published an hour ago.

Meet Ralph Gray Decker.


According to some great journalistic work by Ken Gordon of the Columbus Dispatch, he’s the guy who assaulted Tyler Moeller in July, which led to Moeller having seizures and missing his entire junior season of college football at The Ohio State University. According to reports, he assaulted Moeller simply because he found out that Tyler plays for Ohio State.

In other words, he’s an asshole.

And the more you find out about Decker, the bigger of an asshole he gets.

The Pinellas County Clerk Of Courts knows all about who he is. They have 7 separate cases in which he is named the defendant.

He’s been charged with a second-degree misdemeanor with his charge of simple battery of Moeller, but the talk abound is that it’ll be upgraded to a felony after the condition of the victim is entered into court proceedings. Add that to the fact that he’s not been a saint for any part of his adult life.

In 2005, he was charged with illegal use of a SPEAR GUN in a prohibited area. Not to get into a gun control debate here at The BBC, but are there actually places in Florida where it’s NOT prohibited to use a friggin’ spear gun?

In 1999, it was a charge of Grand Theft.

That same year, it was burglary.

But at least he started off small. In 1998, he was charged with salt water fishing without a license, and failure to display a dive flag.

This guy is bad news, and he needs to see some serious jail time over this. However, I’m not feeling too confident in that guilty verdict sending Decker up the proverbial river….especially when you note that he paid a 220 dollar fine for his fishing infraction, and only a 31-dollar fine for the spear gun. Ass-backwards, anybody?

May the Pinellas County Prosecutor’s office actually take this one seriously. Decker’s been in front of a judge for several crimes…it’s time he actually serve a jail sentence.

And may his cellmate be a fan of the Ohio State Buckeyes.


UPDATE – Some of the guys at Bucknuts have learned a lot more about Decker. And apparently, he’s scared. He has changed all of his social site entries to private, and scrubbed as much info as possible.

But the real estate agent we are getting to know so well isn’t as good at changing his name as he thinks. On this site, he tried to change his name to “Ryan Roberts”, but when you hover your cursor over his name, the URL clearly shows his name to be “Gray Decker”.

Not a smart guy, this character.


UPDATE #2 – The Penn State fans seem to have our backs on this one as well. Go read the comments at BlueWhiteIllustrated (a Rivals site)

Thanks Lion fans. We appreciate it.

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