tBBC Kickoff Countdown Celebrates 64

Written June 30th, 2013 by Ken

Ed: Whoops- missed this yesterday.

OSU vs Michigan, 1968

OSU’s offense had UM’s defense chasing all day long…

Today’s episode of tBBC’s Kickoff Countdown will be a fun one. It celebrates the November 23, 1968 dismantling of TTUN, 50-14. In addition to clinching the Big 10 title, a win over UM, this game is iconic because it is the “Because I couldn’t go for three” explanation by Woody.


..meanwhile OSU’s defense had no such issues.

The 8-0 Buckeyes met the 8-1 Michigan Wolverines on November 23, 1968, in front of what was, at the time, the largest crowd in Ohio Stadium (85,371). Ohio State was ranked #1; Michigan was ranked # 4. Michigan opened the scoring to lead 7-0 in the first quarter. Ohio State followed with its own touchdown. Both teams scored at the end of the half, and Ohio State led at the half, 21-14.

When the teams returned to the field for the 2nd half, inexplicably, Michigan left their offense in the locker room; they did not score after halftime. Meanwhile, Jim Otis put on a display, scoring four of the Buckeye touchdowns, while Rex Kern led the offense to 421 yards rushing. The final score was Ohio State 50, Michigan 14. After Jim Otis crossed the goal line for the final score, Woody directed his team to go for a two-point conversion. When asked why he did it, Woody said; “Because the rules won’t let you go for three.” Obviously, not a whole lot of affection for UM on Woody’s part..

Today’s audio/visual entertainment is pulled from the archives of (former) website Our Honor Defend. Vico put together a wonderful documentation of the game. Enjoy.

tBBC Kickoff Countdown Celebrates 66

Written June 26th, 2013 by Ken

Rex led the offense..

In today’s episode of tBBC’s Kickoff to Countdown series, we come to #66, celebrating Ohio State’s 45-21 win over Northwestern on October 19th, 1968. The Buckeyes had come off a so-so year in 1967 (6-3), and 1968 was the debut season of the Super-Sophomores.

Ohio State entered the game 3-0, have previously beaten #1 ranked Purdue 13-0 in one of the most inspired performances I’ve ever seen. Theoretically, the stage was set for a “letdown” game hosting Northwestern. Except, not really. N’Western entered the game 0-4, did not improve their lot against OSU and ended the season 1-9.

This win moved the Buckeyes to 4-0 and gave them another “W” in what would end up being an undefeated season.

…while Jack keyed the defense.

Troy Smith is way, way better than you

Written August 26th, 2009 by Jeff
This picture marks the one and only occasion in which a Michigan player actually got within 8 feet of Troy Smith

This picture marks the one and only occasion in which a Michigan player actually got within 8 feet of Troy Smith

We had a couple of interesting pieces to publish today, so the countdown had to wait until the street lights went on….thanks for your patience!

There’s only ten days left until the Ohio State Buckeyes take the field for the opening game of the 2009 season.  Now is the time that you begin to literally taste the excitement.  You can begin to smell the air in Ohio turning crisp, that genuine aroma of fall that you don’t truly recognize if you’re not from the midwest.  To me, that is the actual essence of college football.

Day #10 could have had so many great athletes recognized here at The BBC.

  • Rex Kern,  QB from the legendary teams of 1968-1970.
  • Art Schlichter, the brash QB from 1978-1981
  • Rich Spangler, the sure-shot kicker from 1982-1985

Or we could just go with the guy that still thrills us all here in Ohio and still gives them nightmares in that state up north.

Yeah, let’s go with Troy Smith.

Ohio State football has long been a force, and no single man can be credited with being the savior of the game (well, maybe Woody).  But earlier this decade things did not look so good for us until Troy Smith returned the Buckeyes to greatness.

Justin Zwick was our quarterback in 2004, and we struggled a lot with him at the helm early on.  It actually took a 55-yard FG at the buzzer to beat lowly Marshall.  More than half of Zwick’s passes ended up incomplete or in the hands of our opponents.

Then the losses started coming.  An OT loss to Northwestern showed just how bad things were about to get.  The murmurs about removing Zwick for Smith began to turn into screams.  The next week, a loss at home to Wisconsin started Buckeye fans into panic mode.  Tressel felt the heat to make a switch at QB.

Against Iowa, with the Buckeyes trailing 17-0, Zwick fumbled the ball deep in his own territory, and the change was made.  Troy Smith took over during Ohio State’s worst slump in over a decade and the weight was now on his shoulders.

Smith won 5 of the remaining 6 Buckeye games in 2004, turning a 3-3 Zwick team into an 8-4 Alamo Bowl champion….and a complete destruction over #7 Michigan, 37-21.

In 2005, his starting record was 9-1, which included a come-from-behind win at Michigan 25-21 and a 34-20 Fiesta Bowl win over Notre Dame.

Then came the dream season of 2006, in which the Buckeyes ended up 12-1.  Smith’s final home game was known as the “Game Of The Century” between #1 Ohio State and #2 Michigan.  Guess who won?

Wanna know just how much we love Troy Smith in northeast Ohio?  We actually didn’t mind that he got drafted by the Baltimore Ravens.

  • Smith’s record as a starter was 25-3.
  • He became only the second QB ever to go 3-0 against Michigan.
  • He was the 2006 Heisman Trophy winner
  • He has a National Championship ring
  • He gained over 1,000 yards….against Michigan alone.

But none of those stats are as pretty as it is to actually watch the man in action.  Thank God for YouTube….

“The Catch” against Michigan, 2005;

The play that won him the Heisman against Penn State;

The entire day against Notre Dame;

And then there’s this collection of dominance over Michigan….Troy’s in WAY too many of these clips;

Troy Smith, thank you for all you did for us.  This day is for you.

10 days left!