2013 Ohio State Recruiting Board Update

Written December 17th, 2012 by Jim

2013 Recruiting Board Update

To assist you in tracking what is happening in the world of Ohio State football recruiting, check out our 2013 Recruiting Page and follow the links for the latest news and in-depth discussion/speculation (thanks to our friends at BuckeyePlanet) on each player.

We are going to start notifying our readers when the board is updated (which is also noted on the top of the recruiting page) and today is one of those days so check it out!

Latest News:

JUCO LB Tommy Sanders is scheduled to decide between Ohio State, South Carolina, Texas A&M and Mississippi State by Wednesday of this week.

If he chooses Ohio State, does that mean that the Buckeyes would take three LBs in 2013 with Mike Mitchell and Trey Johnson, or is someone out?

They will almost certainly take at least two.

The need is  there to justify taking three LBs, and as the search for an offensive tackle continues to rumble along,  there could be room.

In the twisted web of recruiting, the recent commitment of Donovan Munger could have implications here. Follow me down the rabbit hole…

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